How to get to Chernobyl?

about the Chernobyl accident is known not only residents of Ukraine and Belarus, as well as neighboring Russia, but the whole world.The evacuation of the local population began immediately after the catastrophe.And even today, the danger of radiation is maintained, along with the threat remains closed exclusion zone.How to get to Chernobyl and what is there to see?

Romance post-apocalyptic nightmare or reality?

about Chernobyl, and in particular the city of Pripyat, removed a huge amount of documentary and feature films, written numerous literary works, they are based on computer games.Plenty of walks rumors and legends about this place, the most popular of them - tales of mutants, but there are more extravagant version.This may seem strange, but it really is a lot of people believe that in the closed zone conduct experiments military or landing aliens.In fact, everything prosaically - arranged for PPC poor quality roads with pointers of the Soviet period on the sidelines.Along the stretch are quit

e ordinary-looking overgrown fields and woods, among which meet periodically once abandoned settlements.I think this is really what you want to see before you look for the answer to the question of how to get to the Chernobyl zone.

Status of towns and villages

Among those wishing to get into the exclusion zone is the most interesting city of Pripyat.That is the real pictures from there mercilessly exploited in works of art - large-scale hotel, with broken windows, rusting Ferris wheel and a clear outline of the NPP on the horizon.After these pictures there are those who want to know how to get to Chernobyl.When viewed from Pripyat real impression rather dull.All have been looted, residential and public buildings face the street broken windows and empty doorways, and within them you can find only junk.Looting began almost immediately after the evacuation, local residents said they need to go on a few days, so hastily abandoned homes were various valuables, attracted robbers.By the time we had disappeared from their homes all the furniture and doors, electrical wiring, and even central heating radiators.

Belarusian zone

In talking about closed areas around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is often mentioned the land of Ukraine, namely the city of Pripyat and Chernobyl, their neighborhood.But do not forget what is considered to be contaminated and the land belonging to Belarus.This territory is unique in its kind Polessky Reserve.The purpose of this complex prevent contamination of clean areas and to ensure the safety of the Exclusion Zone.On discussion forums popular question: "How do I get to Chernobyl from Belarus?" The answer is unequivocal - virtually nothing.Within the reserve are not allowed outsiders is strict regime of quality and security.Separately, it is worth noting that to get a job at this place is not easy.

who lives outside the perimeter?

most popular town in our days in the area - a village Tulgovichi, located just 50 km from the plant.Officially, the resettlement was carried out in 1991, but among the people there was 8 people, has flatly refused to move.At first glance, there is the usual rural life - there is electricity, telephone, reach mailings, and once a week and be sure to come autobench doctor.What is remarkable - not afraid of radiation, local grown vegetables, fruit, drink well water, and in the season gather mushrooms and berries in local forests.They surprised the tourists who want to know how to get to the Chernobyl zone, because for them, the home village of the same house, as well as 10 or even 50 years ago, and "there is nothing interesting."It was filmed Tulgovichi more materials about the squatters for various documentaries.Individuals and small families live in other villages, many of which have already been taken out of the border zone.

Tours to Chernobyl: how to get there?

Many travel agencies offer guided tours in the official Pripyat and neighboring villages.In order to get to them is not sufficient to pay the ticket, you need to apply in advance, executed in a special way.When it wants to check the personal document is issued, allowing entry.Since such a travel service is popular with visitors from all over the Ukraine, make a request, and you can book a tour through the Internet.Today, the answer to the question: "Can I get in Chernobyl?" - Positive.Most importantly, observe the rules of conduct and follow all the instructions accompanying during such extreme rides.

Memorial Days - free entry

legally and free of charge to get into the zone, you can to some memorable dates.This is usually between 9 and 14 May, with the prerequisite of entry and exit during daylight hours.This authorization is set for the holidays access to the grave sites of deceased relatives.Take advantage of the offer can only Ukrainian citizens over 18 years old.Minors may be admitted with their parents in special cases when writing the responsible representatives of the relevant application-consent.This option is not suitable for tourists who want to learn how to get to Chernobyl, but is the real salvation for local residents.In the days of the memory protection in the exclusion zone is enhanced at a checkpoint at the entrance to all the cars are registered and every passenger individually.

What You Should Know novice stalkers

Many thematic online communities devoted to the question "How do I get to Chernobyl illegally."It should be noted that there are indeed people who manage to go "beyond the perimeter" willfully and not once.They often refer to themselves as "stalkers" and at risk solely for his own pleasure and excitement.Do not pass through a checkpoint, the exclusion zone is visited by marauders and poachers, who, thanks to the improvement of the security system every year is getting smaller.The self-organized campaigns at first sight really is something interesting, but do not think that such an event - a regular jaunt.People familiar with Chernobyl only in modern folklore, believe that you need to be afraid of radiation and it generated mutants.In fact, before you think about how to get into the Chernobyl exclusion zone, you need to answer a series of simple questions.How confident are you in your physical endurance and training?Does the experience of survival in the wild?Afraid in the exclusion zone is no radiation exposure, and wild animals, especially poisonous snakes and wild boar, which is found in the forests are vast.And remember that, going to the extreme hike for the first time without a reliable escort, you run the risk of getting lost.Not sleeping and security, meeting with which is not exactly over anything good.

Does nuclear power today?

Chernobyl nuclear power plant does not work more than 10 years, but there are people in the city.Today, this facility works on conservation, with one change is approximately 2.5 thousand. People.staff.Some employees working watches, t. E., Partially living in a ghost town.Especially for those people running shops, hotels, cafes.Is it possible to get to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant profits to employees?No, because each of them has a special pass, which is to receive a stranger is not possible.Moreover, even really get to work on this object is not easy - you need the appropriate qualifications.It should also be noted that the selection of candidates is carried out with multistage strict criteria.