China Special Equipment and buses Howo Xcmg

Chinese HOWO tractors are among the most popular pieces of heavy machinery, the latest models of tractors manufactured on the latest technologies with innovative materials.Truck tractors are trucks that are used for different types of cargo.On a truck there is a special truck mechanism by a semi-trailer attached to the car.The mechanism is made so that the change takes place semi-easily and quickly, which significantly increases the efficiency of work.In spite of the heavy weight and the presence of the load, the machine is easy to develop a high speed, while it is maneuverability and fuel efficiency.The Chinese manufacturer is well taken care of the comfort of the driver: an improved heating system will ensure warmth even in thirty-degree frost, and the air conditioning will refresh the air in the sweltering heat of summer travel in, the cabin is equipped with beds, a hydraulic shock absorber seats reduce the accumulated fatigue of the driver.

So, Chinese buses howo - the variety and prices of tra

ctors HOWO .

The main difference is a truck load, it ranges from 12 to 15.5 tonnes.HOWO A7 - is one of the latest models is very popular in Russia, the most common of its species are HOWO A7 HOWO A7 6x4 and 4x2.Machines of this model have a modern design, they are more durable, and the weight of the tractor became, on the contrary, lower.On trucks set a new type of engine D12 / D10, and the front axle is equipped with disc brakes, which is not observed in older models.

tractors Price depends on many characteristics, such as 12-toniik (266 hp) will cost about 1.5 million rubles, and 15.5 tons (410 hp.) - About 1.7 million rubles.

applied in works Chinese buses howo , helps you to be confident in the performance and security of these machines.

Special xcmg, namely motor graders XCMG GR issued in series and GH, buses equipped with diesel engine the brand Shanghai or Cummins turbo power of approximately 200 kW.The model number corresponds to a power grader mounted engine, which is very convenient for the customer.Operating weight machines ranges from 7-25 tons, the same technique varies by type of equipment, such as the width of the blade at the different models has a fixed length.Price grader depends on the technical characteristics, such as all-wheel drive car will cost 5000000 rubles.

loaders are used to move various kinds of cargo, buses varies in capacity and size.The lightest models are used for loading and unloading in small warehouses.For trucks provided additional equipment: the forest is used to move the grapple, snow scooped the snow blade, the other ground - bulldozer, forks are designed to lift pallets, also used for side discharge bucket, buckets come in different sizes.All machines are equipped with adapters for quick-change equipment.Cost of equipment - from 1300000 rubles, the price also depends on the performance and capacity of the truck.

Vibratory rollers are used to seal the surface of the road construction and other fields.Rollers are made of several kinds: hydraulic rollers, hand rollers, rollers (single drum and double drum) pneumatic rollers.Just like many other Chinese buses, roller is equipped with Cummins engine with a turbocharger.

Chinese buses firmly settled on the Russian road construction projects, in fact using these machines, it is much easier to work, and the low price XCMG saves budget.