Time difference with Bulgaria does not matter

Bulgaria - a Russian Black Sea through the looking glass.In the opinion of experts on vacation, the most frequent epithet that occurs when discussing holidays in the country - at home.Indeed, even the time difference with Bulgaria is not essential: only minus one hour from Moscow.

Bulgaria not abroad

Known prigovorka the chicken has been on the lips of people who remember the visit to the country since the Soviet era.Indeed, at a time when there was no free travel abroad country, a trip to Bulgaria were available overlooking a foreign holiday.The difference between Moscow and Bulgaria was not as striking, if we talk about quality of life.But if the traveler resided in the middle band, the six-hour flight opened for him a whole new world.And the time difference with Bulgaria played no role.

Common roots, common problems

In the seventies until the nineties difference in the economies of Russia and Bulgaria was significant.For those who are on a trip overseas think of as an impossible dream, t

here was a different time difference.In this country, it opened a completely different way of understanding life.She herself was associated with the export of products - fruit drinks, canned goods and products made in Bulgaria "Pazardzhik", is preserved in the memory of our compatriots.Those who visit this blessed country personally failed.

Bulgaria, whose population has been on the number comparable to the population of Moscow, was developed at the time the infrastructure and its own production.Specializing in the supply of food products, the country actually had a single economic space.The method of public management of the economy was typical for Bulgaria.

dissolution of the Union, and the new economic relations

occurred after the collapse of the Union of socio-economic transformation in all the neighboring countries and in countries with a common economic policy.Centrifugal force forced to rebuild all of the processes of international cooperation.The same happened in relations with the Balkan country.The only thing that remained unchanged - the time difference with Bulgaria.

However, the proximity of the territories, the common roots of the Slavic culture, traditions and customs of life will always be to unite the two countries shared many such victories and defeats.Now we can observe the interpenetration of two cultures with a common past.It is expressed in the social, economic and cultural cooperation.

Tourism - a priority in economic relations

Bulgaria is actively developing tourism.Due to a significant influx of tourism takes place in the finance economy.Even in high season, prices are quite suitable for recreation on the background of other European resorts.For example, the flight cost only 60 euros for a charter flight in September of any resort from Bulgaria to Moscow.Time difference an hour makes the rest are sometimes available and cheaper than in their own country of residence, as the flight time significantly increases the time to rest.

tours at sea in the tourist high season cost an average of fifteen thousand, excluding the cost of a visa for a week stay.Muscovites can afford a trip to the weekend for elderly parents.Because more and more often it retirees choose the country for permanent residence.

Social tourism for seniors

pensioners Bulgaria offers the most favorable conditions for living.The status allows the pensioner to issue a long-term stay in the country without much effort.The mild climate with a therapeutic effect, good food, comfortable environment - all these benefits offered to pensioners Bulgaria.Moscow, the time difference which is not a problem for a quick trip, always available for visits and meetings with relatives.Therefore, retirees do not feel the discomfort of separation from loved ones and often practice a stay at sea as a "country" version of rest.There is also no need for adaptation to climate change does not affect the condition of the body and the time difference with Bulgaria.Selection of permanent residence in Bulgaria is associated with nostalgia age population of the Soviet period.

Investment Property

special place is the topic of investment in Bulgarian real estate.If earlier the share of European and Russian immigrants was 80/20 in respect of, in the last decade, the numbers are reversed.More and more developers themselves - Russian businessmen.Increasingly growing entire resorts by investing Russian capital, for which Bulgaria has created a favorable climate.The time difference with Moscow in wealth proves this fact, bred economies in different directions.If Russia has gone through a difficult search for their version of development, Bulgaria reorient the economy from production to the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, because of the economic problems of the young Bulgarians are increasingly choosing their place of residence in Old Europe and the American continent.The number of indigenous people in recent years, declined to 7 million people, and there is a real threat to the gene pool of the country.

difference in the choice of ways of development and consequences of this choice more and more noticeable, more proves the difference in time.Russia, Bulgaria - these countries are united not only by the past.Instinct is required to bring together the Slavic nations and open up new prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation.