Nizhny Novgorod region, the lake Svetloyar.

Svetloyar - one of the most mysterious lakes in the Russian Federation.Despite the fact that already more than 40 years, researchers are trying to understand how there was this body of water, so far they have not come to a consensus.It's safe to say that this is a source of strength and health of Nizhny Novgorod region is famous for.Lake Svetloyar causes a lot of discussions about their origin, the water utility and the legends that are passed from generation to generation for centuries intact.

Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh

One of the most ancient legends based on the fact that even before the Tartars came here, near the shore was a city of Kitezh.It was a small town in the center of which rose six churches.At this time, under the city of Little Kitezh a battle between Batu Khan and Prince Vsevolodich.In an unequal battle Russian warriors were forced to retreat into the wilderness of forests, where there was a large Kitezh.After the Tatars reached Svetloyar, the final battle took place, res

ulting in the death Russian commander.But the city has not got to the enemy, he disappeared under the waters of the lake spill.This is a nice place and is known Nizhny Novgorod region.Lake Svetloyar whose history is so mysterious, still hiding in its depths City of Kitezh, which, they say, can be seen in the crystal clear waters.

Legends of the lake and reviews

most fantastic stories about this lake can be heard from the locals.They argue that there is some underground floor, connecting Svetloyar Baikal.It's hard to believe, but today there are no denials or confirmations.This, of course, unless you consider that recently a group of divers dived in order to study the bottom Svetloyar.However, no data on this issue no.Reviews indicate that the water here is crystal clear and healing.After bathing in the water strengthens the health and uplifting.

Many said that divers have not reached the bottom, they are very scared.There is another ancient belief according to which the depths of the lake guarding the wonderful fish that protects against intruders Kitezh.Locals claim that Svetloyar - the lake, the legend of which are staggering, has miraculous power, but believe it or not, it's up to you.However, today there are rumors of an incredible case of healing from various diseases in this pond.For example, tourists are often told that after a visit to the lake all their ailments vanished.

When and under what circumstances appeared Svetloyar?

According to many researchers, water appeared about 14 thousand years ago.This time can be attributed to the end of the Ice Age.But in practice it turns out that in this area all the glacial lakes have long since disappeared.This confirms the theory that Svetloyar - the lake, the legend of which attract tourists - is the nature of karst origin.The argument given the facts, if you can call it that, from the distant 1903.In a local newspaper it was written that the inhabitants of the nearest village called Balls, near Svetloyar were very alarmed.One day in the middle of the night there was a loud noise and crackle.But it was not thunder as the sound came from under the ground.All residents of the village fled to the sounds and, to his surprise, saw a huge failure, which was formed and Svetloyar.Lake, a photo which you can see in this article, according to witnesses, appeared in an instant.It was so deep that it was not visible any tree that grew on the site before.

Expert Opinions on anomalous phenomena

But many researchers and scientists reject the version of karst origin.This is due to several aspects.Firstly, on the banks completely absent readily soluble rocks that are washed Svetloyar waters.Secondly, according to the research center of the European part of Russia is a very strong rocks.In some places exposed shifts cracks.According to Nikishin, it is at the crossroads of two of these faults is now a lake.This is logical, especially when you consider that a failure in such a place can happen very quickly.What about healing waters, the experts do not deny.The fact that the high energy, coming from the depths of the planet Earth, can have very different effects on the human body.Hence, the mirages, the sounds of bells, periodically appearing UFOs.But the most interesting thing is that if you take home some water from this reservoir, it will be several years and does not deteriorate.

Do pagan temples at the bottom of the lake?

About 50 years ago, visited Svetloyar comprehensive scientific expedition.It was found that the underwater world of the reservoir was created at once, but in stages.This is due to the fact that the lake has plenty of benches, which are located at a depth of 9 to 20 meters.The latter - just 700 years.Around this time, these lands came to Batu Khan.On this basis the experts concluded that the monastery should be almost at the bottom of which are virtually unexplored.According to them, before there was a pagan temple, which went to the bottom with the flood waters.In the center of the lake formed a small island, which account for Christians with a view to privacy.They have been created and the temple, and departed into the depths of the pond.That these amazing legends and attracts tourists Nizhny Novgorod region.Lake Svetloyar is always the center of attention of visitors.Especially after it was found the wooden fragment, indicating that it was a long time the building, which miraculously survived.


Currently very popular vacation at Lake Svetloyar.Mostly tourists come here from all over Russia, but sometimes from other countries.Many people believe that healthful pond water and give vitality.In addition, almost all do not mind to take a "living" water with Svetloyar.A huge number of hypotheses that exist today, saying that there is something alluring in this place.Legends do not just occur.Suppose they are not always reliable, but in truth they exactly are.Finally, of great importance vera.According to local residents, only those who believe in the miracle of the reservoir will be able to discover all its secrets.By the way, ufologists say that the Nizhny Novgorod region, (Svetloyar Lake) - it is the fourth dimension, or the energy column, which is not visible not armed sight.Only believers can see him.Despite the fact that this place is not a resort, visited here again want to see Svetloyar and advise others to visit this magical place.