The Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba for you travelers!

city of Santiago de Cuba is a Cuban second largest city after Havana.Previously, the city was the capital of the Cuban state.This city was founded back in 1514!During its long history of the city has znachitelnoekolichestvo interesting sights, of which the most interesting is the fortress called Castillo San Pedro de la Roca del Morro.This architectural monument in 1997, was included in the list of Cultural Heritage of UNESCO!Currently, this fortress is a unique museum in the world on the history of piracy!Nowhere else there is such a museum!

Visit Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba, as well as other places on the island of Cuba is possible through the purchase of a ticket, or contacting a travel agency, in which you will always be offered a variety of tours to Cuba in different fields!Also, it is best to make a reservation of the hotel in Cuba.

In Santiago de Cuba there are so many different museums.Most interesting are the Ethnographic Museum under the title "La Isabelika", which is located on the terr

itory of the old manor, and the Art Museum of the colonial (House named Diego Velazquez), the Municipal Museum Emilio Bacardi and the Historical Museum in the famous Moncada barracks and the Natural History Museum.A Russian-speaking guide on Cuba, a service which can be ordered in advance or upon arrival at the hotel, is always interesting to conduct a tour, show the most interesting places in the city, and will answer all your questions.

Besides museums in Santiago de Cuba has two theaters, a conservatory, a university, a beautiful city cathedral and many other places.The island called Cayo Granma, where the cathedral is called "Caridad del Cobre Holy", which is the patroness of Cuba, due to which the island is a place of pilgrimage.

Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba is the perfect area for those who prefer active forms of tourism, as all sides it is surrounded by high mountains, which blends perfectly with the beautiful seaside!The highest mountain peaks are in the country's national park, which has the name of Sierra Maestra.At 34 kilometers from the city is well-known and very popular resort of Gran Piedra at an altitude of 1128 meters.This resort is very popular for its climate and beautiful nature!

And all over the country the city of Santiago de Cuba, known for its "Festival of Fire", as well as Carnival.

Holidays in Cuba Santiago de Cuba will be unforgettable and oche