"Tarkhany" (manor Lermontov): photos, driving directions from Saratov and reviews

Today we visit the famous museum "Tarkhany".Manor, where the great Russian poet spent half of his life, are often the source of his inspiration.

From the history of the estate

founder and first owner of the village became Tarkhany Transfiguration Regiment Lieutenant J. P. Dolgorukov (1701).The next owner of the estate became the wife of Arseniev - grandparents of the world famous poet.The name of the village was due to the activity of local farmers."Tarhan" - a buyer-up, driving through the villages in search of flax, linen, hemp, and so on. D.

For years, the village bore the official name - Yakovlevskoye, in everyday life as it is often called Tarkhany.

In February 1975 Arsenyev addressed a petition for recognition of its ownership rights to the estate.She owned the estate for more than fifty years and was enterprising and skilled hostess.During her reign the estate was to give a solid income.Throughout the long history of this village grandmother Lermontov was the only landowner who lived h

ere permanently and to leave only for a time, leaving only the control F. Sokolov or clerk Matveeva.

From the history of the museum

the eve of the centenary of the poet (1914) was built in the village school.

In 1918 the People's Commissar of Education Lunacharsky AP summoned the chairman of Chembarskogo Committee of the RCP (b) Baryshev and ordered to restore order and take your guard "Tarkhany" (Saratov region).Farmstead Lermontov became from that moment on the property of the Soviet Union.Despite this, the owner of the estate remained the village council.

Later (1925) manor with all the property was leased to the partnership "Lermontov trotter."For a short period of time it has been destroyed almost all the farm building.The house is placed Arsenieva office.Until 1930 here functioned school of collective farm youth, on the first floor began to store grain and poultry contained in the mezzanine.

In 1934, the Presidium of the executive committee of the Middle defended the village "Tarkhany".Lermontov Manor was recognized reserve.But the restoration and reconstruction work began only in 1936, when the estate was almost destroyed.

homesteads Russian

everything is built on the territory of Russian manor differed from one another.Not far from Moscow and St. Petersburg were located estates entertainment.It is highly facilities with a complex layout, rich finishes and stylistic unity of purpose.In the depths of the country has "economic" estates.Their architecture and decoration have been much easier.Typically, these estates combines several different functions: they served as a pleasure residence, a place where you can retire, economic enterprises.In summer, they organized balls, are gay youth, old people rested.

So, fairly typical, average estate were "Tarkhany".Lermontov Manor, which equips the poet's grandmother, was a huge manor house, which stood on a steep bank.There were more than 30 rooms with terraces and pillars.

chain built by all the rules of architecture and landscape art - with gardens, parks with mandatory gazebo with acacia and lilac, rose garden and linden alleys - "Tarkhany" is fully consistent with the concept of "Russian manor."

how to equip the estate

At the site of the first owner of a huge manor house estate built a small church in memory of the untimely deceased daughter Mary, as the new building is much more modest size, was built almost next to the church.

On the west side of it is the front of the manor house with a park and a rose garden, on the east - Farmstead.There is also a small outbuilding in which lived the clerk and housekeeper.In line with the owner's house steward located kitchen.To the south-east of the manor house are all necessary facilities: Human hut, shed for forage, stables.At the pond located barns and barn.

Manor after the death of Lermontov

After the tragic death of the poet, and the death of Arsenyev her bequest to AA Stolypin passed estate "Tarkhany".Lermontov Manor actually passed to the management of IA Sokolova, as Athanasius A. permanently residing in the Saratov province.

In 1867, Gorchakov control its was replaced by PN Zhuravlev - an educated man, a good understanding of the value of the estate.It is fully restored manor house.In addition, he provided invaluable assistance in the collection of material about the poet's grandmother, his youth and adolescent years in "Tarkhany."This man ran the estate 35 years, died in 1902 and was buried at the Church of the Archangel Michael.

idea of ​​creating a museum in the "Tarkhany" was first proposed in 1905 in "Penza statements."The unknown author called to perpetuate the memory of the poet.

Researchers creativity Lermontov and enthusiasts started collecting exhibits for the museum of Lermontov.The creators of the first exposure are: MD Belyaev - the keeper of the funds Goslitmuzeya consultants N. Pakhomov and T. Ivanov, illustrator EK Rylova.

Estate Museum Lermontov ("Tarkhany»)

restoration was completed in 1938.In the spring of 1939 opened access of visitors to the tomb of the poet, May 30, the grand opening of the museum of Lermontov.At the meeting devoted to this event it was convened by about 2,000 people.

In the very first years of its activity the museum was the only exposition building - a manor house.It all tells about the life and work of the great poet.

In 1944 the museum was renamed the Lermontov museum-estate.In 1948, the USSR Council of Ministers allocated for this purpose, 9.6 hectares of land.In 1960, "Tarkhany" (manor Lermontov) included in the list of Russian culture and history.Since 1969, the former estate of a State Museum.

Manor today

At present, the museum includes a manor with a complex of monuments of the end of XVII and the beginning of the XIX century, the generic-Lermontov Arseniev necropolis, as well as the estate "Apaliha", located near the "Tarkhanov."Here, the young poet was often a guest of his favorite aunt - MA Shang Giray.

first major phase of the restoration of protected sites was carried out in 80-ies of the last century.


complexes in the museum are the three.The first part consists of: the Church of Mary of Egypt, the house steward, Human chalet, manor house, park, ponds, oak grove, three fruit garden.

second set of up-Lermontov Arseniev cemetery where lie the remains of the great poet, the chapel, the Church of Archangel Michael and the lodge.

Manor aunt Lermontov ("Apaliha"), which is three kilometers away from the "Tarhan," is the third complex.

Today, the area occupied by the manor-reserve, equal to 140 hectares.The museum's collection of 28 thousand valuable exhibits.The gold reserves are considered to be things that belonged to the poet.Lifetime and posthumous edition of Lermontov and illustrate to them the great painters (Konstantin Korovin, Vrubel, Repin and others.) Are also stored in the museum "Tarkhany".Lermontov Manor (photo you see our article) - is the most valuable repository of manor landlord life XVII-XIX centuries: tableware, furniture, paintings, sculptures, collections of books.And, of course, every Russian man for once in your life should visit this restaurant.

«Tarkhany" (manor Lermontov) Where is the museum?

Hopefully, after reading this article you will want to visit these places.Museum-Estate "Tarkhany" is located in the Penza region, Belinsky District, in the village of Lermontov.From May to September Reserve is open daily (except Tuesday and last Thursday of the month) from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.On weekends, the manor is open until 20.00.

Penza From the bus station to the destination can be reached by transit buses, which follow the route Penza - Tambov.By car - Novoryazanskoye highway to Penza, then on the highway Penza - Tambov to Lermontov.

many very interested in the life and work of the great Russian poet.Therefore, tourists come annually to "Tarkhany" (manor Lermontov).How to get from Saratov?This question is of interest to many residents of the city said.You can use the train № 6472. The road takes about 1 hour 40 minutes.

advise you to visit the exciting excursions that take place in the museum "Tarkhany" (manor Lermontov).Prices are quite affordable - for an adult ticket costs 210 rubles, and for children - 150 rubles.

In the former manor offers horse-riding (50 rubles / hour), to take part in a photo shoot (1000 rubles / hour).In addition, you can become a member of a magnificent ball "charm of days gone by ...".Ticket price - 150 rubles.

In spring and summer guests of the estate offer a ride on a boat on the pond Barsky.The cost of trips - 50 rubles / person.

It's not all the services that have in the estate "Tarkhany".In more detail with a list of events can be found on the official website of the museum.

Visitors reviews

There is not one person who would remain indifferent after visiting the manor described by us: here the reigning atmosphere and wonderful beauty of nature left a lasting impression in the memory.Having been here once dream to go back to the estate "Tarkhany".

Farmstead Lermontov, judging by the reviews of travelers, is in excellent condition.On the territory is very clean and comfortable.The staff are friendly and welcoming.A lot of good things prepared for his professional tour guides and organizers of exhibitions.

Visitors manor grateful to the staff of the museum, who managed to save valuable exhibits on the life and work of the great Russian poet.