Holy Ascension David deserts.

far from the town of Chekhov, eighty kilometers from Moscow, is Holy Ascension David deserts.Abode is located on the banks of Lopasnya, which flows into the Oka River, on a high and beautiful white stone mountain.It was founded in May 1515 Saint David.Near the monastery (village Talezh) is its courtyard.

little history According to historians, the Rev. David belonged to the princely family Vyazemskys.His real name - Daniel.At the age of twenty, he decided to go into Pafnutievo-Borovsky monastery, where he lived for more than twenty years.

In 1515, David founded a monastery, now known as the Ascension David deserts.

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible began the construction of a large stone church of the Ascension.But it was not to be unfinished.There are objective reasons.Initially, the monastery and its territory was attacked by the Lithuanians and Circassians, who burned and destroyed many of the values, destroyed the already existing buildings and looted all the supplies.By order of Patri

arch Joachim church was completely disassembled.Joachim ordered in its place erect a new temple.Stone Church has grown over the grave of David.Before this place was a wooden chapel.Its dimensions are not too large.

At the end of the XVII century the monastery was built another chapel, near the Arbat gate.It lasted a little more than a century.Then in its place lies a monastery courtyard.

Holy Ascension David deserts to the middle of XVIII century belonged to various monasteries.The main reason for this situation - low income.Deserts had a few rather poor estates, brings very little money.The funds are not enough - even for something to keep the temples and the monks.In 1765, the desert has been attached to the chapel, located at the gates of the Moskva.First it belonged to the defunct Morchugovskoy desert.In this chapel there was an icon of Merciful Savior.

At the same time David deserts received another chapel, located at Kaluga outpost.At the end of the XVIII century the monastery was built housing for significantly increase the fraternity.By the beginning of XX century there were about a hundred monks.Among them was Alex, who once predicted the end of the Sevastopol war.

David deserts in the XIX century

early XIX century was marked by a noticeable improvement in the state of the monastery.Located in a terrible state the church of St. Nicholas was completely dismantled and rebuilt again.Many new small outbuildings.

In the church of the Ascension completely renewed iconostasis.By mid-century, the temple was rebuilt Znamenskii and restored the old bell tower.For her cast bell weighing more than 205 pounds.

end of the XIX century was marked by the opening of men's parochial school.By the beginning of 1900 include the construction of the Cathedral of All-Merciful Saviour.

monastery in the Soviet years

Like dozens of monasteries of the Moscow region, Monastery of the Ascension David deserts was closed in 1929.There functioned Agricultural College, and in the rooms where the monks used to live, organized a dormitory for students.

ancient temples of the new government turned into garages and warehouses.Nicholas church was the gathering place of atheistic societies.It began to organize anti-religious disputes and discos.

Assumption Cathedral turned into a sports hall.On the bell tower hoisted the red flag.Saints graves were excavated, and the tombstones were used as the foundation for a new dormitory.The fence of the monastery was completely destroyed, as well as dome churches.

Holy Ascension Monastery in recent history

David deserts are in complete disrepair until 1992.At this time began to collect funds for the restoration of the holy place.The monastery in 1995 there was the abbot.It was replaced by German monk.Before that, he served as rector of Holy Protection Church.

First of all, he began training councils to complete the daily cycle of services, since in those days the liturgy did not commit.With two novices abbot of the temple began to prepare one.

In 1995, the monastery held the first liturgy.Soon there was a long-awaited event - 1 June of the same year it was announced the decision of the Holy Synod of the fact that in the desert resumed monastic life, and Herman was ordained abbot, and he was handed the abbot's staff.

In 1996, the couple gave Istomin monastery bell tower of the seven bells.It was consecrated the ruler of Juvenal.

winter of 1997 in the desert began restoration work.In 1998, the monastery was donated to the bell, which weighs a ton.It was established June 5th.

In 1999, fully restored domes of cathedrals and churches, the church was consecrated Znamenskoye.In 2003, consecrated Ascension Cathedral.It has been completely restored iconostasis.

in Znamenskoye Temple moved the relics of St. David and then began restoration work.

At the same time, the monastery gathered more than two hundred fragments of the relics of God's saints.In the desert stored particles of the Robe of the Virgin and Christ's crucifixion with nails.By the end of 1999 it was restored the interior of the domes of the cathedrals, the pond and the fence of the monastery.

Abode today

At the entrance to the village of New Life, at one of the corners, you'll get great views.From this point perfectly visible Holy Ascension David deserts - the entire architectural ensemble and its residential buildings.

After '63 desolate abode alive.Orthodox community, organized in the village of New Life, was transferred to Cathedral of All-Merciful Saviour.

Monastery David deserts rebuilt difficult.The abbot of the monastery has faced a lot of problems, but their goal has not receded.In 1995, Father Herman was brutally murdered.According to the official version, the crime was committed for profit - the monastery was robbed the safe.

magnificent restoration of the monastery overshadow the various rumors that envelop this process.Clergy accused that they accepted large donations for the restoration of the monastery from people with a dubious reputation.It Gennady Nedoseka Anton Malevsky.Today, the cemetery of the monastery, you can see their graves, which differ from the other graves of their luxury.Malevsky - former Russian "aluminum king" and the leader of the gang Izmailovo Nedoseka - an employee of the city administration of Chekhov, with a very dubious reputation.In spite of everything, with the help and these are not the most righteous men of David deserts restored.

Tour Desert

enter the Abode is possible through the Holy Gate.Above the entrance gate stands the bell tower.Its height is 70 m.

your eyes appear unusually well-groomed, clean area.There is also a small but very picturesque pond.Its mirror surface reflected glittering church domes.This place is very different from other monasteries.Look at the photos.Ascension David deserts built up with houses that are painted in warm, but at the same time, the saturated colors (orange, yellow, pink).

basic structure of the desert:

  • Gate Church of the Assumption.
  • Znamenskaya church.
  • refectory church of All Saints.
  • Merciful Saviour Cathedral.
  • Znamenskaya church.
  • Church of St. Nicholas.
  • Ascension five-domed temple.

Wall Znamenskaya Church painted orange, Nicholas - yellow.Ascension Cathedral submits its whiteness, Assumption Church draws a delicate pink-beige shade.

They are built at different times, but surprisingly very harmoniously together.In addition, the territory has desert monastery cemetery.Here it is buried not only the monks.For example, rest in the churchyard DS Dokhturov - the hero of the Russian-French War (1812).

Today the monastery has 12 inhabitants.The abbot of his - Abbot Sergius (Kuksov).Every day in the monastery held a liturgy.

Znamenskaya church

In this temple before the October Revolution was a coffin with the relics of Moses Uhryniv.It brought to the monastery of Metropolitan of Moscow - Plato.Unfortunately, up to now it has not been preserved.The main attraction of the church is the old icon of the Virgin.With her in the desert came to Saint David, here he found his final resting place.

Besides the miraculous icon here houses many shrines.To the left of the altar is carved reliquary David.According to the inhabitants of the desert, after the death of the Reverend, he began to come in dreams to the people, to heal them.

left of the entrance is kept baby's head from Bethlehem (one of the 14 thousand killed by the decree of King Herod), the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Cathedral of the Assumption (1682)

Dvustolpny, five-domed brick church with a gallery.It was built with the help of Patriarch Joachim.He served as the basis for the unfinished cathedral end of the XVI century.The south gallery is the Assumption chapel.Reconstructed at the end of the last century.Re-consecrated in 2003.

Sacred Grove

particularly proud of the inhabitants of the Monastery of the Ascension David deserts lime grove.She planted himself Reverend David.But not only because it is expensive Orthodox.According to legend, David planted all the trees back up, and they take root.So Reverend wanted to show everyone the power of God.

Holy Spring

far from the Holy Monastery, in a small village Talezh is its courtyard.This place is a glorified unique source.David deserts, according to believers, is a truly unique place.Said spring is consecrated in the name of St. David.For hundreds of years it has quenched the thirst of pilgrims.From all corners of the earth here were Russian Orthodox, that life-giving water to drink.She consecrated prayers of David, who was walking on the source of the desert on foot.In the courtyard stands the temple monk, there are bathing.Anyone who has visited this place, leave this peace, with a particle of God's grace in the soul.

Medicinal properties of water

Source (David deserts), according to the priests, famous for numerous miracles of healing seriously ill people.As they say, bathe in its waters can cure very terrible disease.

David deserts: how to get

to visit this holy place, you can use the private car or public transport.Many dream of pilgrims come to this place and to see what a desert David (monastery).How to get here, we'll show you.For this we need to get into the train, coming from the Kursk railway station and drive to station Chekhov.Then you need to take the bus number 36 and get to the village of New Life.

This path can be overcome and intercity bus, which follows the route "Moscow-Nerastannoe."In addition, to the village can be reached from the metro station "South".

If you are thinking in the way of a car, then you need to go to Simferopol highway to its intersection with the A-108, turn left (Kashira), then follow the signs.

If you are going to visit the deserts of David, then you need to know that you need to be dressed appropriately: a woman's head should be covered with a handkerchief.The men in "a beach" will not be allowed to the monastery.

Guest Reviews Monastery

recovery and restored Holy Ascension David deserts anyone from visiting it leaves no one indifferent.Most of the guests of the monastery in awe of how carefully and anxiously in the desert are ancient church relics, as the revered monastic regulations.Many emphasize benevolence clerics who love talking about the monastery and its history.

However, there are negative reviews.As a rule, they are associated with the reduction of the monastery "unjust" money and the burial in its territory people who at one time had problems with the law.It must be said that participation in the reconstruction of the desert (in addition to the mentioned persons) received the usual parishioners, pilgrims, residents of nearby settlements.

Whatever it was, David deserts (customer reviews confirm these words) - a unique monument of history and architecture of our country.Therefore, we recommend that you be sure to visit this monastery.