Lake Labynkyr in Yakutia : reviews about fishing and photo .The story of the mysterious lake monster Labynkyr in Yakutia

Yakutia - harsh land of permafrost and diamonds.Almost all the plain is covered with impassable taiga, through which pass dare not everyone.Small population and inaccessibility is not deterred tourists, but rather spur.In the vastness of the republic remained a truly mystical place for decades attracted researchers mystery.The main anomalous zone is considered to be in extreme cold lake Labynkyr.

Mysterious water constantly cause great interest among scientists.Many people try to find a huge creature, which the common people called "the devil".But to get to the lair of a terrible monster is difficult.Oimyakon Yakutia region - a mysterious world, separated from the civilization of taiga forests, tundra and incredible changes in temperature.A giant bowl of the vast body of water, despite the frightening legends and myths, never lose interest from the active traveler.

Discover and geographic data

Lake Labynkyr in Yakutia has a long history.The area is more than 100 km, is located at a distance fro

m civilization, everywhere surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains and rugged forests.The water is so clean and clear that all visible stones and small fish that live in the pond.According to reliable data, its average depth is around 60 meters (there are underground cracks, increasing the depth), length - 14 km, width - 4 km.

In summer, a mysterious lake Labynkyr never heated above 9 C0 and winter freezes later than the other reservoirs in the area, and even at -60 C0 in some areas grow wormwood.Yakut consider it sacred and are afraid to fish here.For these purposes, citizens are choosing the neighboring lakes - Alysardah, Gates, Myamichi and others. Basically nonresident travelers come here for adrenaline, fishing and hunting.They are not afraid of the underwater monster.


rumor about the local monster goes back centuries.Local old-timers sincerely believe in its existence, though no substantiated evidence can not provide.The old men, who know in detail the history of "labynkyrskogo hell", moved into another world, and the rest just retell the legend.They say that the monster behaves very aggressively, eats animals and people approaching the shore.

All descriptions of various townspeople identical.They say that the lake Labynkyr (photo shows the serene expanse of water) hides in the depths of unknown creatures, other than sheer size.For the first time this unusual phenomenon was published in the edition of the "Youth of Yakutia" (1958).Information excited the whole country, "the head of a huge black impressive size with a long tail sweeps through the surface of the water."

not remain indifferent and ichthyologists.Already in 1962 the scientific expedition team led by Kirillov went in search of a giant object.However, the journey was not successful - no evidence of the existence of the monster was found.The researchers suggested that people saw a huge pike - no more.

belief in the monster has lost relevance

long time Labynkyr lake in Yakutia is not under investigation.In 1970, a local resident - an ordinary fisherman Alyams - being almost unconscious in the hospital, said that it is an urgent need to return to the pond, or relic amphibious destroy a man.Upon returning to the water fisherman's death was not long in coming.

But strange circumstances spodvigli ichthyologists on the re-examination.Only in 2005 it was again organized a scientific expedition.After a series of studies by a special device - sonar, experts have come to the conclusion that at the depth of the pond there is a huge break with the remains of the skeletons of different fish.Assumptions about the mysterious object was not confirmed.In short, the debate continues today.

Theory skeptics

Some ichthyologists assure that no dangerous animals did not hide Labynkyr lake in Yakutia.The monster - it's just a fiction that does not have data for a reasoned.Research workers believe that the witnesses could be confused with the monster catfish or large pike.

Although critics assumptions are unsubstantiated.Fishermen claim that the pond never were carried catfish.The largest inhabitant of a burbot up to 1.5 meters.Yakuts living in the neighborhood, do not favor the lake Labynkyr.Fishing can bring rich "harvest", if you know what and where to catch.It is found more than 20 species of fish: whitefish, Dolly Varden, lenok, grayling, swamp, char.Food for the beast is always there.

Extreme fishing tour: that usual?

Though local pond Yakuts believe not in the borough of fish, preferring nearby lake situated, contains a lot of delicious fish.Some argue that in the water swim small fresh-water sharks.Captivates an abundance of fish Russian fishing.Lake Labynkyr chosen visiting anglers.

However, to go with a full bucket catch, you must know what kind of bait to use.Fish living in the pond, very choosy, carefully chooses the bait.Basically, throw the net to get a certain prey.Manages to catch salmon and burbot tonkohvostogo.

whole process of capture is clearly visible through the transparent water.You like the aquarium, observe the life of freshwater inhabitants.To get tired of fishing, may hunt different game, and then make a fire and cook a nourishing soup.

more space for passive hunters - in the county a lot of berries and mushrooms.The most important thing - here pristine nature, untouched by man, such a silent, mysterious and fascinating in its power.Picturesque mountains to conquer from the first moment.

tent vacation in the midst of the taiga steppe

On Lake Labynkyr periodically come thrill seekers, researchers and fans of eco-tourism.In the valley there Oimyakon residential buildings such as tourist facilities for an overnight stay with the oil lamp, bath and other outbuildings.Some people bring their own tents and camped for the study of local neighborhoods.This extreme sport is very dangerous, especially in the cold season, when the temperature drops to -50 C0.A visit is recommended in spring and summer.During this period, the nature is changing: alpine blossom field, unusual shrubs and trees.

Lake Labynkyr: reviews and impressions about fishing tourists

All those who have been in this unique corner of the world with one voice declare that the best place on the planet does not exist.Of course, not everyone withstand harsh climatic conditions and the absence of any civilization.You must have a great love for traction and unexplored nature, have the courage.

Connoisseurs of the recreation and fishing were impressed.This is evidenced by a lot of feedback and opinion blogs.More pleased with the abundance of fish in the pond, the water is teeming with small grayling.

Mostly manages to catch ostrorylogo Lenca.Fishing will remain in memory for a long time.Quiet, soothing environment and the lack of people abstracts from domestic worries and immerse themselves in the bliss of pleasure.The main thing - do not forget the presence of large predators in the forest and to use caution.

How to get there?

Labynkyr a lake, as you realize, in the Republic of Sakha in Oimyakon district, 80 km from the residential village Tomtor.It can be reached only by car on the Kolyma highway.105 km away is the small airport.The helicopter will take you to a mysterious pond.It is also possible to swim to the object on the boat.The path following the remote and hard - the choice is yours.


At the moment Labynkyr lake, which is represented in the photo material, conceals many unsolved mysteries and fantasies.The question of the existence of awesome living object remains open.Maybe someday humanity will create a radio-controlled robot, with which, finally, will be able to thoroughly examine the underwater world of the lake and find a relic of the animal.Until then, people will come up with unrealistic horror stories and legends, disturbing imagination.

Truth at the intersection of physics and biology.Such lakes in the world there are more than a hundred, and they pose a threat to humans, as teeming with monsters.Periodically hronoizmereniya which have not yet yielded positive results.Official science denies the possibility of the existence of the mythical lizards.