Snow chains increase the permeability of vehicles in difficult road conditions

drive a car in icy conditions is very dangerous, so drivers of vehicles were "shod" wheels in chains to overcome the icy roads.Later, they began to be used for off-road use, including dirt and snow.Today

chains for trucks used for difficult terrain and forest roads in the villages roads.For the first time they were used in our country in the timber exporting logs with blank spaces, not only in snow, but in the rainy seasons.At that time, just as it is necessary, we wrapped lengths of chain wheels, and the production of special tools was not the question.

But Western businessmen approached the issue somewhat differently - began to develop and introduce into production chains in several versions designed for different types of vehicles.There were a model for individual travel cases, such as for driving on ukatannomu and loose snow flooring, or exits the ice slides.But off-road - this is the main problem of Russia, so the snow chains for driving on clay and marshy ground needed at any time of the yea


Indeed, flotation equipment and any vehicles on the road increases, respectively, increases the efficiency of cargo due to the fact that the drive wheels when driving on loose soil, sand, mud or clay to put on snow chains.Reviews drivers indicate that they have a set of beneficial even to those who regularly travels on the highway and only occasionally forced to move down the road to a place where there are no roads.

carry with them two sets of rubber is very expensive, but when you travel on holiday or on a hunt of 500 km only 50 km, you may have to go through the mud or snow.For this carry a mud or studded tires are not worth it, because much more economical and more efficient simply to get out of a small suitcase and chains in minutes easily install them on the driving axle, thereby ensuring that the car the same permeability as the tractor.After that, you will not be afraid of any snowdrifts or wetlands way.Manufacturers guarantee an increase in permeability of three to ten times.Advantageous to use them and when worn tires.

Material production chains - alloy steel with the addition of titanium, chromium, nickel.To chains are well etched in the ground or icy ground, they are made of shaped, pointed metal.To install distributed over the wheel circumference, and then gradually to drive them so that three-fourths of the chain wheel turned on.Thereafter, they must be secured to the inner side of the wheel, and then tighten the outer lever.Time it will take no more than five minutes.It is important to remember that you need to install the circuit in advance, not during a slip.