Belaya River, Bashkortostan.

Rugged arteries rivers and dressed in green forest, Bashkiria always welcomes its visitors.Hitting them with their natural beauty, pristine innocence and wide open spaces, it gives an unforgettable holiday.Usually it is rafting and fishing.It is famous for such kinds of recreation White River.Bashkiria, which has a mass of scattered throughout the river as if an invisible hand directs all the threads in this great and mighty body of water.

General characteristics

White reaches a length of about one and a half thousand kilometers.As a left tributary of the Kama River, she did what she did not concede neither wealth of resources, nor the purity of its waters.Piedmont Iremel - source of the river.White, Bashkiria - these concepts are closely intertwined.After all, this fertile land is bordered by waterway along its entire length.

locals call it Agidel, which in their language means "white."It crosses the Ural mountains, getting tangled in the maze of cliffs and ledges.White does not particularly dif

ferent from other Ural rivers, except exotica and a complete lack of civilization attract vacationers.From deep gorges, forests and thickets deaf mysterious rocks sotkanny its landscapes.

winter, all this beauty freezes.Around the middle of November it is covered with ice crispy crust that sometimes lasts until the April.On the river Agidel are eight cities, including Ufa metropolis.Fame and White River reservoirs.Bashkiria there are two such structures (built despite protests from the community) in the town of Beloretsk and settlement Yumaguzin.

"royal palaces"

so beautifully and poetically known as the tourists start the White, the first third of its length.Rocky cliffs and runs up the hills framing its entire length, creating an atmosphere of "Far Far Away kingdom."Agidel ruffles and waves on the rapids and shoals, but overcomes them pretty quickly and briskly.Pebbles and sand littered its course and coastal regions.Often waterway alloy timber, logs and so stragglers snag - this is the usual thing for the river.They do not spoil its appearance, on the contrary, make a "highlight" in the picture, so skillfully painted nature.

Lovers fishing rods and spinning always attracted White River.Bashkiria, fishing and delicious ear at the stake are closely linked and it is impossible to imagine, "trio" without at least one component.Royal palaces - a place for this type of holiday unsuitable.Fish bites are weak, but the landscape is pleasing to the eye.Those to whom it is important to enjoy the nature, choose this place.Those who want to enjoy a full bucket of perch caught, sent to others.

"golden middle"

popular place for fishermen - middle section Agidel.Wandering through the mountains of the Southern Urals, she turns to the southwest.But, freed from the shackles of the mountain, sharply it escapes to the north.Whimsical and capricious river White.Bashkiria rightly considers it her obstinate daughter, who becomes meek and affable, if you go to it with good and learn the art of restraint.

Fishermen possess this skill, so feel free to leave it on this site Agidel, which stretches from the town of Meleuz a million people - Ufa.Then catch fish on donk, fly-fishing rod and the bait to float.But the most popular way of fishing - it's certainly harness with pouch.Using these techniques, you can get a good catch ide, bream and silver bream.

place there really is not very scenic, but quiet and peaceful.Everywhere there are small villages where you can refill products.On the banks of the river are often seen entire tent city, which is divided not only fishermen, but also ordinary tourists that come here to rest from the dust and noise of large cities.

from Ufa to the mouth

This is the last, third, segment White.In this region it is becoming even wider and deeper.Crossing the great city, the majestic waterway looks as if she is the mistress of this metropolis.As you can see both sides of a string of fishermen standing with fishing rods and something quietly conversing.Many only one morning can pull more than five kilograms, usually Podust and ides.

On a more distant site are found deep whirlpools and pits, which are so fond of hiding catfish.If you'll go specifically to hunt for them, it is unlikely that catch their prey.The case is unfavorable.But sometimes there are the lucky ones who manage to not only catch catfish, and pull the whole giant.In one case, at this point one man caught a 35-pound specimen long - half a meter.

On this site there are ferry boats and recreation with a noisy crowd of tourists.But the fish are not afraid of it all and willingly bite.Generous Catch White River.Bashkiria, rest which presents not only fishing, visitors are also encouraged different alloys and other entertainment.


Agidel - a very good place for such a holiday.Wide and fast, sometimes insidious and mysterious rocks framed, it attracts lovers of this sport.The ideal time for him from May to September.The tour can be selected to suit all tastes, from three days to two weeks.There are also some options for experienced professionals to amateurs and even "green" newcomers.

For example, a tour called "Relax".Duration alloy - 6 days.Tourists day war with the water element, overcoming rapids, and at night sleeping in tents on the beach.The instructor tells in detail about the conditions of this type of recreation, he plays the role of an observer and supervisor.Vacationers perform all the basic functions yourself: put up tents, prepare food in Kazankov, rowing oars.It should be a pleasure about a thousand rubles a day.

to experience the power of the elements and adrenaline - such capabilities gives every newcomer White River.Bashkiria - a country of pristine quiet, environmentally friendly woods and lakes, so spend your vacation needs every one of you at least once in life.

Value river

Believe me, rest - it's not all that surprising, and draws the river.White - one of the most important waterways of Bashkiria.According to ply her huge ship carrying oil, construction materials and gravel-sand mixture.There are carried out cruises route which stretches from the European part of the Russian Federation until the Ufa.

White also witness to many historical events, especially the popular uprisings.Emelyan Pugachev and Salavat Yulaev trampled its shores and washed in the cool waters.By the way, when the White branch of the Kama can notice a different shade of the river.Agidel much lighter, it seems that the river poured a lot of milk.

Belaya River, Bashkortostan ... Photos of the places hit colorful landscape.They are rightly called the cradle of the Urals.Arriving here at least for a few days, you'll love this place with all my heart and soul.The best and most amazing wonders of the world are gathered here on the shores of Agidel.The deep dark caves, cliffs, standing on the edge of which you lose the sense of reality, and dense forests, like a puzzle, creating an interesting and exciting picture.Be sure to come here and enjoy the hospitality of distant and charming places.