Putyaevskie ponds in Sokolniki.

Sokolniki Park took a part of the north-east of Moscow.Its extensive grounds include a cascade of six amazingly beautiful waters under the general title Putyaevskie ponds.The chain of picturesque ponds stretches over an area of ​​6.1 hectares.From the main entrance to the reservoirs is quite extended health path (the path on it takes about 2 hours).

Location ponds

Waters focused on open spaces of the 4th Beam firebreak.It is close to the platform "Malenkovskaya" relating to the Yaroslavl direction of the Moscow railway.Hence the second name of artificial lakes - Malenkovskaya ponds.This place is their source - floodplain Putyaevskogo stream.

In addition, a chain of interconnected bodies of water goes to Rostokinskiy travel.They also lead the 5th Beam rides, abuts the neighborhood Rostokinskiy directions.Nourish Putyaevskie ponds surface and groundwater.And in the case of drought the water level in them is maintained artificially, using a specially let down the aqueduct.

name ponds

Each Putyaevsky pond in Sokolniki with an average depth of 2.5 meters, included in the cascade has a unique name.The main body of water named the top Putyaevskim pond.Its waters are intricately linked to the writhing body of water snake, which fades into the next lake, which he called the third Putyaevskim pond.

fourth plant called Devil's Upper pond.It is connected with the fifth - walrus pond, poured the last pond, make a delightful cascade.Name given to the concluding Lake Lower Devil's Pond.

However, the numbering and names of bodies of water is quite conventional.In fact, they are assigned randomly.To identify them reliably and unambiguously interpreted by official names failed.Although, according to the majority of the old-timers, it would be correct to calculate the lakes from Rostokinskiy directions.

History water cascade

venue construction began babbling waters of the same name at the bottom of the ravine Putyaevsky creek, which flows into the river Yauza.Formation stage began with spontaneously formed lakes - Lower Putyaevkogo pond.At the end of the XIX century, partially flooded the ravine, erecting another pond.

artificial Ozerets Coast, dotted with green islands with trees and a small house for ducks, ennobled regular landings.Part of the plants closer to the framing and walking paths, forming a tree-lined avenues, where proteins are settled.Over time, they were joined by another 4 reservoir.

In the far corner, sandwiched between the railway, travel and Rostokinskiy chain of reservoirs, built a maze, forming its five intricately overlapping circular paths.About Labyrinth built Devil's Bridge (apparently it was he who gave the name of the first bodies of water - the Upper and Lower Devil's Pond).This bridge survived only until the mid XX century.From the park labyrinth, unfortunately, little has been preserved.

Reconstruction reservoirs

In 2008 goal Putyaevskie ponds have undergone significant reconstruction.When cleaning of them dragged mud and man-made debris in an incredible amount.After cleansing, restore natural springs pond and its banks reinforced concrete pouring and decorative masonry stone.Coastlines paved Speel logs and decorate bumpers are the same.

The coastal strip shaped sandy beaches, friendly slopes of the granite stone.The surroundings have made new plantings.An extensive area of ​​3.6 hectares of greenery, forming a picturesque composition of 70 trees and shrubs 2000.

Description reservoirs

largest lake - Upper Putyaevsky pond, spread over an area of ​​2.95 hectares.On the main stage separates the pond paved road.Its coast is framed by the beach with changing rooms and a lovely seating area.In the summer guests are pampered cafe barbecue and khachapuri.

Vacationers arriving at Putyaevskie ponds, playing volleyball, doing wakeboarding, practiced at the gym, go fishing, boating, catamaran sailing and diskobotah.For children built two recreational grounds.One of them is a modern, multi-functional, resembles a ship.

Through the channel snake draped a beautiful bridge.On the territory of the reservoir located walrus sports and entertainment club "Druzhba".Here, lovers of winter swimming and to the gym.On the coast, there is a changing room for the lakes "Walrus".

Although equipped with comfortable beach Putyaevskie ponds, bathing in them is not allowed (on the banks of the warning signs are installed).The exception was perhaps that Walrus Pond, popular among supporters of tempering baths.

path, running along the reservoirs, is equipped benches.Strolling along the tracks here, guests are treated to Sokolniki protein nuts and seeds, feed the wild ducks.At the bottom of the cascade, in the relaxation zone, they write their masterpieces artists.

How to get there?

From the train platform Malenkovskaya very close Putyaevskie ponds.How to get from it to the ponds?Through an underground passage go to the 4th Radiation clearing.Prior to cascade down this road only a couple of minutes.Another route: the metro ENEA sit in the tram number 11, get off at "Area naturalists."

a long way - use the shuttle bus number 714 stops at the metro station "Riga" and next to "Pavel Korchagin".From stage to have to go through the park Sokolniki.The path takes 20 minutes.And from the metro station "Sokolniki" will have to go down the route that passes through the park, which takes 30 minutes.