Travel to "preserve the Soviet-era": Minsk

visit to Minsk by many as a time machine.Indeed, in the early hours of festivities haunts "deja vu of the USSR."Tourists say that the sensation travels in 1980-th year.Among the city's architecture are leading the Soviet high-rise buildings.But Minsk is still changed.And next to the Stalinist buildings coexist large, modern shopping malls and office centers.

Purity, grooming and measured - that guests of note in the first place.This atmosphere filled with even hotels.Apartments Flats BY on pl.Lenin, for example, confirms this feeling.Old Buildings in Minsk there were already about 900 years.But there are very few, because 80% of the city destroyed during World War II.Many old buildings have been completely renovated.

center of village rebuilt after the war and occupation.With special interest tourists view the buildings that were erected in the first postwar decade.It then began to build up residential areas have large quantities of the same type structures.

Usual stalls with shawarma in Minsk is no

t, and in the subways do not sell flowers.They are intended solely for the intersection of the ground.Also, do not find in the city of boutiques to high prices.The atmosphere is completely different lifestyle.

And, of course, are sensitive to sights."City Gate" welcome guests already at the exit from the train station.So the residents of Minsk lovingly called two desyatietazhki.These twin brothers built in 1956.Today, they are considered a symbol of the city and portray on souvenirs: magnets, cards, cups.

Very close near the station - Independence Square.She was found the largest in Europe.Part of the architectural ensemble of the place - the Church of Saints Simon and Helena.This Catholic Church - the most famous in Minsk.By the way, it refers to the old buildings of the city.We brought him back in 1905.Past will not pass, because the building was used for the bright red brick.

Apartments in Minsk for a day - 3 traveler will hospitably.Then you can continue acquaintance to "preserve the Soviet era."For example, learn about the legend associated with the church.It is said that the church was built nobles lost their son and daughter because of a serious illness.She saw in a dream fairy church.This figure has fallen ill child gave parents.In the image we created a project, and then built a temple.