Lake Forest Belarus - tale wildlife

Belarusian land is rich in lakes.Virtually every country is a pond in a picturesque location surrounded by lush forests.Today I want to tell you about the most picturesque corner of Belarus.This is its forest lake, and there is also located resort of the same name.

beauty forest landscapes

Belarusian forest lakes can be found in the Vitebsk region Ushachi area.It is here that there is a picturesque, quiet, cozy corner of Belarus - Long Lake.It is part of a group of forest lakes, which are connected by channels.The picturesque pond, surrounded by pine forests, just fascinating.Azure water lapping at the shores of forest and forest healing scents drunk, causing the soul lofty sentiments.It seems that the lake reigns a special life.It's so easy to forget about vanity and petty problems and feel the harmony with nature.Forest lake - a perfect place where you can not only enjoy the quiet and natural colors, but also to philosophize, to think about the meaning of life.And this is the perfect place for fis

hing.Long Lake is rich in mineral springs, so tourists come here to treat their health.

Belarusian health resort

On the bank of forest lake is long and Barkovshchina sanatorium "Forest Lake".Belarusian health resort built here in the health, medical purposes, to use the most valuable mineral springs waters.Pine forests with healthy air - the main feature of the sanatorium "Forest Lake".Belarus is rich in forests, but when some of them are ponds, the place resembles a real fairy-tale forest.The health resort is located in an ecologically clean area.Forest ponds are formed with 6 self-flowing springs, mineral waters which have a 500-year history.The health resort is surrounded by a huge array of coniferous forest, nestled in the hilly terrain.The main attraction of the resort - long lake surrounded by pine forests with an admixture of willows, alder, birch and spruce.The water in the reservoir comes from Barkovschinskih springs.The waters of Lake Forest are considered medicinal.They resort annually organizes recreational swimming.

Treatment and rehabilitation in "Forest LakeĀ»

The Belarusian health resorts are held year-round wellness.The health resort Vitebsk apply natural methods of health.Among them:

  • hydrotherapy;
  • paraffin;
  • infrared sauna;
  • galvanogryazevye procedures;
  • herbal medicine.

also held in the sanatorium complex therapeutic program profile destination.This specially selected procedures, provide an effective effect on the body.Among them:

  • program improves vitality, "Anti-stress";
  • anti-cellulite treatments;
  • program "Light breath";
  • set of procedures that improve a weakened immune system, "Cheers."

summer to all of the above procedure adds climate, including bathing in pure healing waters of forest lake and sunbathing.For these purposes, the resort staff have arranged a comfortable sandy beach on the lake shore.Every year, improved medical base of sanatorium "Forest Lake" (Belarus).Photo scenic forest reservoir of the same name and resorts are presented below.

infrastructure capabilities resort

Many tourists are happy to come again in the sanatorium "Forest Lake" (Belarus).Reviews of tourists to the Belarusian sanatorium positive.At the sanatorium rich infrastructure.On its territory there is a restaurant, shops, a dance floor, a children's area, library, club.Lovers of outdoor activities will enjoy a modern gym.There can hire sports equipment, where you can rent sledges, balls, skis, tennis rackets.For fans of cognitive rest resort organizes excursions to the cities of Belarus: Minsk, Polotsk, Vitebsk and others.For young people in the forest health resort concerts, karaoke nights, discos.The restaurant's menu is also pleased.Tourists are offered fresh fruit, a variety of vegetables, juices, delicious seafood and specialties.Vitebsk sanatorium "Forest Lake" - an excellent option comfortable wellness holiday in Belarus.

How to get to Forest Lake?

Belarusian health resort is located in Ushachi district (Vitebsk region) on the banks of ponds and long Barkovshchina.Distance to the health center from Vitebsk is 137 km, and from Minsk - 220 km.The resort is located on a remote distance from the major motorways, in a radius of 50 km there are no large enterprises.If you get to the forest lakes by car from Minsk, you need to choose the direction of Vitebsk.Not far from the health center is the church of St. Casimir, the estate-museum of Vasily Bykov, a memorial complex "Breakthrough", the house-museum of AP touchline Serguchsky channel.