Orenburg region, Salt Lake treatment and reviews

scientifically proven that the rest of the local climate zone is much more useful than travel to distant countries.This is especially true for people with health problems, the elderly, families with young children, pregnant women.One of the well-known and well-established holiday destinations are the salt lakes of the Orenburg region.Resort reviews positive: tourists say the therapeutic effect of water bodies located there.About them and discussed today.

Medical Lake Orenburg region

Traveling across the expanses of our vast country, getting to know it and to give aesthetic pleasure of contact with nature, you can be on the shores of the salt lake.In Russia, a large number of them, and they all have unique healing properties.They are called lakes for large mineral content of microelements and antiseptic properties, and dirt of the pond have a natural healing effect.To benefit from the ultraviolet rays reflected from the salt water and become the owner of a natural beautiful tan, it is necessary to

visit it!Home "people's hospital", which boasts Orenburg - the salt lake.Reviews of many tourists prove that you can not only relax but also to heal.

From time immemorial

Vodogryazelechenie come to us from ancient times.Even then, curative mud and mineral water used for getting rid of diseases, and wound healing.Treated skin, gynecological and many other ailments.Such a terrible disease like psoriasis can be cured through bathing in such water body.Corny, but boring boils, acne and other skin defects virtually disappear after taking such salt baths.Tourists appreciate the opportunity to improve their health and get a real "kiss of the sun."No wonder it is considered that the main attraction, which boasts Orenburg - salt lakes.Treatment is combined with a pleasant pastime, making ponds especially enticing.

Where are the salt lakes?

According to scientists, there are reservoirs in arid areas in the crater where there is no runoff.The water, which is brought to the river, which flows only, but it does not.When the reservoir of the liquid evaporates, the salt remains on the bottom of it.Thus formed the salt lakes.

Find a lake can be anywhere in the country.Rich in medicinal waters and the Orenburg region.Salt lakes have a miraculous power, and everyone knows the benefits of bathing in them.

unique geological object is the collapse of the lake in Sol-Iletsk district, located at the site of rock salt.It is the deepest among his brethren, and quite large, because it occupies an area of ​​10 hectares.It is interesting to its origin.The lake emerged in 1906, when the spring tide flooded quarry for the extraction of salt.In the central part Iletsk salt dome has turned the reservoir 240 meters wide, 300 meters long and 20.5 meters depth.This is an analogue of the Dead Sea, as the salinity of the water is 305 g / l.That's why one of the main attractions that boasts the Orenburg region - the salt lakes.

Iletsky salt dome formed in the second half of the 18th century.This is the result of extraction of rock salt and karst processes in her column.Then careers allied river gerbil.This salt lake was formed under the name of collapse.Water in it has a high concentration of salt - 260 g / l.Therefore brine does not freeze even at -20 to -40 degrees and the water in the air.This lake is unique by the fact that at its bottom - the permafrost.The high density of the water allows a person to lie on the surface, not moving.

only 70 km from the Iletsk deposit of rock salt is the city of Orenburg.The collapse of the salty lake has regional significance and is included in the main list of protected sites.

Health Benefits

The benefits of bathing in salt water bodies spoke the ancient physician Hippocrates and Avicenna.Despite the fact that the latter was a native of Central Asia, the territory of which there are no lakes, Dr. valued properties of salt water.A large number of tourists who want to heal, meets Orenburg.The collapse of the salty lake is distinguished by its therapeutic effect that it has on all organs and systems of the human body.Due to the large content of water-soluble salts of bromine, chlorine and other trace elements, it helps in the treatment of rheumatism, osteoarthritis, asthma and many other diseases.

should remember that swimming in the salt lakes should be moderate.And you have to alternate it with the sunbathing.It is recommended that regular bathing for 7-10 days.

Lake Tuzluchnoe

Medical Lake Russia are of ancient origin.Even nomadic tribes did halts on their shores, using mineral water and healing mud for the recovery of the whole organism.These bodies of water is salty lake Tuzluchnoe, recognized as the oldest surviving reservoirs Sol-Iletsk salt dome.Its area is 24 thousand square meters.m, depth up to 4 meters.He is proud of the Orenburg region.Salt lakes of this region are widely studied in the laboratory test center.They found that in their physical and chemical parameters of silt are highly mineralized curative mud.They have high thermal properties.In addition, very plastic.It contains a large number of water-soluble salts as well as iron, bromine and boric acid.

Therapeutic mud lake Tuzluchnogo - black or dark gray.It relieves spasms, as has a relaxing effect.Provides regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and enhances the viability of the cells of the whole organism.The positive properties of the mud due to the fact that it contains a lot of biologically active substances that can affect the energetic processes and inhibit the development of pathogenic organisms.

Pond Dunino

rich in medicinal waters Orenburg region, salt lakes which presents another medical entity.This pond Dunino that due to the content of bromine in it called bromine.It was formed in 1896 and is located just 50 meters from the lake of collapse.

Lake Dunino extended along from west to east in the 88 thousand square meters.m, its depth - 4 meters.A distinctive feature of the reservoir - a reddish color.Beautiful shade gives it crustacean Artemia.His body of water in large quantity, and in the summer he was actively propagated.

Therapeutic mud lake Dunino green or brown color is at the bottom.Her summer temperature rises to 50 degrees, which improves its healing properties.During the summer period the copepods multiply by 3-4 times, they are synthesized by organic substances that form when the withering away of therapeutic mud.If you scoop up water from the lake, you can see small reddish beings.These are the crustaceans that make the mud from the lake bottom becomes therapeutic."Color" and other bodies of water attract thousands of tourists in the Orenburg Region.Salt Lake will not only help improve the health of travelers, but also contribute to mental relaxation.


resort town is built in such a way that everything necessary for the tourist is in close proximity.The train station is a five minute walk from the busy quarters, then you can easily solve the problem of accommodation.The services offered hotels, the owners of private houses and apartments.Those who come to the resort town by car, no question about how to get to Salt Lake.The continuous stream of cars indicate the exact path to the desired location.All travel agencies of the country can easily purchase a ticket to the domestic analogue of the Dead Sea.

tourists on a note

Like any resort town, Sol-Iletsk offers travelers a rich cultural program.On every street corner tourists beckoning inviting smell of shashlik houses, cafes Russian and Eastern cuisine, which, in addition to a wide selection of dishes, home-made wine offer.In the evening, many bars offer all relax and spend time with benefit for the soul.For lovers of calm pastime - numerous parks, gardens, open museum.

Now you know that the main jewel which boasts the Orenburg region - the salt lake.The resort spa town is happy to accept all comers, freeing them from unnecessary hassle with finding accommodation and catering.Experienced doctors will pick up the individual course of recovery, will provide all necessary medical assistance and advice.

on home soil

There is a perception that the industry rest on the territory of Russia is almost not developed, and to spend a vacation with the comfort you need to go to other countries.We are able to improve their own situation: arriving at local resorts, we are investing money in the development of local tourism.Rest in Russia and the high level of service is not long to wait!