Best Ski Resorts Russia: Rating & Reviews

At the moment in our country officially has about 200 ski resorts that cater to entire cities and towns.Gradually the road, service and equipment closer to the European level.But there are indicators that the domestic mountains have no equal, which proves every year slopes filled with people.In this article we present the rating of the ski resorts in Russia - it is easier for you to choose from.


"Volen" is a very affordable resort is incredibly popular among many Russians.Not surprisingly, it opens rated ski resorts in Russia.Just 46 km from Moscow is "Volen".It is very easy to reach with your own car, as well as by train or bus.At this point, there is a small hotel, which consists of 16 trails of varying difficulty and 60 rooms.

The resort has 8 ski lifts, with a vertical drop of no more than 70 meters.It offers other activities such as paragliding or horse riding.

Beaver Log

Considering the main ski resorts in Russia, you can also select this.It is located near Krasnoyarsk.Historical

ly Kuysumskie mountains attracted a huge number of tourists who prefer skiing.At this point, there are slopes with artificial and natural snow.Ski season begins in late fall and ends in the middle of spring.

There are three major ski areas, the main of them - Beaver Log.Elevations in this place reach 350 meters.Truss is only 50 pieces.Worked fine 2 modern lifts, in addition, several special lifts.At night, there are 5 trails, which are illuminated by modern standards.It is very often held competitions in slalom.

Ski resorts in Russia: Dombay

This is one of the largest ski resorts in the country.The season officially begins here in mid-December - this time start to come here, tourists from all over Europe and Russia.At the same time the one who can not wait to ski faster, sent here in November as snow, perfect for skiing, you can find even in this time.

you are greeted with a huge complex of modern cable cars and lifts, than can boast, not all ski resorts in Russia.Dombay offers tourists an array of hotels.There is a gorgeous three-star hotel.Rest in this place is suitable for all budgets and rolling equipment enough points in order to provide them with all the tourists.

Dombai lot of runs.The total length of the slopes is about 25 km away.The resort has 3 modern ski resorts and 5 cable cars.The difference in height is not more than one and a half kilometers.


Assessing the best ski resorts in Russia, we can not say about Zavyalikha.This place will surprise you with its well-developed infrastructure, as well as a huge number of free ski-buses, small tourist buses that have become the hallmark of this place.There is also a great hotel "Stone Flower".

in November opened the ski season, ending in April.There are 10 different trails of varying difficulty, with the comfortable movement provide 5 lifts.There are small differences in elevation, they reach a maximum of four meters.It is believed that there is good to start to learn to ski.In addition, the resort is famous for its baths and a huge base for lovers of snowboarding.

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort Sochi is known throughout the country as well as abroad.Its popularity is also due to the Olympics this year.Considering the new ski resorts in Russia, we can say that Krasnaya Polyana is now the resting place of the European level.Slopes in this place somewhat different from the others than here attracts thousands of tourists each year.At this point in the present moment it has 3 huge complex for lovers of winter sports.

where everyone can find for themselves the route to taste.In these places a very large elevation changes - up to 2.5 kilometers.This one tends to need to get a separate, therefore, it is desirable to initially pay for transfers, ticket booking in the complex to rest.


Assessing the best ski resorts in Russia, is to provide this, located in Tatarstan.Kazan, famous for its history, for people who want a break from the usual places of concentration of suburban tourism.

Kazan is famous for its well-groomed slopes, but for professionals, they are not of interest.There are no slopes of high complexity.Although this is a great place for beginners, equipped with the latest technology.Length of the route here is 1 kilometer.

In this place you can find a couple of great restaurants, several bars, baths, swimming pools, a spa, a cinema and a huge gym.Here to stay provided great hotels and private homes.There are all necessary conditions for rest with small children, as well as a shopping center.


course, speaking of the main ski resorts in Russia, Elbrus stands out separately.There are 6 settlements, of which the most popular: Tegenekli, Treskol'e and Elbrus.Tourists around the complex bringing in buses that transport them between runs.

slopes Cheget encouraging enough big differences - up to 3.5 kilometers, and the complexity of the routes is also very high, what can not boast many of the best ski resorts in Russia.Only two tracks are suitable for beginners, while they here only 15.

have Elbrus slopes significantly less, and the maximum vertical drop is 650 meters.But at this point slopes much longer - about 2.5 kilometers.Almost all the tracks of this place designed for inexperienced skiers, just try their hand at the sport.At the present moment the resort develops tremendous pace, and in the last two years here have built 2 modern lifts.There is also the construction of 2 new cable cars.Then the season starts in November, ending in May.


can also find ski resorts in Russia with accommodation.For example, a ski resort located in the suburbs Sorochany.It is named in honor of L. Sorochan who chose this place initially for the construction of a vast tourist complex.This resort offers an excellent tourist infrastructure.

There are trails of varying difficulty - for beginners and professionals alike.All the tracks are well-lit.In "Sorochany" all the lifts have been built recently.In addition, there are cable cars.There is a system of artificial snow.You can live in the village with a few houses and a huge hotel, where there is room for children.This resort is perfect for relaxing with your family or in a noisy group of friends.


in the taiga area there are quite many good ski resorts, which are no worse than many other ski resorts in Russia.

Sheregesh - this is probably the best of them are located in the Kemerovo region.Around him, a huge number of hotels and inns (30), part of which has 4 stars, but there are cheaper options.But at the moment the largest complex "Sheregesh" is unfinished.Completion is scheduled in 2016.


If darkness during the main part of the day you do not mind, you can go to the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic.Many ski resorts in Russia with accommodation, among them the well-known skiers older generations.

Until such time as the trip to Europe was made possible, many names came here to skate.Despite the fact that here the high season is in March-April, there are always those who come here on New Year's holidays.Another advantage of Kirovsk is here for the New Year there is always snow.Season opens in November, with the end of December tracks are already well groomed.

There are four ski areas.On the slopes of the complex is located Aikuaivenchorr "Kolasportland";on the other side of the mountain there is a complex "Big Wood", which can be reached by taxi or bus, plying all the time here.

Not all of the best ski resorts in Russia to offer training beginners.In Kirovsk slope "HibinySnouPark" with artificial lighting is good for beginners and young children.At this point, experienced instructors who can teach even the kids confidence to stand on skis.The track "25th kilometer" is located on the slope of Kukisvumchorr.It is suitable only for lovers of freeriding and experienced skiers.

Kirovsk disadvantage - it is an absolute lack of entertainment in the evening, although if you come here your company, then you can turn this into an advantage, whiling away the time reading books, watching movies and socializing.

Ski resorts in Russia: reviews

reading reviews about ski resorts in Russia, you can see that many of them are equipped with modern equipment, have good runs and lifts, comfortable hotels.But some say that yet most of them do not reach the quality level of service and routes to Europe.