Where better to relax in Goa.

Located in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula, Goa has long established itself as a fertile land for recreation, with a warm sea, beautiful landscapes and smiling people.Despite the fact that it is the smallest state in India, millions of tourists every year come here to enjoy an unforgettable holiday and infrastructure.There is a heaven on earth?Yes, he is here, attracting the already seasoned travelers and surprising novice explorers.Where better to relax in Goa, which then beaches, cuisine and climate, they find in the tourist companies of friends and acquaintances.Mistake difficult, since any selected location will amaze with its comfort and unforgettable atmosphere.

Features Goa

This state is different from the other Indian territories.First, it is completely on the tourists, respectively, everything is done for their comfort and pleasant stay.Many hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment to keep you busy and wide beaches with golden sand and turquoise surf is engraved in the memory

for a long time, as one of the most beautiful places on Earth.Where better to relax in Goa and how to diversify your vacation, smiling locals prompt, courteous staff and the same as you, visiting the people here are so many that they overshadow the natives, giving the impression of a fully European country.

Secondly, the state is divided into two parts.The southern zone is considered to be elite, here expensive hotels and a small private beach.The North is more suitable for the budget traveler.All along the 100-kilometer coastline is a small island, where you can hide from society and enjoy the solitude.

history of the development of the resort

She is rich enough, as an active land development began in the XV century.Then this Indian shore moored famous explorer Vasco da Gama.As submitted by the Portuguese, Goa property he proclaimed his country.As a colony of the earth existed right up to 1962, taking over a lot of features in the development of European culture and economy.For a long time Goa and its people to survive at the expense of trade.But with the release of the Portuguese rule and the accession of India to the territory became known resort and tourist center.

Today, travelers who have visited here do not stint on the positive and enthusiastic responses."Oh, rest in Goa, India and the Arabian Peninsula - it's just part of the fiction, first-class pastime," - they say.And it is not hard to believe, looking at photos taken against a background of palm trees and the blue surface of the sea.But coming here, once again convinced that Goa - this is the piece of land where really feel happy, free from trouble.


If you do not know where to rest on Goa, please visit this cute little town.It is the main administrative unit of the state.City is not like other Indian settlements.Its narrow streets, bell towers, verandas and tables in colors cafeterias in the street more like a province of the European countries.In Panaji there is a synthesis of different world cultures and religions.

sure to visit the islands along the river.On one of them, Chora, is a well-known and popular among tourists bird sanctuary.Here live birds of all kinds, sizes and colors.Another attraction - a statue of Faria, Abbe.It is also called the symbol of the city and its national heritage.The Holy Father with a hypnotic abilities, made famous by Alexandre Dumas and his novel "The Count of Monte Cristo."

asking local questions about where you can relax in Goa, you will hear the name of it in response to their cities.They are the soul is not fer in Panaji and be sure to recommend you to visit the beautiful and ancient chapel of Saint Sebastian.Look also at the Church of the Immaculate Conception and architectural complex of the Largo da Igreja, they will leave only positive impressions.And having been in Kala Academy, you become a part of all cultural events in Goa, which will certainly take place in the building.

South Goa

Of course, when you are traveling to distant warm country, the main Your goal - to lie on the beach, listen to the surf and dive into the salty sea.All this you can do in the South, where the best place for a vacation in Goa for people with good incomes who love privacy and comfort.Palolem - a scenic beach, distant from the bustle, clear sea will surprise even the most discerning traveler.A Colva wrap up the tranquility and a leisurely pace of life.This beach is famous for its fine sand and broad coastline.Colva - the heart of the southern part of the state and its main tourist center.

gourmet fish is very easy to choose where to relax in Goa.The best beaches of Goa, famous for its seafood specialties, this is definitely Benalium.It is located near the fishing village, so on the table you will be served fresh and delicious dishes.Silence and purity of local waters attracts not only tourists, but also dolphins who love to frolic in the crystal waves Benaliuma.

North Goa Vacation

conducted by here, it will cost much cheaper than in the south.This is a great budget place, where better to relax in Goa for people with average incomes.Arambol - one of the local beaches.Once he was very fond of hippies for stunning sunsets, pristine sands and natural beauty.Nearby is another beach, Mandrem.It is more suitable for family holidays, because there gentle slopes, ideal for children, a sandy bottom and a few street vendors.

Ashvem also appreciate privacy.In this broad and clean beach will not find hordes of obsessive sellers.There are also many restaurants, menus are rich and quite expensive.Morjim Beach is suitable for people who like to relax in the company of compatriots.Most of the Russian-speaking population here, who came from CIS countries for permanent residence.And Candolim can advise older people who do not know where to relax in Goa.They have to taste good infrastructure, comfort and cleanliness of these places.

See &

course, sea water and golden sands - this is important, for what tourists come.But the resort doing nothing does not prevent them from attending the tour, as well as interesting local events.After Goa - an interesting object for long informative walks.Especially beckons travelers Old Goa, which hosts a number of unique monuments and temples.Their decoration, external decoration, beauty and delight draw.And the atmosphere weave Indian and European cultures magical effect on any traveler.

Besides man-made art, will enchant you and the natural wonders that blend harmoniously into the landscape.For example, the Pandava caves, mysterious and mystical.Much has been written about them legends who'll be happy to tell the local Aborigines.

If you are not a fan of architectural and natural values, then go in search of entertainment.Goa offers excellent conditions for diving and sport.City Bogmalo - the best place for underwater excursions.Here's a great variety of marine flora and fauna, as well as very romantic and colorful sunsets.


its main ingredients - fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, coconut oil and spices.When you ask yourself a question about where is best to rest on Goa, in India, you will certainly want to know, and especially dishes of the region.After all, good food - this is a very important part of any vacation.Do not be afraid to go to Goa, then the menu is acceptable everywhere, because the kitchen is very influenced by Portuguese culture.Blending European and Indian gave rise to an interesting flavor combination that will appeal to any tourist.

staple food - rice and curry sauce.In restaurants, a lot of fish dishes, mainly tuna, sardines, mackerel.You can also savor the cuttlefish, shrimp and mussels, which are caught in Goa tons.Among the meat dishes popular Shakuta, it was based included chicken, fried with chilli, coconut and anise.

Where is the best for a vacation in Goa?Of course, everywhere, serving give a damn about - the local popular alcoholic drink.It is unique, since it makes it out of the coconut palm tree and the cache only in Goa.Among the fruit in this region is dominated by citrus and mango.


This is one of the ways to have fun in Goa.People who come here want to stock up on exotic souvenirs and interesting things, symbolizing local culture.Where better to relax in Goa, if you are a fan of shopping?Of course, in Anjuna.There is a large flea market.It works on Wednesdays.You can spend a whole day wandering between the endless rows of shopping, trying on hats, scarves and necklaces.

boils trade in Mapusa.On Fridays, there opens a huge market where you can buy everything, what your heart desires.This musical instruments and rare spices, and various amulets.It offers tent also provided for divination, where tourists learn their future.You can choose to get a tattoo, quickly and efficiently.In any case, it is necessary to bargain, since prices are always too high.

Also markets in Goa there are many shops, big shopping malls and souvenir shops that work every day.Their only negative - they are closed very early, so that shopping is best done in the morning.


If this is India, then it is clear that the summer pleases locals all year round.In this Indian state of sub-equatorial climate, a pronounced.The air temperature is almost stable, it varies from 25 to 35 degrees, depending on the time of year.The rainy season lasts from June to August, when possible cooling to 20 degrees.During this period, the Europeans better not to come here because the holiday in Goa is ideal in winter.Since December, then recovering the dry hot weather that prevails right up to the end of February.

gentle sun and salty sea will give you a great tan that will last a very long time.A chic restaurants and hotels make you a lover of comfort and calm atmosphere.

Now you know where when to rest on Goa, how to make holiday varied and interesting, how to get the most out of your chosen pastime.In any case, you will bring home memories are many and they are all positive and full of admiration.