Amazing Greece.

Greece - a wonderful country with beautiful monuments of ancient architecture, unusually delicious traditional cuisine and good quality hotel.How to get to this paradise?The first step to realize a dream become a visa.

Some subtleties

Excellent holiday will give all its guests Greece.Visa for Russians in this amazing country offers is not very difficult, there is a much faster and easier than in some other countries such as the United States or United Kingdom.

country is included in the Schengen zone, so a visa to enter the corresponding need here.The easiest method to obtain admission tickets is to buy its mainland or island part - Kos, Corfu, Corinth, Rhodes, Crete (visa the same everywhere) - a lot of different places will bring Greece.The visa will be obtained for the Russians more likely to buy when traveling from the tour operator or agency.The percentage of positive decision of the Greek consulate will be significantly higher than in the case of an attempt of self-design it with the help

of online resources.

list of key documents

list of certificates and documents is not very large, because it is the hospitality of different European country - Greece!Russians need a visa to Schengen, so basically the same as a list of documents with other countries, such as Italy, Spain and Denmark.

  1. Ordinary passport.An important feature of this little book is a cherished period of her life - after traveling passport must be valid for at least three months.
  2. photocopy of old passport revoked.Have previously received Schengen visas is a big plus if you want to arrange admission to any country.
  3. Questionnaire-profile that provides consulate.Signature of the applicant is placed in four places.It is necessary to print the questionnaire with the help of dvuhstronney printing on 2 separate sheets of paper.
  4. color photo in duplicate.The back of each card must sign the application prior confirmation number and last name of the tourist tour.Photos must strictly comply with the requirements: no corners and ovals, the matte surface and the face should cover about 70-80 percent of the area.A person must be open and natural, ie without wrinkles or retouching, such as birthmarks.
  5. photocopy of each page of the internal Russian passport.
  6. Certificate of employment on company letterhead.In the header of the document must contain all the contact numbers and details of the company.A reference in the content you must specify the size of the salary, position, exact dates of holidays, the period of work and guarantee that the applicant after the holidays to save jobs.

is necessary to pay attention to the fulfillment of the basic requirements of the consulate, the more they are not so much.Almost anyone can go to a country like Greece!Visa for Russians to 5 years often opened in the presence of previously received multiple-entry visas to the Schengen agreement.

Features in obtaining visas to citizens who have not reached the age of eighteen

  • addition to the main document list kiddies must provide a photocopy of a birth certificate.
  • notarized consent of both parents (in case of departure of a child with a stranger) or one of the parents (if the child is leaving with only a mother, or vice versa, with the Pope).

Of course, children can not provide proof of employment.

Unusual visa Athos

Athos - one of the three fingers of Chalkidiki.On the territory of Mount Athos to get very difficult, because here are denied access to ordinary people.This is the holy part of the country such as Greece.Visas for Russians to get here is not allowed.Access to the island is permitted only to teachers, professors or students who are studying in the faculties of theology, philosophy and other sciences such a period of not more than four days.

cost coveted admission

So the direction is - is alluring Greece.Visa for Russians (the cost of all types of visas officially disclosed consulate) relatively inexpensive.Its price varies with respect to the euro and at the moment is about 2 thousand.The Consular Centre to an additional fee of 1 1,5 thousand rubles.However, remember that when you contact a specialized place - whether it's the organization of visa or travel agency - their managers may charge additional service fees.

real travelers did not hurt to visit a country like Greece.Visas for Russians are not an insurmountable obstacle.But instead of all the tourists will get a new experience and an unforgettable experience!