Visa in Dubai for the Russians: instruments for self-registration

to visit the United Arab Emirates, the Russian population is necessary to obtain a national visa of the country.How to do it?Features

visa UAE

The first thing you need to know - is that all the documents and information provided by the applicant in electronic form.And the second - that the validity of passport should exceed six months after returning from a trip.

third - to receive the coveted stamp can be in several places: in the visa center of Dubai, Moscow, with the help of tour operators in both countries or through the airline.It is through these organizations in most cases, easily and without any problems opens a visa to Dubai for the Russians.Self-issue pass is also possible, but in a slightly different order, at a cost of this process is much more time and effort.

Gaining access to the country by a tourist company or hotel

Emirates Dubai visa for Russians can be obtained without collecting a large number of inquiries from excessively stringent requirements to them.It needs only scann

ed copies of passport (the first turn), color photos (4.3 * 5.5 cm) and a completed application form from the embassy of the United Arab Emirates.The weight of each document should not exceed 40 KB, and they should be in a separate file with the signature of the date of departure to the country's name and the name of the tourist.For children, you must have a copy of the birth certificate (however, it is necessary to process any visa).There is also a visa to Dubai for the Russians in 2014 emergency, it shall be issued within 1-2 days, but its cost will be several times higher than normal.

Especially for young ladies

Arab Emirates renowned for large accumulation of rich suitors, which is why special requirements are unmarried women under the age of 30 who are traveling alone and booking with categories does not exceed two or three stars.They are required to leave the travel agency, which purchased the tour, the deposit in a sufficiently large amount - $ 1,500.Do not worry, as in the case of timely return of the country will be completely returned to the traveler.

economic aspect of getting the coveted stamp

It is with the assistance of the above documents issued a visa to Dubai.For Russians, it is low cost - about $ 60 per adult.If the child is entered in the parent's passport, the visa to him "get" for free.If the child has had its own document, then it is paid on the price tolerance (for adult independent person).

before departure from Russia should ensure that you have a letter confirming the receipt of a visa upon arrival in the UAE by the host - the tour operator or hotel.

visa to Dubai for the Russians: the preconditions for its failure to obtain

denial of admission to applicants are more likely to get young women to 30 years, even if the deposit travel agent.Even married women who go on a journey together with her husband, may be without a stamp, if, for example, the names of the spouses do not match.

Other features of the visa in the UAE

  • visa in the United Arab Emirates can not extend or renew.
  • Visiting exclude the possibility of entering the country through one airport and out through the other.
  • visa prohibited apply to citizens with an Israeli passport.

Visa Application Centre via Dubai with the airline Emirates

visa for Russians Dubai (Emirates - carrier) is issued in the capital CC.To obtain a visa with the help of this method, you must meet certain criteria.

  1. Over the past five years, the applicant had to visit one of the following list of countries - the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Australia, any of the Schengen countries, UK.
  2. person can prove their financial solvency certificate issued by the bank, that his salary was more than 400 000 over the past year or a reference to the work that the last six months of his average monthly salary is not less than 35 000 rubles.

Subject to the first or second criteria is obtained a visa to Dubai.For Russians, apart from the above two conditions, for submission to the Visa Application Centre in Moscow to the following documents:

  • original passport and a photocopy of the photo page (the first turn);
  • original and copies of old passport of the applicant;
  • original Russian passport;
  • visa application;
  • flights to both sides of the company "Emirayts" (no reservations and their confirmation!);
  • completed and signed application form;
  • color photograph of a single copy (the size of 4.3 * 5.5 cm).A person must occupy 70-80% of the total area of ​​the photo, without corners and ovals, without much processing, ie must be visible spots or birthmarks, such as birthmarks.

Visa using the Visa Application Centre Abu Dhabi airline Etihad

Dubai Visa is issued to the Russians in the Moscow Visa Center Abu Dhabi airfare if the services rendered by "Etihed Eyrvays."

required for the visa application process documents:

  • original passport and a photocopy of his first turn;
  • photocopies of all pages in the canceled passport;
  • color photograph of the traveler (3.5 * 4.3 cm);
  • filled in English and signed by the person questionnaire;
  • certificate from the employer on letterhead, indicating length of service, salary level, the designation of holiday dates and guarantee of the preservation of the tourist workplace (written in English);
  • bank statement;
  • confirmation of booking a room at a hotel and tickets to either side of the company "Etihed Eyrvays";
  • photocopy of the credit card;
  • school children studying at university at the age of 21 and pensioners must provide sponsorship letter for payment of all expenses while traveling.

visa of this type opened for a period of 30 calendar days, with the possibility of extension in the Department of Immigration to the United Arab Emirates 40.

Visa using the Visa Application Centres Asia

in Moscow in the EC countries in Asia may also be obtained for a visa to DubaiRussians.

documents to obtain a visa in this way:

  • completed application form or the questionnaire in electronic form on the official website of the Visa Centre;
  • photocopy of passport in a colored printout (upload size must not exceed 900 * 2000 pixels);
  • air ticket or a book in both directions;
  • certificate of employment (for claims similar help for a Schengen visa), wages exceed the threshold of 30 000;
  • instead help to work can provide a bank statement with a turnover of at least $ 10 000 in six months or a photocopy of the visa area of ​​the Schengen agreement, America, the UK over the last five years.

This tourist visa to Dubai for the Russians once (ie it can be used to enter the country only 1 time), for up to 29 days, you can not renew it.

without intermediaries?

above are the most appropriate ways in which you will be in your pocket a passport and a visa to Dubai.For Russians independently draw up the documents will not be difficult, but is it really worth it so hard?

To obtain documents and information without the help of intermediary will have to examine thoroughly all aspects and even pay attention to the placement of commas in sentences.After the refusal of a visa can serve and spelling errors.Fee travel agencies, operators and visa centers from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles, not more.But they assume full responsibility for the result and give detailed information about the country.

If you still have the ability and desire to deal with this matter very meticulous, you should read the blogs of people who live or frequently visit the United Arab Emirates.

Often, they give good advice not only about the intricacies of the visa, but the tricks that are useful for the upcoming trip.For example, what are the things to take a further, and where you can tasty and inexpensive lunch.It is worth remembering that a visa to Dubai for the Russians without a tour is made longer and more difficult, so you can buy a ticket to the most budget (about 30 000 for two), and at the same time to get a visa.