Zaeltsovskiy beach, or relax with family Where?

difficult to find a man who would not arise desire to leave the dusty, stifling city, at least for a weekend.This attraction is totally natural origin, especially if the city is large.A Novosibirsk - one of the Russian milionnikov with many factories and cars.

Zaeltsovskiy beach - a perfect solution to the problem, since it is located not far from the place of residence, so the service before it will not cause discomfort (especially in children).

How to reach destinations?

Zaeltsovskiy beach (Novosibirsk) is located in the same park, which occupies a huge green area right in the city.It can be reached in several ways:

  • On a personal car.By the way, at the entrance to the park there is a guarded parking space cost is low - only thirty rubles without any time limit.However, we should remember that its size is not very large.And at the height of the season when the park and the beach is just teeming with visitors of all ages, it will be difficult to find a place, not arriving early in the morning t
    o rest.
  • public transport.With it, you need to get to the bus stop "Zaeltsovskiy Park", and then take a walk only a few minutes to build a three-storey green - base for relaxation "Locomotive".

Zaeltsovskiy beach: Features recreation

has a rather wide beach strip, that is to relax on the sand visitors plenty of room.What can be said about the terrace, located near the pool.Sometimes visitors have to wait for their turn to go on a vacant place.

Zaeltsovskiy beach is open from nine in the morning until nine at night.During the day you can eat, or freshen up with the help of soft drinks in the local small cafes.Fast food, sandwiches, noodles and warm soup - all this is offered to guests.In addition, the use of own products is not banned, so can be bought in the supermarket before the holiday.

Zaeltsovskiy beach: cost of attending

Entrance to the complex is not free, as in many other places of the summer entertainment in Novosibirsk.

  • If you wish to simply relax with your family in the fresh sand, without visiting at the same time the net pool will have to pay a hundred rubles (while not limited, it is possible to take their places in the morning and into the evening).Please note that bathing in the river is strictly forbidden!Therefore, selecting this accommodation option, soak the bathing suit will not succeed, will have to be content with only sunlight and excellent company.
  • If you want to spend time in a more civilized, it is possible to settle on a special terrace with plastic deck chairs on the left side of the pool.The cost of the holiday will reach two hundred rubles per person per hour stay.
  • If there is a desire to plunge into the sultry days of clean water in the pool, you can buy a ticket on vacation right beside him.The price of such pleasure - two hundred and fifty rubles per hour per visitor.

relaxing on the beach

in excellent company with a loved one or a wonderful holiday present Zaeltsovskiy beach (Novosibirsk).Reviews of visitors leave it for the most part positive.
but notes some of the details and give the following advice:

  • better not to come here in the afternoon, and if you go to rest exactly on the beach, then in the morning (for 8-9 hours), as the place is quite small dueits popularity.
  • some places on the beach are not entirely clean after the big companies.Coming with the kids, be a bit of beach to explore and find the best place.
  • The cafe is very delicious to eat, but all drinks (including water) is not the cheapest, so it is better to buy in advance.
  • We must not forget a camera to capture the great moments in my life!

Zaeltsovskiy Park

addition to the beach you can relax in the park: a huge and well-groomed green forest with paved walkways will delight all visitors.Rental in special shops can take any sports equipment - roller skates, small cars for family skiing or biking.

For lovers of quiet solitude and tranquility can take a walk on small paths beaten in the woods.A small closed from view gazebo will be a great place for couples.No less a good place for a family holiday.You can start, for example, visit the Zaeltsovskiy beach, and in the afternoon a walk through the park area.

The youngest certainly appreciate the fact that throughout the forest squirrels and chipmunks run.They are already used to people, so calmly react to the flash of cameras, they can even feed from your hand.For children and perhaps some adults, it will be an unforgettable experience!