Atlanta (GA): attractions, photos and reviews

Atlanta (GA) - it is a huge vibrant city with a population of more than 5.5 million people.Despite the fact that the capital of the New South, is very modern and elegant, and it is in the 21st century has managed to preserve its unique charm, familiar to us from the cult film "Gone With the Wind."In this article you'll learn about the main attractions of the city, located at the United States, Georgia, Atlanta.

little history

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, no one could imagine that a small fort on the southern border of the United States will become once one of the largest business centers in the world.At the time Atlanta was only a transit station West Atlantic Railway, but rapidly developing town soon became the capital of the south-eastern part of the country.In 1864, Atlanta was almost completely destroyed by the troops of northerners for having actively supported the interests of the planters.However, she was able to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, who was later placed as a v

ital symbol on the coat of arms of the city.There was support for the movement for the liberation of the South from slavery, exploitation and violence.With this Atlanta is a strong and developed city, the cultural capital of the state.No wonder that she was chosen for the Summer Olympics in 1996.


Atlanta (GA) - a city of skyscrapers, parks, museums, night clubs and festivals of the different directions.The most convenient way to travel is considered to be a trip by car.Also you can take the subway or bus, but in the evening and night time to go it alone is not recommended.Better to take a taxi, which can be called by telephone from anywhere in the city.

Most guests prefer to settle the state capital in large hotels, located in the center.Of these, you can easily reach the main tourist attractions and to some even on foot in a few minutes.Atlanta (GA) proudly calls itself the center of the world of culinary arts.Check the validity of this statement, tourists can in a restaurant of traditional Southern cuisine.For those who like to combine a meal with a cultural program, some places successfully reproduce in the walls of the atmosphere of the novel by Margaret Mitchell.Others invited to entertain guests bands and popular jazz artists.Fans of bright impressions can dine at The Sun Dial, which is located on the top floor of a 250-meter skyscraper.

cultural program

As we mentioned, Atlanta (GA) is known for being very kind to the story.If you decide to plunge headlong into the study of the cultural heritage of this region, you should purchase the Atlanta City PASS.It's a single ticket, for which you will be able to visit for nine days, six museums.With this you get a significant discount and can pass them in the queue.Take a walk through the streets, you can enjoy both the views of buildings built in Victorian style and modern skyscrapers.Westin Peachtree City area offers an unforgettable view of the city skyline, which no one can remain indifferent to.

Main attractions

most important museums of the city, which should visit every conscious traveler, located near Centennial Olympic Park.Learn the history of this region can be at the Museum of Natural History Fernbank.CNN's headquarters is located in the same quarter.There are guided tours every day for locals and tourists who wish to get acquainted with the work of a large corporation.You can actually see how to go to the live broadcast journalists from their studios and as a mounted TV shows.And in the end you can even try their hand and write to the memory of its own news release.

Museum World of Coca-Cola says fans of the popular national drink is all about the history of the famous brand.You can see the collection of posters, advertisements of all time, machines and even a small plant for the production of bottled "Coca-Cola".During the tour you can for free and in unlimited quantities feast drink.

Museum of Martin Luther King is also located in the city center.By visiting it, you will learn about how he lived and worked a famous fighter for the rights of his people.Near the museum are places that are connected with the name of the great preacher: his house, the Baptist church and memorial erected in his honor.

Botanical Garden

To the delight of many visitors, Atlanta Botanical Garden all year.This place is considered one of the most beautiful in the city, and includes gardens, greenhouses and urban zone.Tourists admire the bizarre exposition created by the hands of caring professionals.Garden Guide tries to do everything so that visitors do not want to get out of here.Quite often there lectures and master classes, as well as cultural events are held.

Holidays and festivals

Atlanta residents adore public events.The St. Patrick's Day citizens clothed in green clothes and go to watch the parade, which moves through the city streets.Columns of military, police and fire alternate platform decorated with flowers and a giant inflatable figures.Dance groups, bands and costumed presentation entertain the audience, watching the movement of the parade.

annual Black Arts Festival July shows all the facets of the African-American art.Professional photographers, amateurs as well as indifferent to this kind of art people gather every year on his own October festival.In January and February you can join the celebration of visual art ATLart, and in May, enjoy the music of jazz artists.Middle Ages fans will be delighted at the festival Georgia Renaissance, where each participant can feel like a real knight or a beautiful lady.

population of the city of Atlanta (GA) - a city in which coexist quite dissimilar people.Hispanics, indigenous people, Asians, African Americans and people with white skin were able to find common ground in this wonderful place.There are comfortable with an unfamiliar culture and media representatives of sexual minorities.Immigrants from Russia make up a fairly large percentage of the population of the state capital.For them, the newspaper issued in Russian, there are restaurants, shops, discos and clubs.

You will not regret if you decide to spend your holiday or vacation in Atlanta.A rich cultural program and a host of exciting activities will remain in your memory for a lifetime.