What to bring Sri Lanka souvenir or a gift?

Sri Lanka - a beautiful country, where every year thousands of Russian tourists spend an unforgettable holiday surrounded by nature.Away from the bustle of the big cities of our fellow citizens are enjoying the sea views, diving, picnics and visiting local attractions.When it comes time to return home, every traveler fills bags with exotic souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.In this article you will learn what to bring Sri Lanka on the memory.And all about the features of shopping in this wonderful country.


Sri Lanka is known worldwide for its precious stones.Amethyst, rubies and topazes locals still extracted using picks and shovels.Isle of Ratnapura is the center of sapphire deposits, which are rare stones of all colors.Saturated colors and the absence of defects do Ceylon sapphires are among the most expensive in the world.If you find yourself far away from the state mines, be sure to check out the local factory for processing stones.Cutters, armed with files and grinding wheels, your

eyes will give sapphires form and show the entire process of creating a gem.

If you decide to buy a souvenir precious souvenir, then you should go to ratnapursky sapphire market.Before you buy the right product, consider a few suggestions.Bypassing all the shops, you can choose the most suitable offer.Do not forget to check the authenticity of sapphire in the short gemological laboratory and inspect it and make sure no visible damage.Remember that in the local market to bargain, so do not hesitate and feel free to bring down the price.The average price per carat of a beautiful blue sapphire in the local market ranges from 100 to 150 dollars.So you do not have any problems at customs, contact any local jeweler who confine your stone and place it in the frame.

tea from Sri Lanka

Of course, the most anticipated gift brought from vacation will be a bag of elite Ceylon tea.Usually, tourists are advised to buy this product factories in the tea plantations.However, many vacationers notice that in places the cost of goods is too high.To save money, you can purchase beautiful varieties and in specialized departments of shopping malls and major supermarkets.It is believed that the presence of brand-name quality will save you from buying a bad product.Feel free to bring tea from Sri Lanka, if the packaging is depicted a lion holding a sword in his paw.

Spices Fragrant spices for centuries are the pride of this amazing island.What carry from Sri Lanka, but the cinnamon, cardamom, curry, cloves, ginger and pepper?Having been one of the "Garden of spices", you will learn a lot about the local flora and will be able to feast on exotic fruits.They will tell you how to lose weight with the help of spices, to remove a toothache, stop snoring and get rid of dandruff.In addition, here you can buy natural cosmetics and personal care products, made on the basis of these same spices.


If you want to take home something special, then turn your attention to the masks made by local craftsmen.These souvenirs of Sri Lanka are from $ 35 and up.Most of them have for the locals of particular importance, and always represents some aspect of life.Since ancient times, these items were used in ritual ceremonies and dance performances.Impressionable people who believe in mysticism, and the evil eye charms, better to abandon such purchases.And for those who think rationally, we recommend a visit to the museum of masks, located in Ambalangoda.This city is considered the center of craft production, and here you can learn the history of appearance attributes, as well as all of the traditional rituals and celebrations.

elephant figurine

most popular souvenirs of Sri Lanka - a wooden animal figures.Elephants are a symbol of the island and the locals are happy to do their thumbnails.The most valuable are statues of black or ebony.By weight, they are somewhat heavier than their "brothers", but if you want to rub them, then your hand will remain dark marks.

Buddha images

Sri Lanka is often associated with a beach holiday, but here each year attracts thousands of followers of the teachings of Prince Gautama, to honor the local shrine.Surprisingly, in this country, almost all the inhabitants seek to achieve nirvana and try not to take action that could prevent their ascent on the spiritual ladder.If you penetrate mental attitude of the local population, then you will not have the issue that brought from Sri Lanka.Statues of the Buddha will bring into your home atmosphere of the East and become a reminder of a wonderful vacation in an exotic country.


products noble material will be a perfect gift for any woman in our country.High quality fabrics and rich colors will conquer the hearts of even the most stringent of representatives of the better half of humanity.Shops in the silk factory tour provides a huge selection of different products.You can buy saris or other items of clothing, bed linen, blankets or light summer scarves.The cost of such gifts is quite high, but you will not doubt their origin.


Sri Lanka is known worldwide as a manufacturer of clothing and home textiles.Numerous shops and shops of the country you can buy cotton products at low prices.For example, the average price of women's tunics range from five to seven dollars.Before you buy a desired product, make sure that it has no major defects.The fact that the country's garment industry is working mainly for export, and most of defective or substandard items remain on the domestic market.


Every woman aspires to bring home from a new country for the best care.Cosmetics from Sri Lanka contains a minimal amount of chemistry and consists mainly of natural ingredients.Unfortunately, the maximum period of use is equal to two months, which means you will not be able to stock up for a long time with aromatic creams and masks.So try to pass a maximum of health and beauty treatments, while you are on vacation.Sri Lanka - a country with a huge number of spa salons, beauty parlor and Ayurvedic hotel.Treat yourself to a herbal bath, a relaxing massage, body wraps and various types masloterapiey.Cosmetics from Sri Lanka, made from herbal extracts, helps you to rejuvenate.And also feel young and beautiful.


Many tourists, on reflection, that brought from Sri Lanka, decided that the best thing would be to treat friends and acquaintances exotic fruits.The warm climate and fertile land of this country allow vacationers year-round feast on exotic fruits.Drinking coconuts, several kinds of bananas, mangosteen, sapodilla, lychee and rambutan - is just the beginning of the list of delicious fruits and berries.Seasoned travelers are advised to shop in rural markets, where the price for them will be lower.


What to bring Sri Lankan friends or relatives of the male sex?You will not go wrong if you give them drink brand, which is the pride of this country.We are talking about Arak - vodka infused with local herbs and has a specific taste.Drinkers argue that this type of alcohol does not cause hangovers, and even good for health.Experts also recommend to try the red rum "Calypso" and beer "Lion" local production.To avoid problems, do not get carried away with unexplored varieties, and remember that the country can take out no more than three liters of alcohol.

What brought from Sri Lanka.Reviews and advice

All tourists who have successfully rested in this wonderful country, are happy to share his impressions of his vacation.We will tell the small tricks to help you easily find the required products and save money at the same time.

  1. exchange currency is most advantageous to the tourists at the airport upon arrival.Checks on goods purchased should be maintained until the end of the trip, before flying home to you easily could exchange the unspent funds at the current rate.
  2. cost of the same goods in different locations can be very different.Therefore, do not buy their favorite souvenirs into the first shop and stroll around the neighborhood and ask the price.
  3. Sri Lanka - the country in which to bargain.But it should be possible, gently and kindly.While talking with the seller, you can significantly reduce the price.
  4. Remember that the highest prices for souvenirs set in places most popular among tourists.
  5. If you want to do some shopping in the market, then go there on a Saturday or Sunday.The sooner you get there, the more you can save.The local people, knowing a good offer, try to buy everything you need at the weekend for the week ahead.
  6. Jewelry in this country are of high quality.It is best to bring beautiful stones from here at home and bring them to a specialist.Beware of making such purchases on the beach and small shops, even if the business owner is willing to provide a guarantee and certificate.
  7. Seasoned tourists prefer to shop in Colombo, the local markets and small shops.Imported goods are sold mainly in large supermarkets, where prices are relatively low.
  8. buying jewelry and various little things, you will be interested in the retailer where it was produced goods.Quite often, beads and bracelets are imported from China or India.
  9. away from the stereotypes and try to find yourself an unusual souvenir.For example, in some stores you can find dishes, made of cinnamon and coconut shell.

souvenirs of Sri Lanka, a photo which you can see in this article, quite bright and beautiful.Such gifts will be pleased to present to colleagues, relatives and friends.After reading that imported from Sri Lanka by tourists, you can easily plan purchases and do not miss any important details.