Crimea, Resort - what attracts tourists?

whole world knows about the beautiful resort regions of the Crimea, which attracts leisure travelers from all over the world.Most of them prefer the coast of south-east.One of the best towns, known in the whole Crimea - Spa.Pensions and children's camps opened their doors to tourists in the Soviet times.Even then, we gathered here for a vacation in the summer with their entire families.In this regard, to this day the most favorite place preferred by tourists who come each year to the Crimea - Spa.

Where is the village?

This is a wonderful place located on the coast of the Black Sea near the same beautiful resort - Feodosia.In these settlements, people lived before our era.People for the people succeeded each other, passing the legacy of the foundations of culture and tradition.

Nature Reserve

most picturesque area surrounding the unforgettable beautiful places in the Crimea - Spa.The combination of coastal valleys, the fascinating mountain ranges and volcanic massifs beckons tourists to embark o

n an exciting journey.There is Karadag - Black Mountain, which is one of the most ancient volcanoes of our country.Its age ranges from 170 to 175 million years.The highest point of the volcano is located at around 333 meters above sea level.

half a kilometer cliffs of the mountain side by side with bright turquoise bays.On the whole Crimea Resort is famous for its beauty, unique places.It drew inspiration from famous artists and poets.An example of this is the creation of artist Maximilian Voloshin - painting, which depicts the majestic mountains.It is no wonder that these places he moved to the canvas, after Voloshin lived not far from the resort - in Koktebel.

Attractions to be visited

most exotic place of the Nature Reserve is Karadag ridge.Anyone wishing to top of the mountain offers spectacular beauty Otuz Valley.Crowned review Cape Megan stands out alone against the backdrop of the immense horizon.On the whole Crimea Resort is known most beautiful slopes of Mount Karadag.From the biological station, you can admire the stone figures of the king and queen.Here are the dolphins, which showcases performances of dolphins and sea lions.

most attractive village among those who can boast of having luxury pebble beaches in the whole Crimea - Spa.Reviews of tourists admiring received an unforgettable experience speak for themselves.Here is the place where you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday.The beaches in this part of the coast stretching along two kilometers.Park where you can see plants that makes you to feel the Mediterranean or the south coast.

Very informative visit to the biological station, where the exhibition of fish and reptiles.In order to see the inhabitants of the Black Sea is not necessarily to dive into its depths - just stroll along the aquarium, where all residents over the sea.

Where can I stay?

course, including low-cost settlements for tourists traveling to the Crimea - Spa.Guesthouses are pleased to offer accommodation services holidaymakers for a modest cost.You can pick up a house for the price of two hundred and fifty rubles a day.This service and atmosphere are always at the right level.

What determines the cost of the guest house in the village of Spa?

The price affects the distance to the sea, organization of power, the presence or absence of parking and proximity to the center.For example, for 500 rubles a day, ideally located in the guest house with a car park at a distance of five minutes walk from the sea.This feed is resting alone on the designated shared kitchen.

on special sites and information portals Crimea have the opportunity to get acquainted with the current prices, and book a room or a room without any intermediaries, and hence without excessive margins.In addition to guest houses in the village, there are modern and comfortable hotels.In this connection, the most suitable place for recreation of people with any income - Crimea, Spa.Pensions are located on the shore of the village, also place the tourists.

Village Resort in Crimea has a deserved reputation as a decent place to rest.In contrast, cities with developed infrastructure and a fast pace of life he retained the natural tranquility and simplicity.It does not get tired of coming amateurs spectacular scenery, clear sea and fresh air.It never ceases to amaze quiet way of life of local people, their hospitality and genuine hospitality.This is where you can relax and forget the worries surrounded by majestic mountains under the soothing sound of ocean waves.Enjoy your vacation!