Shopping in Munich: reviews.

Germany, as a country, which is one of the leaders in the world in the production of consumer goods, to offer its guests an excellent opportunity for shopping.

Also popular souvenirs are made to buy fashionable shoes for children and adults, clothing, sporting goods, the German cosmetics, local food, such as cheese, chocolate, sausages - these products are of the highest quality at a relatively low cost.

Germany stores often adhere to a strict division of the range of goods on the categories of price.In various retail outlets may be presented only products of average prices or items of luxury brands, designed to safeguard consumers.

local kitchen utensils, such as knives and porcelain, also holds the highest place among the products that are purchased by tourists in Germany.It is worth noting that one of the most popular destinations among tourists for shopping is Munich.Shopping in 2015 will please consumers buying low-cost small business and home appliances of famous brands.Such a purchase would

save, as well as guarantees that the purchased goods will meet the highest quality standards in Germany.

Then look at the most popular areas for shopping.


most luxurious and glamorous corner of the city.There are situated branded shops and boutiques of fashionable shoes, clothes, famous jewelry house, art studios and galleries, where you can buy accessories of luxury, going on shopping in Munich.Walking here, you can go to the shops Chanel, Dolce & amp; Gabbana, Gucci, Dior, Gianfranco Ferre, Hugo Boss, Versace and Louis Vuitton, and update your wardrobe of clothing from well-known designers.


This is the most elegant street of the city.Tourists prefer to walk on it, while attending numerous brand shops and luxury boutiques, is a pleasant shopping in Munich.Theatinerstrasse is one of the most popular shopping center in the city of "five yards".


This is the main shopping area, which consists of 2 streets.Here peacefully coexist variety of souvenir shops and trading houses, with all the products that they represent, to satisfy customers with different income and taste, leaving for shopping in Munich.Noyhauzershtrasse was declared a pedestrian zone, so you can safely stop for their own health, hearing presentations by various street artists.


This street is visited by those who want to walk along the same boutiques, as residents of the city.There are mainly open regional boutiques and shops, opticians, perfume and clothing salons and other outlets.


Many tourists seek, going on shopping in Munich, to get to the same street, because there are open stores that sell a variety of goods at affordable prices.For example, the younger generation to Kaufingerstraße can afford to look saucy outfit, with sophisticated buyers - to pick up a new piece of jewelry with exquisite Swarovski stones.

Review malls

should be noted that in this place there are practically no small shops "around the house."Locals and visitors go for shopping in Munich, reviews about which you can read below, in the outlet shopping and major shopping centers.

They always have a huge selection, moreover, have the opportunity to dine and have a good time off.Below is just a small list of popular shopping malls where you can buy quality things.


About this mall probably heard many.It was opened during the Olympic Games here, hence the name of the commercial facility originated by itself.

Shopping in Munich, reviews of which are listed below, can be carried out here in three trading houses, 135 branded stores, grocery stores.In addition to visiting these outlets, consumers can take an active part in various activities (often in this place hosts concerts, exhibitions and fashion shows).After shopping you can relax in any of the restaurants and cafes.

Bargains also can not hurt to make the language barrier, as the shopping center staff speaks perfect English.

Riem Arcaden

This shopping center is located in the east of Munich.It is a small town of the exhibition.Here in 120 operating stores you can buy high-quality women's and men's clothes, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics, electrical appliances, photographic supplies, books and stationery.It is worth noting that the very profitable shopping in Munich in January, because at that time there begins to actively sell.

The three-storey center, if necessary, can be tasty lunch (several restaurants and cafes offer to try Bavarian specialties, pizza, sushi, as well as the usual snack junk food).

while shopping to get bored and you do not have, as the cultural program is required to accompany the gifts and promotional offers.

Galeria Gourmet

largest food gallery gives you a huge selection of products, the range and quality that will satisfy even gourmets.It includes a variety of divisions, among which there are unique.

Wine department consists of a tasting room where 12 people at a time can try more than 2000 species of these noble drinks.The department also will assist you in choosing the best wine.Shopping in Munich in November is interesting to people the presence of the young wine, which many aspire to fill up your home bar.

Confectionery is represented by the following trademarks: Reber, Niederegger and Lindt.Also, open bar Pick & amp; Mix, where the customer can make their own assortment of jellies, sweets and fruit in chocolate.

Fish Department offers customers fresh fish in various precious rocks.

Schubeck Schmankerl - a shop, which can be called a real attraction of this gallery.Here, every day is made about forty kinds of ice cream.


At the present moment the name is a small bookstore, formed in 1893.Once the family business has become a network of bookshops (in the current time of more than four nationwide).Besides a large selection of publications, it offers its customers an online store and service center.

"five yards"

This large shopping center includes five versatile internal courtyards, which are connected by corridors.The center occupies a total area of ​​about 17,000 square meters.Here are located about a dozen restaurants and cafes, and 54 stores.

best to come for shopping in Munich in October.At this time, here are actively sent shopping as the city residents and tourists.It is not surprising, because at that time are ambitious autumn sales.In addition, the mall except shoe salons and cosmetics stores presented famous brands, including Zara, Marc O 'Polo, Ermenegildo Zegna and so forth.

Food markets

Germans like all high-quality and natural, therefore, to the grocery market is not alwaysovercrowded.A great local food market is the Viktualienmarkt, which covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters.Thus a wide range of products of no other market can not boast.Where 140 farms offer customers domestic meat and poultry, exotic fruit, cheeses and other dairy products, fish and spices.

The market can also be a spectator and a participant in various folk festivals.In this place every year celebrate the feast day of the brewer, a prominent figure in the cradle, the day the gardener, the opening of the asparagus season.

very lucky to anyone who will be able to look at the dance market women.It is a huge carnival.It is attended by all those who stood behind the counter yesterday.

Trader for this holiday apply a special responsibility: preparing traditional costumes, learn the song repertoire, as well as engage with dance teachers.


It is the largest flea market in Europe.Time - the middle of April, the same place where the Oktoberfest.It is forbidden to sell new products.Only the products that were in use, it will be possible to buy, arrived in Munich.Shopping 2015, reviews of which can be seen below, will provide an opportunity to buy goods here from thousands of sellers.Visiting this event for fans and lovers of antiques fleamarket will be one of the most important in the coming year.


This flea market is open throughout the year.The site is located in the parking lot under the trees.

Messegelände Riem

There was once an airport, and today the territory is surrounded by a quiet residential area.In this place every Saturday going to the flea market.

Auer Dult

This fair visit can be from early spring to late autumn in Haidhausen.She works for a whole week in the area around the church.It presents mainly antiques and home appliances.

Christmas Markets

All Munich before Christmas garlands and shining bright lights.Here at this time are several unique and wonderful Christmas markets.

most colorful fairs usually find one that goes to the Marienplatz.It opens up the mayor.On the main Christmas tree lights are lit immediately after his speech.Note that this market is not for nothing called the largest in the city.It is located on an area of ​​20,000 square meters, covering the nearby streets Kaufingerstraße, Aynshtrasse, Libfraushtrasse, Fyurstenfelder, Rindermarktplats and Rosenstrasse.Last

famous because it employs "nursery market."Also, if you arrive at the shopping in Munich in December, you will find a huge range of Christmas toys.

Immediately after shopping you can simply relax or enjoy a glass of beer.For these purposes, ideal very quiet corners, which can be found easily in spite of the festivities.

Shopping in Munich: reviews

Many vacationers, visiting Munich, eager to share feedback about this wonderful city, and about shopping in it.Tourists affects a huge number of shopping centers and shops, reasonable prices for high quality products, as well as regular sales.Some complain that most of the vacationers spend time shopping, no time to enjoy the sights of the city.