Paris - acquainted with the main symbols of the city.

heart of France, Paris - the city of a thousand shades, in which visitors experience a full range of positive and memorable experience.Along with architectural masterpieces here organically coexist fashion boutiques and cozy cafes and street original leave only admiring reviews.

promising adventure in Paris, should start from the metro station Cité.Actually, before it can be reached directly by ordering tour here will not be difficult to get into the center of the French capital.Here is the great Notre Dame de Paris.Rate apartment in which he lived Quasimodo is free.

Leaving the Council should get back to him and go to the right.Behind the bridge opens a view of the City Hall Square.Before this building French often hold celebrations, hold exhibitions and even sporting events.Hence the open view of the river.Seine.After a stroll along the promenade, you can go to the castle of the Conciergerie.This place is remarkable in that it is living its last days of Marie-A

ntoinette and Robespierre.

Not far away is the Louvre.Usually tourists are photographed next to the pyramid and queues.No less interesting and the Tuileries Gardens.From it you can walk to Place de la Concorde, where the Egyptian obelisk, obtained during the Napoleonic Wars.

Back on the waterfront, is to continue moving forward.Another attraction will be the most beautiful of the bridges of the city, built in honor of Emperor Alexander III.It has a corresponding label, so it will be difficult to miss.

Another bridge ahead is called the Pont d'Alma.On the right side you will notice a monument - by the way, few remember what exactly it is dedicated.Today it is a more memorable car accident that killed Princess Diana.

Next to be seen, perhaps, the main attraction of the whole of Europe - the Eiffel Tower!Regular program acquainted with this magnificent property consists of crawling and walking on foot Square Trocadero.From this point it can be considered a symbol of Paris in all its glory.A mandatory inspection and the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe.Here is the main avenues of Paris.

Of course, this does not exhaust the attractions of the city - a special place in the tourist program takes quarters for shopping.But familiarity with the atmosphere of the French capital is recommended to start with such a route.