Station, Samara.

Samara - Russia's largest cities.To suit the citizens in the region has developed extensive transport infrastructure, which includes bus, rail, river stations.Samara - it is an amazing place, where the main passenger stations are not only the leading hubs of Russia, but also real architectural masterpieces.

Train Samara

Kuibyshev Railway is one of the largest in the Volga region.On railroad tracks follow transit, long-distance trains, which stop at the station Samara.The train station has a passenger's destination, equipped with 12 tracks and 5 platforms.For the convenience of passengers there are two spacious waiting room, where at the same time can accommodate up to 2,600 people.

To date, more than 16 million passengers each day takes the railway-station.Samara, therefore, is an important transport hub, through which you can get to almost anywhere in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries and abroad.


Station Construction of a modern station was launched in 1996, in the summe

r.On the eve of a railway was laid the foundation stone to symbolize the beginning of construction of a new transport hub.This fully functioning station.Samara - station through which both passenger and freight trains.For this interim technologies were organized, who played the role of the station.

1999 was marked by the opening of the first starting complex of the railway station.Concourse was a spacious lounge, which is for the convenience of passengers, equipped with an elevator, alarm system, and an electronic scoreboard.Security is provided by more than 150 cameras, which made filming throughout the facility.

In mid-2000, was commissioned a second body Station.The new building has become a comfortable hotel be, where anyone at a low cost passenger may stay for a living.

At the end of 2001, before the New Year, was commissioned a third body ZhDvokzala.The building is a cozy waiting rooms for passengers, cafeteria, service center, cultural area for waiting, the technical department.The plans of the administration - the construction of the second phase of the railway station.

Interesting facts about the railway-station

  • modern station building is the tallest room intended to send the trains on the territory of modern Europe.Height - 100 meters, which was reached erecting massive buildings, roof which is equipped with a metal spike.
  • twinned building is Matabiau (train station).Samara, therefore, has continued cooperation with the French city of Toulouse.Agreement signed between the representative of the Russian Railways Sergei Abramov Buassar and Sophie, who is director of the Division of the National Railways of the French state.
  • enjoy and know the history of the Kuibyshev Railway Station allows this.Samara has a long history of development of the transport rail infrastructure.So, the starting date of formation of lines considered in 1874.The main historical landmarks are presented in the exhibits of the museum, located on the second floor of the railway-station.

Where is the train station and how to get there?

Station Samara address the exact location is as follows: Komsomolskaya Square, 1. To get to the station can be from any part of the city.At the side of the station are tram routes: № 1, 4, 16 and 23;trolley - № 2, 4, 16 and 17;bus number 1, 3, 5e, 14, 22, 37, 50, 52, 77, 128, 128-72.

Waterways Samara

attention from travelers deserve river station.Samara - a city which is located on one of the most full-flowing rivers of Russia - Volga.This makes it possible boat cruise.

Departure passenger ship runs both on weekdays and weekends.The minimum number of people for a walk - 20 for the cruise - 1.5 hours.Entrance fee to the ship "Moscow" from 200 (child ticket) and 350 rubles (adult).The campaign, which allows free exercise swim along the Volga (for example, the birthday, the couple and children up to 5 years).

cruise route Samara

One of the most popular cruise is considered a boat trip to the marina Vinnovka.It carried out on the high-speed ship "Voskhod-08" in the period up to 30 minutes.After stopping the ship passengers are invited to visit the local attractions, including the Holy Mother of God Monastery.

Another popular destination of choice for visitors to the city of Samara, Samara is a cruise-Shiryaevo.Rafting on the Volga River occurs on the high-speed ship "Voskhod-08."The journey time is 40 minutes.Tourists have more than 5 hours to visit local cultural and historical sites, architectural monuments and natural scenic spots.

Not less demand among vacationers enjoy short cruises that allow you to visit the major cities on the Volga.As tourist destinations to choose from available cruises: Samara, Cheboksary, Samara, Saratov, Samara, Kazan, Samara, Volzhsky Utes.The cost of these trips is minimal, so the tickets for the boats are sold a month before departure.

Cruises on the Volga River in Samara and involve longer trips that can not only enjoy the beauty of the river and coastal areas, but also to visit exciting tours organized by professional guides.Perm, Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Volgograd - only a small part of the city that have become available to fans of river cruises.

Samara - a unique city in its capabilities.It is focused as major transportation hubs, leading to different parts of Russia and neighboring countries and an excellent tourist infrastructure.Cruises on the Volga, city tours and tours to cultural and historical places - that opens to travelers who visited Samara.