Lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan): reviews and photos of vacation

The aim of our study is the small lake of Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan).Rest in these places still not explored by tourists from distant countries, but very mastered the Russians, Kazakhs and, of course, Kyrgyzstan.To begin with we give a few figures: the water area is the world's largest high-altitude salt lakes.The magnitude of it is second only to the Caspian Sea, and on the transparency of water - Lake Baikal only.Issyk-Kul lies at an altitude of 1609 meters.The length of it is 180 kilometers and a maximum width - 70 km.Dimensions enough to be seen from space.Astronauts claim that there the lake looks like a blue human eye.And one more feature: even in the most severe winters, the water in the Issyk-Kul does not freeze.Therefore, the translated title of the Kyrgyz miracle of nature as a "hot lake".The average depth of the reservoir 300 meters, and the maximum - 668 m. The salinity of water - 5.9 ppm.

Where is Lake Issyk-Kul?

surface of the lake Issyk-Kul extends in a very picturesque place.Tourists say

that he did not expect such an unearthly beauty.Mirror surface among snowfields and glaciers, surrounded by mountain peaks, changes its color from pale azure to dark blue depending on the lighting.Russian traveler Semenov-Tyan-Shan, the first Europeans who visited the Issyk-Kul, wrote that it outshines its beauty of Lake Geneva.The same association of the Alps arose and explorer of Central Asia, the Przewalski.He wrote about the Issyk-Kul, the local beauty similar to Switzerland, only much better.For a long time none of the Europeans (except for these two travelers) did not come to these places.The road was too long and complicated.It is the largest lake in Central Asia in the heart of the Tien Shan, between Terskey Ala-Toy and Kungei Ala-Too.

How to get to Issyk-Kul

To get to the intermountain basin, is necessary to overcome the well-known and hard-to Boom gorge.Not a short path from Bishkek.If we study the old reviews, the impression that the main problem of misery and travel is expensive.However, the reward for the difficulty will be transferred wonderful view of Lake Issyk-Kul, a photo which immediately makes the exhausted tourists.But now most of the problems in the past.In the mountain valleys are just two of the airport.If you are flying from abroad, you can take an international hub Tamchi.In 2003 it was converted from a military air base to the needs of civil aviation.On the northern shore of the lake there is the resort town of Cholpon-Ata.Near it also has an airport, but it takes only domestic flights.

Climatic data

Lake Issyk-Kul lies in a deep mountain valleys, so around it formed its microclimate, which meteorologists call a subtropical temperate sea.This means that winters here are soft, and the summer is not hot at all.Reviews say that it does not require acclimatization.The coldest months of the year - January and February.The air at this time is cooled to a temperature of from - 5 to + 5 degrees.Spring begins at the end of March, and the summer - from mid-May.Until the end of September is held mild warm weather with minimal rainfall.In the hottest month - July - the mountain air is heated to 16-17 °, although there are indicators in the 32-33 °.Tourists on the vagaries of the weather do not complain, because, according to the calculations of meteorologists in the valley is about 300 sunny days a year.Even in the heat of the lake is never stuffy - affects high-altitude zone.The water in the summer warms up to + 18-20 °, which is quite suitable for swimming.

When arriving

With these climatic characteristics, Lake Issyk-Kul, reviews of which speak for themselves, ready to receive visitors all year round.However, the peak season is still two months - July and August."Pearl of Kyrgyzstan" (the so-called lake its residents) and attracts winter tourists.Near the town of Karakol ski resort has the same name.For winter vacation reviews advised to choose only the resorts of the northern coast, as the south is aimed at beachgoers.For trekking is best to visit in the fall - it is dry, warm and windless.Note, however, that the fine days are replaced by very cold nights, so you need to take care of the appropriate gear.With regards to the summer holidays, you must know that the lion's share of tourist centers, resorts and hotels are concentrated in the area of ​​the north shore.A southern tip of choosing lovers of romance, campfires and tents.

Where to stay

Like the Black Sea coast of Crimea, or, Issyk-Kul lake is covered by a network of resorts.Among them is Cholpon-Ata - a kind of local Yalta Riviera.It employs resorts, motels, holiday homes.Reviews Recommend still choose to stay private sector, and even better - a small mini-hotels.They recently appeared set.They are just 4-10 rooms, the atmosphere in which the most hospitable, family, sometimes you can negotiate with the owners of the home diet.Especially many such service in the village Tamchi.Most of the tourists who come here to radon baths, just prefer to stay in a private mini-hotels.

Active tourism in the Lake Issyk-Kul

Statistics confirm that in these parts every year about one million people a rest.Tourists themselves say that the lion's share of these people constitute the Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and citizens of the Russian Federation.Holidaymakers from abroad, there are only 35 thousand people, but their number from year to year due to develop the infrastructure and service.Yes, it still leaves much to be desired, and the comparison with Switzerland applies only to the beauties of nature, but not the service.However, here you can relax, and most importantly, improve your health.Especially since the price is much lower then the Swiss.Fans of trekking routes await marked Kung Ala-Tau and Teskey Ala-Too.Tourists leave positive memories of trips to the valleys and Semenovka Grigorievka to the north and south of Barskoon.And how beautiful the mountains ringed the place where the lake Issyk-Kul pitched their open spaces!Reviews are also urged to visit the city of Karakol.In addition to the picturesque valley, there is a museum and the tomb of Przewalski.

Lake Issyk-Kul: relaxing on the beach

most popular resorts - Tamchi, Chon-Sary-Oi, Oi Sary, Bosteri, Cholpon-Ata - located on the north coast.They like to relax the young people who find here a lot of entertainment, including water.Fans of "chamber of rest" prefer resorts in the south - Tamga and Kaji-Sai.More than half of the beach area shestisotkilometrovoy aligned or bulk up the coast with a small or medium pebbles.Very rare boulders, rocks and stones.But there are 120 kilometers of natural beaches, sand stacked.Reviews mention the paid services.Umbrellas with deck chairs are worth a hundred soms a day.And the entrance to the beach, if you rest "savage", may not be free.Comments tourists discover a little trick: in Cholpon-Ata (next to City Park Ruh Ordo) is a free sandy beach, so even with the mud.

Improvement in Issyk-Kul

closed lake is not only a valuable sulfate-chloride-sodium composition of the water, and deposits of therapeutic muds.Just 200 meters from the Issyk-Kul is an analogue of the Israeli sverhsolenogo "sea" - Lake Dead.On the local resorts to effectively treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, skin, and endocrine diseases, lesions of the musculoskeletal system.Ever since the Soviet Union are many resorts glorified Lake Issyk-Kul.Resorts, which is practiced mud, galvanolechenie and radon baths, mostly located on the north shore.This "Dordoi Ak Jol" in Koshkole, "Sun" and "Hero" in Chok-Tal, a boarding house "Altyn-Kum" in Chon-Sary-Oy.In the village of Sary-Oi operate children's health resorts and camps.

Fishing in Lake Issyk-Kul runs about 80 rivers and streams, but none of them carries the water-drainage of this area.As a result, mineral substances and salts accumulate in depth.The water is undrinkable humans and animals, but it is surprisingly clean and transparent.On clear days you can see a sharp eye to the side of the boat resting on the bottom of the ruins of an ancient civilization.According to the study of the archaeological expedition to work here in 2006, it existed two thousand years ago.Clean water and its salinity have created excellent conditions for certain fish species.Here is found a dozen endemic varieties: rudd, Marina, Osman and others.In past years it was possible to eat delicious fish chebachkom.But recently in the lake acclimatized voracious predators such as rainbow, Sevan and Amudarya trout.Therefore chebachok - it is now quite rare prey.