Priyutino (Museum-Estate): address, directions, photos and reviews

In the vicinity of St. Petersburg in the picturesque place is a museum-estate "Priyutino."Vsevolozhsk this historic site is the main attraction.The owner of the manor was the president of the Academy of Arts ANOlenin.Museum-Estate "Priyutino", whose address can be found in all the tourist guides of St. Petersburg - it's one of the few estates in the suburbs of the northern capital, related to the beginning of the XIX century, extant in its original form.What is she famous?

Museum-Estate "Priyutino" - the story

Manor is located near the station Berngardovka (Leningrad region).Today it employs artistic and literary museum "Priyutino."

In 1795, AN Olenin bought for 3000 rubles Baron Fredericks 766 acres of land to farm.

Priyutino - a rare example of the construction of the estate beginning of the XIX century.The estate was built of unplastered red brick.Many manor buildings indicate a large influence on the choice of style family friend Olenins NA Lvov - engineer, architect, builder and artist.Unfo

rtunately, it did not survive direct evidence of his involvement in the construction, but in the formation of the estate clearly see his handwriting.

Before the construction was cleared lowland areas located at the current Ryabovsky highway.By the beginning of 1805 has been built "Manor" Priyutino.She placed by the river Lubey.When it was built a brick factory.

The following year, the manor was held theatrical reception dedicated to the name-day hostess.Later they celebrated annually on September 5.

due to lack of funds the construction of the manor lasted almost two decades.Brickyard for river Lubey, provided the material construction of all buildings.Gradually, the wooden structures were replaced by stone.

Formation manor

By the 1820s on the estate was built two greenhouses and two master's house, 26 outbuildings.At this time, fully grown and formed the pond laid a luxurious landscape park.The main attraction of the park was the dam, which was built on the stream Smolny.The lush shrubs and slender trees framing the coastline, have been grouped in a way that moving along the coast, you can see magnificent scenery, sometimes quite unexpected.The effect is reinforced by the perception of specular reflection in the water pond of various buildings and vegetation.

The wing of one of the wings Olenin built Trinity Church, after having received the blessing of the patriarch.It was consecrated in 1830, and eleven years later (1841) it was abolished.The gilded copper cross and the relics were transferred to the Church of Elijah.The year before the arrival received a gift copy of "The Agony in the Garden."

Famous guests homestead

At various times it was visited by poets VA Zhukovsky and KN Batyushkov Vyazemsky and A. Mickiewicz.Frequent guests at the estate were artists Alexander and Karl Briullov and OA Kiprensky.Among them were well-known musicians and composers - AF Lvov, MIGlinka, AA Alyabyev Mikhail Vilegorsky and many other well-known and respected people.

Over three decades (since 1806) frequented Priyutino IA Krylov.He had lived and worked for venison.The estate Krylov wrote many famous fables.

young Pushkin often visited the estate venison.Not everyone knows that the very first edition of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" designed the AN Olenin.The poet was passionately in love with the daughter of the owners of the estate - Anna.This feeling inspired Alexander Pushkin to write a cycle of lyrical poems.Pushkin wrote to Anna in the album's famous line, "I loved you ...."

Museum today

Last restoration of the manor house was carried out in 1990, since the funds for the restoration work were not allocated.

According to experts and staff of the museum, restoration work was carried out not too accurately.The administration is trying to maintain its own complex.But these attempts are not able to withstand the ravages of time and weather.

For years, the ruins of the manor house, which is near the highway, were facing Priyutino.Museum-Estate, or rather, his team had high hopes for influx of tourists after the reconstruction of the highway, but that did not happen.


the main manor house exhibition was opened in 1990, immediately after the completion of the restoration.On the ground floor it was recreated living room, office, gallery, bedroom, living room.Picture of the estate of life, characteristic of the second half of the XIX century., Supplemented living quarters.They are located on the female and male halves of the top floor.Here you can see numerous samples, including personal belongings of the family Olenins - portraits of famous guests homestead Priyutino, articles of Pushkin's era and other interesting exhibits.The park is fully restored building of the forge and dairy, on the shore of the pond.

main building gives you the opportunity to see the restoration of historical interiors.Here you can get acquainted with the life of the residents of the estate.

Museum-Estate "Priyutino" Vsevolozhsk includes 10 rooms.The exhibition consists of a part of the art materials, books, documents, exhibits and memorials associated with the family venison.The manor house, on the second floor, the biggest room set aside for temporary exhibitions.For the exhibition of children's drawings, Vernissage used corridor.

Connoisseurs of fine arts see valuable paintings in Priyutino.Museum-Estate features the works of famous artists who were friends with the owners of O. Kiprensky, A and K. Bryullov, A. Orlovsky, F. Tolstoy.

Manor Park

magnificent park attracts everyone who comes to Priyutino.Museum-estate would be incomplete if it failed to maintain this monument of landscape art.Here you can walk through the alleys with old oak trees, sit on the shore of a lake or pond.

«Priyutino" (Museum-Estate) - how to get

Probably many are interested in the location of the site."Priyutino" - mansion, whose address - Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsk, Priyutino, 1 is always happy to receive guests.You can visit her every day, except Mondays and Fridays (sanitary day).

get here is quite simple.You can use an electric train that goes to the Finland Station, and get off at the station "Berngardovka."You can travel by taxi from the metro station "Ladoga» №430 and №462 from the station "Ploshchad Lenina".We believe that "Priyutino" - a museum-estate of the XIX century - will give you an unforgettable experience.Come here with the kids - it will be interesting to visit the estate where there were many famous people.

«Priyutino" (Museum-Estate) - reviews

According toast visited "Priyutino" exposition of the museum deserves the highest grade, but the park requires more care.Many expected to see an old and well-maintained park, but they were disappointed ...

Unfortunately, there are complaints on the work of staff.We have to wait very long until required to meet the tour group.