Car And Truck Repair Trucks Chinese

Currently trucks Chinese-made brands such as HOWO, Shaanxi, Foton, FAW, Dong Feng, HANIA, and other models, firmly won the freight market in Russia.Undoubtedly, the Chinese trucks has several advantages over its competitors.

Here are the main ones.

The first and perhaps most importantly - the reasonable price of the truck.The relatively low value of the Chinese truck compared to European brands and even some manufacturers otechestvennymii trucks saves budget carriers.

second advantage - the ratio "price-quality."Agree that the products of Chinese automakers trucks became more reliable, high quality and competitive at the moment.Moreover, the high demand for these products directly supports this assertion.

third advantage - the cost of servicing the Chinese lorries, as well as the low price of basic spare parts and accessories for these trucks.The well-known fact that the cost of spare parts for Chinese trucks successfully compete even with the domestic manufacturers of machinery and trucks.

offers manufacturers a variety of specifications of trucks Howo, Shaanxi, Foton and other brands, allow to transport all kinds of goods.

However, the variety of models and modifications of the Chinese truck is not always a positive factor for the owners of these cars, especially when it comes to repairs.

Owners trucks Chinese production often face different problems in servicing their vehicles.Sincemost positions of spare parts imported into Russia in the basic models of trucks - Shaanxi and HOWO, often in the course of repair turns out that the necessary spare parts and accessories are not suitable, need to be improved, or non-existent in the market.

Among freight service stations there is a problem with the repair of the Chinese trucks.Also not much cargo service stations that are engaged in the Chinese truck and understand the intricacies of their repair.Therefore, it often happens that commercial vehicles idle when due to the fact that not enough skilled craftsmen can not determine the cause of failure and eliminate it.Truck car wash Ā«MuradMotorsĀ» specializes in the repair behalf of the Chinese trucks HOWO, Shaanxi and other brands of Chinese trucks.

Experienced Truck Car "MuradMotors" individually suited to each client and solve unusual situations that may arise in the process of repairing the vehicle.We are pleased our customers and are ready to promptly assist in solving any technical problem.

No matter whether you own one truck or a head of a large company operating in the field of freight traffic, your goal - to extract the maximum profit.And as you know, the savings - they are earned.Experience shows that owners of Chinese trucks, Euro 3 engine operation with the fuel Common Rail system on the Russian-made diesel fuel costs significantly more expensive than the fuel system Euro2.The cost of repairs and spare parts for trucks with Euro 3 system is much higher than for the Euro2.For example, the cost of Euro 3 fuel pump is between 60 000 to 80 000, Euro 3 jets from 14 000 to 16 000, while the cost of the fuel pump Euro2 - from 30 000 to 35 000, Euro2 jets for conversion - 4000 rubles.Thus, improvement of the fuel system will improve the reliability and technical performance of your vehicle, as well as reduce the cost of its operation.We have extensive experience in this area and produce alterations of the fuel system with the Euro 3 to Euro2 reliably and efficiently.