The recreation center "Sura Dawns": reviews and photos

Chuvashia - a republic with a rich natural environment and beautiful water.It has long been famous for its hospitality edge, clean environment and cultural and historical heritage.The air is literally saturated with volatile production due to the abundance of vegetation that covers almost one third of the whole territory of the republic.In thickets rare species of trees, here is often visited by fans of passive hunting.

Chuvashia - a health resort area.Each tourist complex and resort hotels are located in protected areas are surrounded by deciduous and pine trees.Of particular interest to visitors and locals calls recreation under the romantic name "Sura Dawns" (Yadrinsky district).The friendly owners will surround you with care, comfort, provide clean food and provide entertainment complex.

City tourists will spend time away from the noise of civilization, to experience the atmosphere of rural life, feel the scent of new-mown hay and a distinctive atmosphere.Travelers waiting gatherings around the

campfire, singing, fishing, mushroom picking and horse riding in the surrounding area.Surely you are intrigued by the country house, so let's take a closer look at the services provided.


ecotourism fans will appreciate the health and leisure in this complex.The main advantage is its remoteness from industrial plants and highways.Healing air, pristine natural landscapes and the presence of deep-water river Sura create unique conditions for a relaxing holiday.

You can get there from anywhere in Russia to the complex "Sura dawns."Recreation (Yadrin located in 587 km from Moscow and 170 km from Nizhny Novgorod) operates year-round.It is equipped with cozy cottages of different categories.The settlement is carried out only with reservation.Here come the big companies with small children (under five years - free of charge), as well as business to business presentations.


based on "Sura Dawns" extensive choice of guest houses to suit different budgets.All cottages are built from environmentally friendly raw materials (wood).The opportunity to rent the whole house and enjoy the tranquility.List of premises:

  • heated large guest house with all amenities and furniture for eight people;
  • gonna - a two-storey house, consisting of 18 rooms.The house adjoins a small sitting area with barbecue;
  • Zaimka - in close proximity to the river and the beach.There is heating, bathroom, hot water, and a sauna (extra charge);
  • Lyubava - in the house 4 rooms with balconies.Equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay;
  • cottage at Sura - three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom;
  • small guest house - consists of six rooms (extra beds available);
  • house hunter with a terrace, three heated (winter) rooms and summer numbers.It is located at a distance from the other buildings, immersed in lush vegetation.Available sauna, barbecue, kitchen;
  • Nafanja - with two bedrooms (heated);
  • Kuzma - with veranda, tableware accessories, bathroom, toilet and television;
  • Cupid - with one number, which has hot water, a toilet and a terrace;
  • Sandman - Double cozy house;
  • Anchor - heated house with 16 rooms;
  • body Frigate (14 rooms with a bathroom), and Housing №20 (8 rooms with facilities for 4 rooms) - nearby cottages have a small area where you can fry barbecue and relax.

Summer accommodation options:

  • Malyshok house near the river on three people;
  • Fisherman House with 3 rooms.The toilet and shower are located on the street;
  • body №3 - 16 rooms.


Upon request, guests can pay a three-time diet, or prepare their own food on the grill (in the common kitchen in the cottage).During the warmer months, outdoor dining area overlooking the forest and the river.There are often organized different activities - rent rented banquet halls.

try national dishes Chuvash invites cafeteria.The recreation center "Sura Dawns" testimonials from satisfied visitors regularly receives positive.Excellent dishes amaze great taste and refinement.In addition to the establishment on a daily basis are held musical evenings and entertainment programs.In summer, a floating cafe and several rest areas large companies.Overall fun, relaxed friendly atmosphere and harmony.

internal infrastructure

Chalet "Sura Dawns" - an ideal place for summer and winter holidays with children.For the guys here present expanse: playgrounds, sports, swimming in the river, skiing, sleigh rides, ice skating.On hot days are all in for a boat trips on a catamaran, and banana boat.For fidgets A range of outdoors activities: volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, horse riding.

Adults will find a fascinating fishing on the river Sura.By pervoledyu can catch Bershov, pike-perch, pike, roach and even big bream.No less interesting to wander through the woods, posobirat mushrooms, berries, and at the same time get some fresh air and enjoy the local scenery.For those who crave adventure and information offered sightseeing tours in the country.

services for corporate clients

combine business with pleasure can be based on "Sura dawns."Country complex has long been a favorite destination among business people.Companies often rent entire houses, banquet room and meeting room with technical equipment.Menu is approved with the chef, who on the basis of individual preferences and wishes to recommend dishes.It features music, animation, concerts featuring performers.

Chalet "Sura Dawns": how to get to the place

If you leave the Russian capital Moscow on your own car, you should move on the motorway M7 to stop "Stud" - the road will take approximately 6-7 hours.

You can go by train from the Kazan w / train station to the city of Cheboksary, then take the bus to Yadrin and get off at "Stud-Zasure" - transport runs every hour.

Digest of tourists

people to love the complex every year becomes more and more.The visitors return again and again to the base "Sura Dawns" (Chuvashia).Traveler Reviews best characterize the quality service and relaxed atmosphere of this unique place.Holidays in a country hotel promises no less positive emotions than foreign resort.

compatriots expressed their gratitude to the staff for their friendly service and delicious food.Particularly pleased with the numerous recreational programs to suit different tastes and interest.Recommend complex can those who crave privacy, peace and total relaxation.