New Year in India: the date and the tradition of celebrating

Folk wisdom has it that the very first day of the year determines the subsequent 364. Therefore, the meeting adopted a new cycle chronology noisy festivities.Many people do not spare money to meet the arrival of the New Year for the richly decorated table.But what about travel?Without a fight chimes, but without snow drifts outside, in some kind of tropical countries on the shore of the warm sea?It sounds great.And though global celebration of the New Year 2015, we have missed, all is not lost.After all, there is a country like India.In this wonderful country a significant event occurs four times a year.And in some states and more.Let's learn how to celebrate the New Year in India.Maybe we podgadat and also take part in the fairy fun?

Why are so many New Year celebrations?

India - multicultural country.Side by side with the Hindus, who make up the majority of the religious, people of different faiths.That Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.And I do not mind poprazdnovat.But in India do not celebrate a

t all, because it is the Old New Year.But it only means that the Russian tourists in the country is still very small, and they did not inform the local population about such a wonderful opportunity to greet the arrival of 14 January.The traditional New Year all over the world in India was celebrated recently.On the largest scale celebrations are held in the state of Goa - a recent colony of Portugal.There is an event held in conjunction of the Nativity and Adoration of the Magi, that is, everything is permeated with Christian spirituality.But in the Hindu calendar also suffice New Years.They are observed in February, April, May and October.


Date February 24 - it is also the New Year.In India, Holi is celebrated in all states.This is the official day off.Another name for Holi - "festival of colors".On this day, people of all ages sprinkle each other colored powder from crushed Ayurvedic herbs.Cleaned the house are decorated with oil lamps and lights.POST orange flags.On this day people wear pink, red, white and purple clothes.The culmination of the festival is the burning of effigies or large tree decorated with garlands.Unlike the Europeans, the Indians in the New Year hold religious rituals - puja.In the temples, as well as in the homes of honoring the goddess Lakshmi and the gods of love - and Kama Krishna.Well, then go to visit or sit at the festive table with the whole family.

Goody Padva

Another New Year in India in the spring.The exact date he has not, as tied to the lunar calendar as our Passover.But for the Indians since his arrival begins the first month of the year - honeys (mid March - early April).It marks a new agricultural cycle.Particularly bright Goody Padva (or Vishuvely festival) is celebrated in Kerala.There are carnivals.People dress up in skirts made of banana leaves, and face masks closed.The holiday lasts for five days.At first make offerings to the sacred cows in the second - giving to relatives.Third Day - Goseyn Bihu - is given to the religious ceremony.According to the results of carnival processions selected bihu kanvori - the best dancer.The locals - a very religious, and this must be remembered, came to celebrate the New Year in India.Tradition dictates not just to have fun and let the fireworks in the sky, to make and receive gifts, but also to honor various deities.Because on this day the next character of the Hindu Olympus defeated demon on duty.

India on New Year calendar 2015 to Shaka

a long time, the country lived by his own reckoning.The year began with the month of Chaitra, to be exact - with the vernal equinox (March 22).For each region of India, this festival is called in its own way: Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Panchanga sravana in Andhra, Tamil Nadu.But in Kashmir celebrate this New Year special for a long time.Start celebrating the 10th of March and continues until April.All the while, in Kashmir has been simmering fun, accompanied by fairs.

Diwali, or the Festival of Lights

This joyous event is celebrated in October.Hindus believe that on this day the prince Rama defeated the evil demon Ravana and took back his kidnapped wife, Sita.In honor of the victory of light over darkness thousands of people lit gravelights.And on the day after Diwali is coming New Year.In India, traditionally regarded as an analogue of this holiday on January 1 is not everywhere.Basically the New Year in October celebrates the nation Gujarati, while the rest of the Indians celebrate Diwali just.But after the festival of lights comes BEST Varas (Varsha-pratipada).According to legends Gujarati, Krishna once he had saved their people from the ravages of rain and gave them a bountiful harvest.Therefore, tradition prescribes to celebrate the New Year with a tray of fruit.In the evening the sky explodes from the noise of firecrackers and fireworks.

India, New Year tours

If you wish to celebrate the holiday of a pan-European calendar, and then it makes sense to do it in some tropical countries.In recent years, the night of December 31 to January 1 is considered a holiday everywhere.This is a joyous event that unites people of different faiths and atheists.Therefore, wherever you come, all you will celebrate the most important night of the year thousands of local residents.But every country has its own features to celebrate this date.For example, the state of Goa.Most Catholic region of the country, which even the locals say it is - not quite India.Goa, New Year which always leaves a lot of the most joyous experiences, good and weekdays.But in the period of Christmas - it is something special!So go there and tours.Dance on the shore of the warm sea breeze and shining lights.All the celebration are not without a certain European symbols - Christmas trees, Santa Claus and reindeer.Since Goa the winter - it is peak season, it makes sense to book tours in advance.So you can save money by booking early.