If paradise on earth exists, the name of his Costa Rica!

winter approaching it's time to leave and vacation, and already need to think about planning your holiday.As you look at something, to go to heaven!Change gray image outside on riot of bright colors, unusual sounds and delicious taste!Enough to roam the bleak hot Egypt or Europe, this time you really unforgettable trip of your life!

order not to be distracted by little things in preparation for the trip, leave the entire organization http://www.calypso-tr.com/kosta-rika/.They will be engaged in a very short time the opening of a visa, booking airline tickets and organizing transfers.

Why should visit this paradise on earth, and what he attracts a huge number of tourists every year?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, where coastlines are washed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.As a result of mountain building processes across the country reach the mountain ranges with several active volcanoes (Arenal, Irazu), close to him, and to see their greatness, you ca

n, using the services of experienced guides.

two deep rivers (Pacuare and Reventazon) simply ideal for rafting and kayaking.Lovers of extreme water fun also have the unique opportunity to be in this cradle of surfing and diving, going to the uninhabited island of Cocos (located 550 km. From the west coast).The beauty and virginity of the island will impress you with its unique natural scenery.

If you prefer a more passive recreation, then you should definitely visit the many national parks (28% of the country occupied by protected areas), which will open to you the beauty of their caves, waterfalls and river valleys.On the territory of the ( La Amistad) parks live and grow a wide variety of flora and fauna.Sea fishing enthusiasts will delight in the wild, as a fully-equipped maritime transport, they can go on catching fish such as rainbow trout, marlin, dorado, tuna.

Local cuisine will please you with the fresh natural products, and spicy sauces.Be sure to try the national dish kasados ​​(side dish of beans and rice to meat dishes).And, of course, the most famous Costa Rican coffee you fall in love a good.

To get acquainted with the culture of the local people go to the capital of San Jose, where you can experience the full flavor of the Costa Ricans.

If you are planning a wedding or "honeymoon" in the near future, there is no better place than the resort of Costa Rica you will not find!The wide white sand beaches you will create an atmosphere of romance and love this!

Summarizing, we can say with confidence that such a holiday at any time of the year is extremely elegant.And people with different interests and life style can be found in Costa Rica something just for myself, that they be remembered in the future for many years, and perhaps will become the most vivid memories for a lifetime!