Cheap cafes in Moscow with a list of photos and customer reviews .Where to sit in the center of Moscow at low cost in a cafe?

The restaurant atmosphere and the food is not always require a fat wallet.And often times on various strict rituals of these institutions is not there.If you just need to eat while spending a little time and a reasonable amount of money, you can always go to the cheap cafes in Moscow.Due to this they are able to maintain reasonable prices?Initially, because of the quality of food, because failure to comply with this paragraph completely deprive any institution of hope for the arrival of visitors.Thus the more people, the more chances to make affordable prices.

often cafe in the center of Moscow, inexpensive where you can eat, residents of the capital have been associated with a variety of fast food places.Fast food - is no longer a novelty.In such places, visitors are suitable to showcase themselves, it selects the necessary dishes, all at the cash register to pay.Savings on staff - a tool that also provides an opportunity to reduce costs.

Therefore, do not rush skeptical about such institutions.If

your goal is not only to eat, but also to spend time in a secluded, then you can always choose a suitable institution with your prices.In this case it is necessary to devote time to studying the wine list and menus cafe or restaurant on its site, and then compare the institution of the same class.The resulting outcome will satisfy all the selected parameters, whereby you can get the best option of all.

«Tibet Himalaya»

restaurant 'Tibet Himalaya' interior contains many shades of red - silk, velvet sofas, brocade and furniture in mahogany wood expensive.Since ancient times, the East Red was a symbol of beauty, youth, solemnity, passion.In this restaurant, all created for the influx of fresh energy and improve the well-being of visitors: relaxing soft light colors in the interior, unobtrusive background music, collected the best examples of oriental and European Lounge.

in this place come to if you want to try something really exotic and oriental.The cozy cafe in Moscow, inexpensive where you can eat, not everyone can offer such dishes, which are in the cafe "Tibet Himalaya", for example, boiled in milk present yak butter tea with the addition of the mountain "Cows."It was his drink indigenous people of the Himalayas.In addition to classic Himalayan here waiting for you around fifty of the best teas from India and China.Fans of the entire eastern delight stunning black damask strong coffee prepared on sand in Turku, as well as flavored hookah with any fillers.

LOOK IN cafe

catchy original style, excellent cuisine and the interior - it's all the main components of the institution.It is ready to offer its visitors a choice of different areas for relaxation, as well as classical Japanese, Mexican and European cuisine.

Every day you can have a tasty lunch or breakfast.This cozy inexpensive cafe in Moscow provides guests with a wide choice of cuisine in Japan.LOOK IN cafe is famous for many types of sushi with shrimps, salmon and red caviar.In addition, you can taste the specialties rolls with tuna or eel, Japanese soup and sashimi.In addition, you can order the traditional European dishes from fish and meat.For lovers of Mexican cuisine exotic coffee shop can offer several different types of burgers, fajitas and buritos.

Cafe «March»

considering cheap café-bars of Moscow, this place stands out.Here, everything is unusual.Cafe opened in the mansion Matvey Kazakov, Moscow architect.The main distinguishing feature is its architecture: restaurant consists of three halls and greenhouses.In summer, greenhouse used as a summer café cozy.There are a variety of celebrations, small concerts and literary presentation.


If you are interested in contemporary art, and you missed to the society in which non-standard thinking and originality - is the norm, which is shared which are oriented, then you need to go to a restaurant Gogol.

Interior of the institution was created on the border between the traditions peculiar to our nation, as well as the present, which allows you to design custom solutions and make bright accents.For example, very stylish and original look bright red table with chairs, upholstery that resembles the classic patterns of domestic embroidery.Casually whitewashed brick wall uneven rooms really are especially proud of the designer who created the interior.

Bar "Viennese delicacies»

few cheap cafes in Moscow offer to visit a small piece of Austria right in the heart of the capital.Interior bar, attention to detail, fully corresponds to the modern Austrian institutions and adept service friendly staff careful consideration to any request.

This restaurant combines a cozy interior in soft pastel shades, to the pleasant pastime and relaxation, light music without interfering enjoy interesting conversation and delicious cuisine with a variety of specialties.True connoisseurs will also have to like a huge wine list.

«bad habits Bar»

Many inexpensive cafes in Moscow, attracting visitors with its elegant modern style.As well as the "Bar of bad habits."There are 2 levels, smoking room and a sofa area.The institution can organize a party, a business meeting and a date with someone you love by candlelight.At night, it employs a disco club.

This institution, like many inexpensive cafes in Moscow, serves traditional European dishes: appetizers, salads, exotic cocktails, all kinds of beers and wines.For example, you can start dinner with a Greek salad and salmon in alakinski, order all this meat, grilled with white wine.All this is expensive for visitors with an average income.But for VIP-clients restaurant offers a separate room, which is decorated in authentic style and offers a hookah and American billiards.

Prosto Cafe

It is a cafe in the center of Moscow (inexpensive here for dinner for everybody) is very simple, from the menu to their interiors.The strict geometry of lines of paintings and furniture, simple bar without unnecessary decoration with the required amount of shelves.Although the simplicity of the interior felt some wonderful appeal, which is similar to the natural landscape unpretentious.

The sponsors of this cafe are fully confident that food should be cheap, hearty and delicious - this simple rule of quality gastronomic places.Especially if it was originally designed for active young audience that requires circuses and bread in the same proportions.Therefore, guests are fed the most popular homemade dishes and European cuisine, creative performance and excellent quality.The highlight of the restaurant - a real kitchen of Georgia, with its fragrant meat dishes that hit the variety of sauces and condiments.Chakhokhbili, lobio, khinkali in this place especially tasty and prepared with knowledge of the intricacies of the national cuisine.

Noor bar

Considering cafe-bars Moscow, inexpensive where you can have lunch, we should also talk about Noor bar.With the Arab name of the institution is translated as "light", which probably influenced his interior.Warm apricot-yellow color of the walls is particularly striking because of the fact that the ceiling they have a carved border color of chocolate.Looking quite simple, the interior provides a closer look at a huge number of exquisitely executed details such as picture or forged candlesticks.

cocktails prepared at the institution are riding skill bartenders.Because of them, the restaurant is sometimes called the best places in the capital.This cocktail recipes of the bar correspond absolutely classic European standards, and this is certainly reflected in the mood of the visitors and the status of the institution.