Yamasaki Scorpion - nedoskuter in a beautiful shell

Hmm ... Chinese sportbike ... Where to begin to talk about Yamasaki Scorpion?Perhaps, with the fact that everyone has a mom.And most of these mothers as the fire scared of motorcycles, especially large, considering their chariot carrying their child straight to hell.Overestimates the degree of threat will not, but I think everyone will agree that the bike - it is a dangerous form of transport.And what could be more dangerous than a sportbike?That's right - Chinese sportbike.

fact that Chinese manufacturers have traditionally occupied a very low price niche.Work and quality parts are expensive - about which version are we talking about here?If all greatly simplified, this unit looks as ridiculous as a miracle in the photo.A sportbike, meanwhile, is very demanding on the quality, not least because, if it is in motion realties will fall off or crack, it is very likely that after this violent Circuits crack your little head.

go directly to the unit itself.It's a miracle, proudly called the motorcycle

has already 50 cubes in a little engine - just like Carlson.In fact, this scooter with a sports mask.But think - is it the most intelligent and the Chinese first guessed put on Yamasaki Scorpion, which is de facto a scooter, beautiful fairing?No.Because the cone has its own weight, which to cope with 50 cubes motor difficult.Therefore, high-speed characteristics here are going wild - as much as 90 kilometers per hour.There are "nekrutye" scooters, which are in the same price band, and they can easily wipe his nose.A pretentious appearance has to race.However, to do so is strongly discouraged because the Yamasaki Scorpion is most similar to pitching pereevshego hormones - such as visually strong, but really ... Think of what a blow get your ego after losing some realties on such a scooter bike.Abroad even have a joke (right): "Oh it - and then I run fast."

This machine is particularly popular among those who have money really something and does not have a popontovatsya wants.These people love to spread rumors, saying: "I've seen that the godfather's brother sister husband zatyunit this beauty, and now she is flying like the wind."Of course, zatyunit Yamasaki Scorpion possible and even necessary.But let's get back to the most beautiful sports fairing.He not only weighs prohibitive for this bike, but, judging by the price of a motorcycle, and costs absolutely nothing.This means that the performance of this part there is no quality materials that meet industry standards.Think about whether this thing is to resist the pressure of the wind at high speed?Or at least tolerate the temperature of the engine operating at the maximum?I think no need to explain that according to the laws of physics, from agents working in extreme temperature conditions, the strength falls.

Yamasaki Scorpion reviews collects funny - almost no concrete information.And all because the technology savvy people who can write an adequate review, this does not buy.And that is, like a voice crying in the wilderness: "Do not buy-ee!".While it may be on Yamasaki Scorpio such reviews because like sport bike, and got nedoskuter.

In general, such a thing can afford to buy and drive very carefully.But that's hardly the only thing she did not use - a trip to the country club with the aim to dazzle with its magnificence girls.