Stone Davasko in the city of Tandil (Argentina) and its history

Today we want to tell you about the amazing phenomenon - "falling" rocks and stones.This miracle of nature can be seen in different parts of the world, including close to us in the Caucasus.In the gorge, near the volcano (now extinct) Aragats, stands the monastery Harich rock, which in the wind swinging from side to side.

One such miracle is in Colchis - rock Kvakantsalia.This is a huge boulder shaped like a cube.It has a huge weight - about eleven tons.It should touch her finger as this machine is set in motion - swaying from side to side with an amplitude of a few centimeters, while heard a light knock.

secret of this phenomenon is quite simple - all a matter of finding points of support in respect of the center of gravity lumps.But numerous folk beliefs surrounding mountains and rocks such an aura of mystery.

In fact it is quite a rare natural phenomenon, so it is not surprising that the people living in the vicinity of the rocks composing them tell different legends and mysterious stories.

Stone Davasko in the city of Tandil

Perhaps he is the "champion" among the rocking stones in popularity and the number of tourists coming to see him.This 270-ton boulder was the main attraction of the Argentine town.See it attracts thousands of tourists.

Davasko stone its name was in honor of the legendary hero.A more plausible theories of the origin of the name of the researchers can not push.

Davasko stone - a huge boulder that is balanced with respect to its own pivot point on the edge of a sheer cliff.


Typically, these boulders Davasko as stone, are the result of melting glaciers.Piedra Movediza, which translated from Spanish means "a moving stone", was first described by travelers from Europe in the XIX century.Ever since he became the attraction for thousands of tourists who come to town to witness an amazing natural wonder.

There is a version that the name derives from the town of Tandil Araucanian two words: tan (falling moving) and ill (rock, stone).

unexpected drop

February 29, 1912 in the city of Tandil was something incredible.For unknown reasons, the stone fell Davasko, torn from their "their homes" places.He has split into several parts.

Possible causes

Scientists in this case does not come to a consensus.Some believe that the cause of the accident could serve as blasting work in the nearby mines.To provoke the fall, according to experts, could even seemingly harmless habit town residents, visitors prove that the stone is really swinging (his movements were not visible to the naked eye).To prove this, they enclosed under a stone, glass bottles, which burst when it is rocking.

Some scientists expressed otherwise, in our opinion, is more plausible opinion.It lies in the fact that in reality the stone was never firmly in one place, and all the time to move under the force of gravity, as if sliding down into the abyss.Such slow-motion could last for many thousands of years, to the very long as the stone has not reached a certain point where his balance was completely disrupted.

Legend of Mini

As already mentioned, the stone Davasko (Argentina) is covered with many legends.The most interesting we want to present to you.

In ancient times, tribal leader Tandil grossly violated the ancient custom.This caused a wave of anger and ended the uprising of townspeople people.He headed by his pretty wife of the leader - Mini.The uprising was brutally suppressed.Terrible chief ordered all captured rebels withdraw to the mountain and to bind the largest stone.In addition, accidents ought to brutally torture and then left to die on a rock.

When Mini died in the mountains there was a deafening roar through which heard the words of a cruel leader who was executed their wives: "This mountain will rock forever reminding you of my beating heart."A beautiful legend, is not it?But she's not the only ones.

Tradition of the Moon and the Sun Stone

Davasko knows another, no less interesting story.In the far-distant times, which no longer remember the people did not live sky couple - Sun and Moon.The sun is a tremendous force.It might not just warm everything around, but incinerating all living things.

epitome of calm and wisdom is the moon.To secure a place for walking, they have created our Earth, planted grass, beautiful trees and flowers.But it was not long, and the couple got bored.Then they decided to create a fun chirping birds, marine life, for which you can watch for hours, a variety of animals.

cope with all earthly things, the sun and moon began to gather in the way back to heaven, but to care for them the created life on Earth, they left their beloved child - man.And promised that the sun will warm it during the day, and the moon will illuminate the path of his night.

man lived happily in the world, at peace with all creatures inhabiting it, esteemed parents.One day, he noticed that the sun eclipsed by something awful.It was a flying Puma, dared to attack the light.She was tormented by his sharp, terrible claws.The man began to shoot at the Puma from the bow, but the arrows could not hit it.In the end, one of them hit the predator, and she fell to the ground.

moon rose and began to throw stones at Puma huge until it disappeared under the whole mountain.Last boulder fell on the tip of an arrow sticking out of the rock, and stayed there forever.Ever since then, whenever the sun rises, a huge stone Davasko begins to tremble.As the locals say, he was trembling with fear buried in the mountain Puma.

Legend of Davasko

According to another legend, which is very fond of the old-timers Tandem, the very first people settled in these parts thanks to the beloved son of the Sun - Davasko.He brought the first settlers here, trained their animal husbandry and agriculture.

After some time, the son of the sun left the people, but promised to return.To remember him, Davasko left a huge stone on top of the mountain.He set it on the edge of the cliff, but the spell that he cast on the boulder, did not allow it to fall into the abyss.

Restoring relics

Ninety-five years after the stone fell (2007), the residents decided to restore the historical character.But they did not get out of the abyss, and glue the original.In place of "natural" boulder is his exact copy made of plastic.It is much easier.Her weight - about nine tons and is firmly mounted on a rock.The "new" stone Davasko, photos of which you can see in this article, is still attractive for tourists.But he is no longer rocking in the wind ... In the vicinity of the rock is now split national park.

Daily Excursions from Bueros Aires to Tandil in the daytime shuttle bus.View on the rock can Davasko eight dollars.

swaying in the wind there are lumps in various parts of the Earth.Davasko Stone - not the only, but very vivid example.This boulder is on the island Fayyal (Azores).In India, at Hyderabad, there are piling up huge blocks of gneiss and granite, some of them can swing the arms.