The best ski resorts in Switzerland

What winter sports enthusiasts has not dreamed to visit the ski resorts in Switzerland?This country, much of which is covered by mountains, literally designed for skiers and snowboarders.Year-round home mountaineering attracts tourists from all over the world.Some are eager to learn the basics of skiing, while others want to practice and improve their athletic skills.For many, the desire to visit the ski resorts in Switzerland is unenforceable, as the fear of high prices erupted rapidly cools ardor.In this article we will talk about the features of rest in the country, and give examples of reviews of Russian tourists.

Ski idyll

What fascinates tourists from all over the world ski resorts in Switzerland?First of all you can enjoy perfect slopes, which are a benchmark for the entire sports world.High level of service, comfortable hotel, excellent infrastructure and a mild climate all create the conditions for an active holiday in the mountains.

popular resorts

But some go here, and for other purp

oses.It is no secret that ski resorts in Switzerland often have hosted distinguished guests: crown princes, millionaires, actors, film, pop stars and top models often walk on the alpine slopes.The desire to join the high society, and sit in a cafe "for thereby table" is often the deciding factor when choosing a resort.Anyway, as for the prestigious vacation comes at a price.Prices for the best ski resorts in Switzerland are not always available for ordinary Russian citizens, but even they can find the best option available to more hotels.In addition, an interesting excursion program and the indescribable beauty of local nature worth to be seen every avid camper.


This popular resort is famous for the fact that it is available to fans of winter sports all year round.Located in the heart of the country village of glaciers is waiting for his guests not only skiers and climbers, but also lovers of exploring the hiking trails.If you wish, you can stay in a beautiful five-star hotel, which will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.You can also choose to stay one of the four or three-star hotels in Switzerland at standard rates.Budget hotels are presented with options simpler, where a relatively small fee you get a nice room with a shared shower.

The largest number of tourists come to Grindelwald from November to April.At their disposal are over 50 ski runs of varying difficulty, cross-country skiing and many hiking trails.Guests can dine at one of the local restaurants in the evening to go to a nightclub or disco, and free time to walk around the shops.If the weather deteriorate, then you will have the opportunity to swim in the indoor pool, go skating, play with friends, bowling and squash.


Alpine winter resort in Switzerland, is located in the heart of one of the largest areas for skiing.It provides 400 km of tracks provided in the most beautiful routes, more than a hundred ski lifts and all the conditions for cross-country skiers and hikers.You can stay in one of the many hotels or take guest house.Travel services, as well as throughout the country, it is at the highest level - at this point you will feel at home.

If you are interested in Swiss resorts for advanced skiers, you can safely go in Verbier.These places are famous off-piste and endless fields that are not handled technique.Led by a guide, you can make the descent on virgin land in the valley and get vivid experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.However, in order to participate in this exciting adventure, participants must have excellent skating skills.For beginners and skiers are equipped with middling set of simple paths, ride on which you can virtually no risk.

Saas Fee

resort is famous for the fact that summer is trained teams of skiers and snowboarders from around the world.It is located high in the mountains and is divided into four areas for skiing.Difficult trails, most suitable for professionals than for novice winter sports enthusiasts.Here are a few steep slopes, but they are interested in its topography.Intermediates will enjoy the long and simple slopes, some of which stretch for 14 km.Arriving here in October, you can become a spectator Snowboard World Cup.In December, there are freeride competitions and hosts an international festival of ice sculptures.At the end of winter in Saas-Fee you can see how the fight for the World Cup in ice climbing, and in March to watch Allalinskimi races.


This luxurious resort in the Swiss mountains near the famous Matterhorn peak.Its ski slopes, slopes for snowboarding and freestyle are among the best in the country.It is here that every year at international competitions in alpine skiing and European competitions in curling.Professionals who prefer to Swiss resorts for advanced skiers appreciate the local virgin slopes and steep descents.For beginners there will be quite difficult to find a suitable route, as the basic conditions are created for expert skiing.

Zermatt - very popular, but quite expensive resort.Among the 600 hotels you will hardly find a budget accommodation option.Best hotels considered "Tsermatterhofu" or "Omnia".You can find shelter in a private house, to rent a chalet or apartment to live in.Despite high prices, bars and entertainment venues are always full of people.In his spare time you can swim in the pool, play billiards, bowling, fitness center or relax in the sauna.Guided tours of the resort and its surroundings will not get bored for those who come here for the company or just for a relaxing holiday.

Crans Montana

The resort often spend prestigious sports competitions and major international congresses.There will enjoy themselves both beginners and intermediate skiers.Ski resorts in Switzerland rarely provide their guests with such broad and simple route.Slopes for professionals in this place is not so much, and they do not cause much interest in extreme sports.

guests Crans-Montana can have fun at the outdoor skating rink, which are held periodically disco on ice.In some hotels the guests have the opportunity to swim in the pool, visit the beauty salon or enjoy a game of curling.Thrill seekers can take a walk on the helicopter and hot air balloon.


Some ski resorts in Switzerland offer their guests an unusual service.For example, Davos is also a medical center, where all the staff efforts aimed at maintaining your health and high quality treatment.Prestigious world-renowned clinics accept patients with respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases.At this resort a range of hotels in all categories, but they all have a high level of service.Apartments, chalets and guest houses are not inferior to five-star hotels, and a kitchen in each of them is above all praise.

Davos has 6 separate areas for skiing and 99 trails that stretch more than 300 km.The slopes of the highest mountains will not be bored even for experienced athletes, which have been specially designed steep descents and risky segments.This resort is also called the capital of snowboarding, because here was built as many as six fan parks.Here thrive Luge lovers and freestyle, as the resort has been created for them the best conditions.

St. Moritz

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious resorts in the country, which is a symbol of luxury and a role model.The prices here are quite high, even for Switzerland, but its popularity is in no way affected.Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy the unique climate and clear sunny weather.Among the honored guests of the resort often flashed the face of famous politicians, show business stars, millionaires and even members of the royal families.

in St. Moritz there is a lesson for any level athlete.Three sectors for skiing will satisfy all the requests.Beginners and intermediates will be captivated by long qualification and convenient routes.Thrill seekers will find icy slopes, slopes of virgin snow and fairly sophisticated "black" segments.The Corvatsch settled two snowboard park, equipped with the best category.Once a week, here are Snow Night Party.Participants in this kind of party and ride up to two nights on lighted trails, then relax and maintain a tone of strong cocktails.


Some ski resorts in Switzerland, still look like a mountain village, built at the beginning of the last century.In Gstaad disabled vehicles, and the guests settle not only in hotels but also in the chalet.This resort can not be called very popular, but he fell in love with the creative elite.

Six areas for skiing are linked by bus routes and runs continuously trains.An array Hornflu daily rush 62 lift and come down to a few towns can be on the "blue" route.Because of this descents got greater popularity among novice skiers and families with children.But at this point it will be interesting to ride and more experienced athletes, which specifically identified areas for freeride, freestyle and carving.Everyone instructor can experience such sports equipment as extreme carving skis and snowblades.Glacier Glacier is the longest track.On the slopes of Eggli located fan parks, and fans will find themselves Luge entertainment at the upper station.

Ski resorts in Switzerland.Reviews

Despite the unstable political situation and the crisis in the tourism business, our citizens continue to boldly go abroad and are happy to share his impressions of a holiday.The Russians, who were lucky enough to visit the ski resorts in Switzerland in 2014, unanimously admire the beauty of nature and unforgettable impressions.Everyone who came here for the first time, a long time remember the exemplary service hotel, famous for punctuality and friendly attitude of the local people.Tourists say that prices in the country is quite correlate to the quality.This means that you should carefully calculate the potential costs before the trip.Returning home, the warmth of our people remember ski resorts in Switzerland.Photo beautiful landscapes takes pride of place on the pages of social networks and has heard talk about how good it would be to return to the country next winter.