"Military Pyatigorsk health resort": photos and reviews

One of the best attractions and the pride of the south of our country are the famous health resort Pyatigorsk.In this article we look at how it all began, the history and the success of institutions, as well as the situation in the health resort today.

location and attractions

«Military Pyatigorsk resort" is located in the historic part of the city, close to the resort area, on the south side of Mount Mashuk, and covers an area of ​​about 20 hectares.The resort has the highest rating category for the provision of multidisciplinary medical and health services.Customers can also visit the observation deck on top of the mountain, the park "Flower Garden", sources of drinking and mineral water, and the house in which he lived Mikhail Lermontov.

How it all began

«Military Pyatigorsk Sanatorium" begins its history since 1922.It was called the first military base and the resort was a two dachas, under-equipped housing.Brought there for treatment and recovery of wounded soldiers of the Red Army.At th

e end of the 30s of the last century it was called "Sanatorium of the Red Army."After the end of World War II in a sanatorium were built another 2 unit to accommodate customers, designed for 728 beds.It is also gradually built housing for the treatment and diagnosis, a sports complex, a swimming pool, a concert hall, dining rooms and a branch with extra beds.

Currently, by world standards, requirements for hotels and accommodation, "Military Pyatigorsk resort" has a category of "3 stars" of two dormitories and a "4 stars" in the other two bedrooms units designed to accommodate special guests.Medical services are also licensed.For minors military have separate programs.They can visit the "children Pyatigorsk military sanatorium."

Treatment and prevention

The wellness part of the resort consisting of 7 offices, can pass medical and diagnostic procedures at the same time up to 750 people.In arthrologic department successfully engaged in treatment of diseased joints.Experienced trauma help recover quickly after suffering damage.To improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract will help gastroenterological procedures.There will also skilled care to patients with cardiovascular, gynecological, urological and neurological diseases.

serves patients resort more than 60 general practitioners of the highest qualification.Among them are specialists in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, urology, PhD.25 doctors are attending the first category, more than 20 professionals of the highest category, and in the staff there Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation and honored workers in the field of medicine.Huge experience enables treatment and prevention of the most effective.

Division resort

«Military sanatorium Pyatigorsk" has seven medical and diagnostic departments for procedures.For the diagnosis of diseases and disorders of the body conducting clinical research.A more detailed analyzing performed in the biochemical laboratory.There's also, if needed, conducted immunological and biochemical tests.Casualty department is equipped with X-ray room.Malfunctions of internal organs detected by ultrasound and endoscopic procedures.

«Military Pyatigorsk Sanatorium" performs traditional methods of treatment using modern advances girudoterapii.Works Department Physiotherapy department with curative mud and mineral water gallery for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.The inhaler and salt rooms (halochambers) treatment are patients with problems of the respiratory tract and lung diseases.Also a branch of dentistry, acupuncture, ozone treatment is the treatment, beauty treatments and spa.

order to strengthen and maintain the tone of the resort instructors teach classes in fitness, recreational gymnastics and massage therapy patients.Loads are selected individually by experienced coaches of the sports center.

diseases that are successfully treated at the sanatorium

the greatest results in the treatment reaches patients with arthrologic disorders (disorders in the joints, trauma of the spine) in the field of gynecology and urology (prostatitis, impotence, cystitis, urinary tract stones, urinaryurinary, endometritis, adnexitis), diseases of the female genital organs noninflammatory character (ovarian dysfunction).Good progress is being made in the treatment of infertility in both men and women.A marked improvement was observed in patients with respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis), and in patients with skin problems (rash, dermatitis).Sequential therapy can eliminate the damage to the nervous system.Ulcers, gastritis can be treated faster.

in the cardiology department conducted vascular therapy and cure the post-thrombotic syndrome, destruction of the blood and lymph nodes of the lower extremities (obliterating), varicose veins.

Procedure EVC procedures ("Pyatigorsk central military sanatorium»)

Referral to treatment and preventive measures carried out only by the attending physician, depending on the diagnosis, indications for treatment, as well as the individual and contraindications.If, by virtue of those or other contraindications the patient can not be directed to any procedures that are included in the course of treatment, they are replaced by the equivalent of therapeutic effect and cost.

addition to the basic procedures included in the price, there are additional services that have "Pyatigorsk central" and "children Pyatigorsk Military Health" for a payment.In that case, if the patient is at the scheduled time did not appear to undergo the procedures (without good reason) - the procedure is canceled.Medical services are held during working hours on all days except Sundays and holidays.Commercial procedures - under the arrangement.

Additional services

list of additional services provided by "children Pyatigorsk Military Health»:

  • Histological examination - they are carried out in a specialized laboratory for immunoassays.
  • service dental office, too, is optional and includes an examination of the oral cavity, the treatment of teeth and gums, teeth whitening, and dentures using modern materials.
  • treatment with medicinal leeches (hirudotherapy) - This method is used to treat patients with polietiologichesky diseases (endometriosis, benign ovarian tumors, uterine), thrombosis of the inner walls of the veins (thrombophlebitis), varicose veins, as well as for the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Ozone therapy - given to patients who are prone to colds.When the patient inhales ozonated air, which is a good antioxidant, improves blood flow to internal organs (hemodynamics).Ozonation - this is a service which has gained its popularity in the treatment of children with diseases of the respiratory system, "Piatigorsky military sanatorium for children."Reviews show that this procedure stimulates the immune system to fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses that contribute to a speedy recovery.
  • Halotherapy - This method is based on artificially created therapeutic inhalation of air with similar properties to the air of salt caves.The use of this non-drug treatments to normalize drainage of the airways and to treat asthma, bronchitis, allergies, atopic dermatitis.
  • Manual therapy and massage therapy - using these methods may get rid of back pain, curvature of the spine, as well as diseases related to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

That's what patients are so fond of "Pyatigorsk central military sanatorium."Reviews that leave clients, motivate further development of therapeutic and diagnostic facilities.Advanced therapies are constantly being improved.After all, infrastructure, quality service and treatment programs - are the main components of any resort.Therefore, the flow of wanting to rest and gain strength in PTSVS ("Pyatigorsk central military sanatorium") from year to year does not dry out.It is worth to say about the local natural environment.The mild climate of the foothills promotes relaxation and recreation all year round.Even in this region, a large number of sunny days.Winter temperatures rarely drop below zero.

«Military sanatorium Pyatigorsk."Reviews

After treatment vacationers often grateful to the doctors and the staff of the institution.In general, many note a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere that prevails here.The staff strictly monitor the purity of the territory and premises.

Patients noted the high quality of the service by visiting the "Military Sanatorium Piatigorsky."Testimonials from satisfied customers - this is the best reward for the staff and physicians for their work.People with digestive diseases are rapidly recovering.The clean mountain air, and resort part of the city is perfect for a relaxing rest and recuperation.

Patients usually will certainly want to visit again "Military sanatorium Pyatigorsk."Reviews of many of them speak about the effectiveness of treatment and prevention.People suffering from even severe gastritis, chronic ulcers after treatment feel better.In the evening for guests entertainment.This dance parties and concerts featuring local and guest artists, all kinds of contests, competitions.And, of course, a special program for children, making children Pyatigorsk military sanatorium.Reviews kids emotional and full of vivid impressions of unforgettable moments spent at the resort.Many of them do not come here for the first time.

Preferential tickets

vacation here now accessible to all.Anyone can visit the "Piatigorsky military sanatorium."Preferential tickets provided at the state level to support the military and their families are entitled to discounts for this category of customers.The costs of such courses are provided in the budget.There are programs on preferential conditions for recreation for children of military personnel.Minors customers' Pyatigorsk central military sanatorium for children "provides services in full.