Where to rest on New Year's inexpensive.

eve celebrations, probably almost all of us are interested in the question of where to rest on New Year's inexpensive.And this is perhaps not surprising.Spend your hard earned no one likes, and rest, anyway, love to all.

So what to do?Is there at least some sort of solution?According to seasoned travelers, budget vacation in the New Year is quite possible, although it would still need to make some effort.First of all, you need to think about what we, in fact, expect from these annual vacations.Frost and games in the fresh air?Lazy hanging out on the beach or by the pool at the resort overseas?And maybe we strive to realize his long-cherished dream and discover finally a completely new direction?

This article will talk about where you can relax on the Christmas and New Year inexpensive, both in our country and abroad.The reader will get a lot of useful information that will help him unforgettable time, enjoying every second.

topical issues and the difficulty of choosing

Contrary to popular belief

that the best time for rest is summer, the current New Year holidays, which last as much, as much as 10 days, may also give a lot of fabulous and unique moments.How cheap to rest in the New Year?Very simple!Importantly, do not hang up his nose, and be prepared for discovery and adventure!

seasoned travelers say that you can plan an exciting journey into a colorful and decorated with multi-colored Christmas lights Europe, and in the tropics, is located near the equator, and even in the adventurous and exotic destinations of pleasant surprises.

How many people, so many preferences, but mainly still remains the question of where to rest on New Year's inexpensive.Iewe have come to a common denominator and now head for an interesting, exciting and a budget option pastime.

Interests Russian tourists are so varied, that tour operators are opening in front of them enough opportunities to visit the hot regions.For example, if you ask the experts, where cheap to rest abroad, ranking cities, as, however, and countries will be impressive enough.Thai Islands, Pakistan or India in this time of year are very popular.

In addition, it is possible to go skiing in the magnificent Alps, and enjoy the spirit of the grand European combine business with pleasure: dive into the romance of the city and take a walk to the shops with such seductive Christmas discounts.

Open Ski Season

So close to the childhood favorite holiday - New Year.Where cheap to rest?What if you go into a winter wonderland?

Since time immemorial, a ski vacation is the most popular.For everyone can find something that appealed to him: quiet Italian Alps or severe, breathtaking Austrian mountains.Well, maybe his native, Russian.

But everything slowly and in order.So Alps.Ski holidays in these mountains is considered one of the most attractive.However, dangerous to go there!Why is that?The fact is that the memories of the Alpine villages of Switzerland, Italy, Austria remain forever in the hearts of tourists, prompting the desire to go there again and again.

Pyrenees ski resorts are nice Andorra and the Spanish Sierra Nevada.Quality recreation, well established infrastructure for quite adequate money.

ideal for large families in Eastern Europe.Members are able to find the gentle slopes and trails are not long, well, do not want to ride - into the spirit of old Europe in Prague, Warsaw and Sofia.

And, of course, the most "long-playing" - winter Scandinavia.In Finland, Sweden and Norway offer a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure even more pleasant.In addition to skiing, you can become a member of the Scandinavian favorite pastimes: relax in the sauna or, for example, be a dog sled racer.

How and where to have a rest on New Year inexpensive in these areas?Virtually everywhere!To do this, you need only keep track of discounts on tickets and rooms accommodation in hotels.And they, as practice shows, are often enough.

make a wish in the New York

In America, as well as in Europe, New Year was celebrated on a grand scale.Where to celebrate New Year abroad cheaply?It is possible and in the United States, and just pay for the road!Ieany restaurant or spend the evening wardrobe you already just do not have.And this is a significant savings, anyway!

noisy company, champagne and fun until the morning.All this is happening on the streets of the city, and Times Square in New York City becomes a place of "pilgrimage" marking.

Thirty seconds before the New Year comes ceremonial launch of a giant balloon, and with numerous skyscrapers begin to descend down the waves of colored confetti, accompanied by applause and cries of thousands of people.Importantly, do not forget to make a wish and believe it is exactly true.

Celebrate the New Year in New York - the dream of millions, so you should take care about the organization of the holiday trip.Remember, the earlier you book the plane tickets, the cheaper they will be.

Countries endless carnival

Perhaps no one more impulsive nation than the Spaniards.New Year fun all they say.Carnivals, street processions, each finds a place for entertainment.In addition to the Christmas and New Year in winter celebrate April Fool's Day, and is operated and the press and TV, and the townspeople.So with gay Spaniards do not get bored.

Holy Following tradition, the Spaniards gathered in the New Year's Eve in the square, with every beat of their local chimes make a wish and eat a grape.The rest are scattered in different directions, then people start to sing and drink sparkling wine.The culmination of the winter holidays - Epiphany, or Bethany.Stormy emotions, carnivals, and most importantly - the spreading of chocolates.

Spain is ideal for puteshestvennikov- "Westerners", preferring to rest in warm countries.In the north, the air in the middle of winter can warm up to 20 degrees.Just imagine: palm trees, blooming flowers, elegant people in light clothing ... All this splendor, you can afford to New Year holidays.

So where cheap to rest on New Year's Eve?In Spain!And you can save, if not to travel by plane, and, for example, by bus or with transfers and did hitchhiking.What?And do not spend the money, and get acquainted with other countries!Good prospects, right?

sea and the beach has not been canceled

Yet no one traveler, rested in Israel, remained indifferent.Unfortunately, to reach all the sights of Jerusalem, will not be enough of a trip, but still a few days to explore the main, as they say, significant places, is quite real.

If you need to celebrate Christmas in the holy places, the New Year can briefly forget about the sanctity of the Promised Land, and plunge into the pleasures of resort living.Holidays in the Mediterranean, Red or Dead Sea remain forever in our hearts.

Especially popular are the healing waters of the Dead Sea, where you can not only heal, but also to have fun.Weight attractions, endless shopping, beautiful beaches ... pretty all the campers will remain.And the prices, as practice shows, this time of year is quite acceptable.Why is that?Well, winter in the yard!Locals unlikely are now ready to swim and sunbathe.That will occupy their place.Is for us 24 - it is cold?

So, where to rest on New Year's cheap?In the Promised Land!

Enjoy a tasty meal?Welcome to Switzerland

course, cheapness in this direction is very relative.Prices in central European countries, in principle bite.However, for those who, as they say, nothing is impossible.

In general, it should be noted that Switzerland - a country for gourmets.The combination of three dishes, Italian, German and French, you can create stunning dishes to your liking, fought the spot even the most discerning consumers.Is it worth it to talk about the fine Swiss wines?It turns out, they are almost not exported, and therefore a unique opportunity to offer a tasting in their homeland.

where you can not only enjoy the beautiful views of snow-capped peaks, but also to find something for everyone: walking, shopping, ski slopes!

discounts at this time of year, you are guaranteed!Moreover, both in stores and in restaurants, bars and cafes.

medieval tale Czech

Try to ask a question about where cheap to rest on New Year's, a travel agency employee, and he almost immediately prompt you to this state.

art lovers of medieval culture in the Czech Republic offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the winter holidays in the main walls of the centuries-old castles and feel the mysterious atmosphere that prevails in them.

Visit Cesky Krumlov, "gingerbread" of Karlovy Vary, or simply stroll through the festive Old Town Prague will truly memorable fabulous pastime.

Particular attention should be paid to the venue of the New Year.In principle, the style of the Middle Ages, plenty of restaurants in the country, but will leave a lasting impression gatherings in the tavern in the castle Dětenice.Furniture, walls, even the air is saturated with the spirit of the Middle Ages.The dancers, beggars, zmeelovy, colorful waiters ... All this awaits you on the wave of moderate prices.

This holiday you have not yet!New exotic

Winter holidays in Thailand will give an unforgettable exotic tale.The warm sea, white sand, discos - is not the whole list of what will have to "face" the traveler.

Paradise delight in Bangkok will be the time of execution of the most cherished dreams.Exotic tropical forests, butterflies floating around in Thailand against the backdrop of the cold and snow in Russia.Fortunately, today it is available to everyone!Prices for travel may seem huge, but in the country itself can be a hundred dollars in his pocket almost nothing does not deny during the week.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

New Year - is still a children's holiday.And because every adult in the soul of a little child, it may be wise to devote the winter holidays kid, thus fulfilling not only his dreams come true, but your own?

Who as a child did not want to sit on the lap of Santa Claus?Or maybe visit the very Gallic village known thanks to comic books and movies about Asterix and Obelix?

Today, tour operators can plan their stay with the child in all possible directions for this.Sun, sea, beach, or perhaps a ski vacation?Exotic country or the good old Europe?The kid is always comfortable if warned beforehand about the place of accommodation, food, as well as entertainment!

Native open spaces above all

In the world there will be no country richer than Russia.The trip to the Golden Ring with all the attributes of the winter holidays: hot tea from a samovar, boots, singing and dancing, will leave a lasting impression.

Or you, for example, Great Ustyug, which come to the delight not only children but also their parents?Why is that?Just imagine, in fact there is the residence of Santa Claus.Incredible for their kindness atmosphere will literally dive into the story of one of the many Christmas tales.

Winter splendor of Karelia, snow-covered Siberia and Kamchatka mysterious ... And most importantly, that in Russia all their own, native.Cover the entire scope of what rich countries, it is impossible, but to this worthwhile endeavor.