Bungalow - what's that?

If you plan to spend a holiday away from the house on the south coast, do not rush to settle in large and noisy hotel.Holidays in a bungalow - a great option for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities and willing enough to enjoy the beauty of nature.In this article you will learn how you can spend a few weeks alone with your family or loved one.

What bungalows

This name is associated in most people with a modest cozy hut, located on the shore of the warm sea.The original meaning of the word "bungalow" truly reflect just that.However, in the twentieth century, this term became known as one- and two-story brick houses designed for one family.Modern hotels, bungalows have not only a different design, but different in appearance, number of rooms and floors.Now such buildings erected on every continent for personal use and for sale.The simple layout and low cost of building materials are the hallmarks of modern bungalows in different countries.

What is so attractive for living in s

uch facilities experienced hikers?Of course, the possibility of a separate privacy and relaxation on the beach, close to the sea and the lack of the usual stimuli.

Besides the obvious advantages, it should be remembered, and the shortcomings holiday in such dwellings.For example, if the owners have decided to save money on building materials, the guests will watch for some inconvenience.The first is the noise coming from the next room, the sound from the street or unpleasant impressions of thunder raging sea.In addition, weightless bungalows are only for the seasonal holiday.Lightweight awnings can save you from the tropical sun, but is unlikely to protect the rainy season.Therefore, going on holiday, choose carefully the conditions of his residence.


This country hotel houses mostly built in the classical style.They erected a wall of wood and the roof covered with palm leaves.Due to natural materials in a home you will not be exhausted from the heat, even in the absence of air conditioning.A distinctive feature of the Thai bungalow is an unusual layout: all living rooms and utility rooms are arranged around a large living room.Residents of big cities quickly become accustomed to the new surroundings and appreciate the convenience of this type of property.

usually bungalows in the country are located near the sea, so that tourists can enjoy the magnificent views of the clock, without going beyond the threshold of the room.If you decide to opt for a vacation home, you can feel the fullness of being close to nature - in the morning you will wake up to birds singing during the day - enjoy the tropical butterflies and listen to the roof playing little monkeys.


In modern resorts of the island bungalows - is a special type of property.Here you can live in a modest house without any claims or enter into a palace with a terrace, a dance floor and an individual berth for boats.You will easily find a suitable place on their own or with the help of a travel company.

rental bungalows - is the easiest way to enjoy all the charms of the island.In contrast to the large and densely populated hotels which are located in the most popular areas, small houses can be found anywhere in the country.If you do not like to sit in one place, you can always take advantage of car rental.Making stops in different parts of the country, you will not be afraid to remain without an overnight stay, as at any time be able to remove the bungalow at the affordable price.


This country offers visitors a large variety of accommodation on the most favorable terms.If you prefer privacy, then you should choose to stay in a bungalow.Lodges with its own kitchen, balcony and front garden in Egypt, built on the beach, and right in the water.

Please note the hotel "Panorama Terrace" (Hurghada), which offers a separate housing, located over the lagoon or by the lake.All houses in the resort has its own kitchen, toilet and shower.Guests 'Panorama bungalows' (Hurghada) may use the services of a masseur, a beauty salon, spend time in a disco, horseback riding or learn to scuba dive.


holiday in this country every year choose thousands of travelers from around the world.But not all of them prefer luxury hotels and popular resorts.Turkish bungalows - is a tourist hotel, which consist of buildings, similar to the huts.This is where you can be alone with your loved one and relax in a quiet atmosphere, enjoying the beauty of the local landscape.

If you do not want to completely separate from all vacationer community safely opt for one of the many hotels with bungalows.Here you can spend the whole day at the beach, swimming in the beautiful sea, and then to taste the delights of the resort's nightlife.

Bungalow Alpine

you think the bungalows - is the prerogative of only the southern and tropical countries?Then you should reconsider its opinion, as it was in Europe are small houses with tourists from all over the world very popular.In such a seemingly simple dwellings have all the necessary amenities, including a small kitchen, a cozy living room and a jacuzzi.With the development of ski tourism in the Alps, there are more buildings designed for winter sports enthusiasts.They are located near the local restaurants, bars and ski lodges.Life in these resorts and never stops with the onset of the summer season, as in the warmer months, tourists flock here, who want to enjoy a relaxing pace of life away from the big cities.

In today's world there are many wonderful places to visit.Think about how best to spend the next vacation, and take advantage of the opportunity that offers accommodation in bungalows.This will allow you to forget about pressing issues and rejuvenate.