Should I buy 'Kia-Sporteydzh. "

new "Kia-Sporteydzh", in contrast to the previous model, more like city "SUV", rather than the classic SUV.In particular, the car has become more smooth body lines, it became more comfortable and elegant, while losing some driving performance.

Outside "Kia-Sporteydzh" (reviews of the owners is very eloquent) looks quite compact, and in the middle of a surprising number of places.At the same time the interior is very thought out, all the levers and buttons in their seats, the seats are comfortable, landing controlled in several ways.

car holds the road well and copes with irregularities, including primer and shoulders, but on the roads at present "Sportike" it is better not to go - to the UAZ him away, and it is a pity.Suspension stiff, but it's bearable, minor potholes are not very noticeable, but on a more serious potholes passengers can pretty shaken.

Now, about the shortcomings of "KIA-Sporteydzh."Reviews of car owners in various models unanimously say enough good visibility.Rear window car is

quite small, it can be seen in the mirror is not any interference, and the hood is almost not visible.Remedy the situation rearview camera, which in combination with Parktronic instantly eliminate this drawback.Buyers basic version also complain of the presence of cheap plastic in the cabin, but the more expensive models in the interior of other materials are used, so much is not worth saving, to further not regret choosing or not to complain about the "oak" panel.

Test Drive "Kia-Sporteydzh" conducted by professional racers, speaks good vehicle dynamics, a good noise isolation, and manageability.High landing allows fine control over the traffic situation.In addition, with the ability to adjust the seat in a fairly wide range, cars feel pretty people of any height.The driver will certainly be comfortable in "KIA-Sporteydzh."Reviews owners with growth of 180 cm and above is confirmed.Enough affordable price "Korean" significantly increases the number of fans of this model.

Auto comes with both manual and automatic transmissions.This fact is appreciated by the ladies, which can often be found behind the wheel of "KIA-Sporteydzh."Reviews owners - the fair sex is also largely positive.Automatic set to one embodiment (step 6), with regard to the "mechanics", it may be a 5-step in conjunction with a gasoline engine and a six-speed diesel.Last undeniably breaking all records economical driving (with the volume of 1.7 liters in the combined cycle consumption is not more than 5 liters per 100 km).The two-liter diesel engine a bit more greedy (that has less to do with volume than with the automatic transmission, with which it is installed).The petrol version is only available in two-liter version.Naturally, she will have consumption higher than that of diesel, so that the "KIA-Sporteydzh" can be considered a worthy city car, but a good choice for suburban travel.