Barcelona: useful information for tourists.

Travel to other countries resembles a dip in the ocean, you plunge into a new unknown world, the inhabitants of which have their own character, traditions and peculiarities.Watch this uncharted little universe will be much more interesting if you know about it as much as possible.

exciting Barcelona

One of the most visited and favorite resorts for fans to see the world become a beautiful Barcelona.It is a real museum in the open air, because here almost every step of the tourist expects an architectural masterpiece, colorful combination of styles and epochs, and entertainment for all tastes.The Many Faces of the city warmly welcomes its guests and is able to impress even the most demanding of them.

order for the trip to the capital of Catalonia has brought you a real pleasure, in this article we will discuss what is needed for it to take.

Barcelona: useful information for the traveler

arrived in Barcelona in the first place the traveler asks the question: "How to get from the airport to the

city center and back from one sight to another, that it was convenient and economically?"

transport system of the capital of Catalonia

The big advantage of this tourist Mecca is its well developed transportation system, which is represented by sightseeing bus, taxi, subway, trams, trains, funiculars.It is not monopolized, supervised by different companies, for example, TMB (metro), FGC (Railways).The main transport management in Barcelona and the surrounding area - a company Autoritat del Transport Metropolita.

developed system at the same time can be a significant hindrance to visiting rights.After all, pinpoint the optimal variant of travel and route without knowing the basic principles of movement in the city, it is quite difficult.Useful information about Barcelona will not spend valuable time trying to understand the intricacies of the bus and train traffic.

For the convenience of residents and guests of the Catalan capital city administration has divided it into six large regions with subzones.The most famous and most visited of these is, of course, the center of the city - a zone № 1.

Types tickets

If you are in Barcelona, ​​travel and study it can devote only one day, the best option for you would be the ticket T-Dia,which provides the opportunity to travel by public transport for 1 day.Its cost varies from 7.6 euros to 21.7 euros (depending on how many areas you plan to visit).

Barcelona, ​​useful information about which is assembled in this article - is the perfect place to combine leisure with the completion of their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

In order to examine in more detail the city, the inquisitive traveler in handy single ticket T-10, which provides for 10 trips on public modes of transport without being tied to a date.It is very comfortable.After all, every time to buy a new ticket is quite difficult.And the fare in Barcelona significantly affects the thickness of the purse.Therefore, the opportunity to drive one ticket several times pleases everyone.Trips to the T-10 in the same area will cost you 10.30 euros, in two - 20,20 EUR continue ascending.Movements of T-10 is much cheaper than a trip to the acquisition of a ticket for every time of 2.15 euros.

Information about Barcelona prepared before the trip, will tell you that the T-10 card must be inserted into a punch each mode of transport on which you are traveling.The number of remaining trips is displayed on the display of turnstiles, so guests of the city will not have to remember anything.This is one of the many convenient solutions transport issues, which boasts Barcelona.

Useful advice to tourists will make the trip a pleasure.Knowing a few tricks, you can save money not only for moving around the city, but also to visit a number of attractions and museums.For example, the most popular travel option for the traveler is the Barcelona Card.It allows visitors to the city free of charge or with significant discounts to visit some of the sights and museums within 2-5 days.The cost of the card depends on the number of days that you plan to devote to the study of Barcelona, ​​and you can either buy it in tourist centers, or through the Internet.

Advantages Barcelona Card

What is the benefit of a tourist map of Barcelona?The advantages are several:

  • Unlimited travel by public transport.
  • discount of 30% on tours of the Gothic Quarter and some other places of Barcelona with a guide.
  • discount in certain bars, shops, restaurants and clubs.
  • discounts at 26 museums, including the Sagrada Familia, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Picasso Museum (cultural places that are most known for Barcelona).Useful information about the discount of these places will allow you to save a considerable sum of money.
  • 20% discount on the Aerobus.
  • possibility of free admission to 16 museums (including the Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Museum);
  • map of Barcelona as a gift.

Useful information about the metro in Barcelona

very convenient to move around the city is the subway.11 lines that differ in color and number, are controlled by different companies and can comfortably and quickly get from one point to another.Part of the metro system became funicular, which everyone can climb the mountain of Montjuic, which is so proud of Barcelona.

Useful information about the Catalan capital will become a tourist real helper in the journey.For example, it lets you know that the underground city has a special feature, called the "Barcelona solution."The unusual project is that instead of two subway lines in three passes: the middle of the wide, and on the sides - two narrower.This option allows to reduce construction crush when embarking and disembarking people.

Jobs subway thought to the smallest detail.If you have any questions, you can contact the staff of the subway through the special conversational device.In addition, each station has a detailed plan for the city's attractions, subway map, the description of the routes of other vehicles.Do not forget about the people with disabilities: multiple elevators and escalators facilitate their movement.

Useful information Barcelona is preparing an experienced traveler in advance.Indeed, as stated in the well-known saying: "Forewarned - is forearmed!" And armed with knowledge about the city, which planned the trip, more than never.