Brisco (tour operator): reviews.

BRISCO Tour Operator is an international holding company TH & amp; C and more than 10 years provides its customers with exclusive opportunities for recreation.

company began its history in 2004 under the name Lagina Travel.The first tours were organized in Turkey and then in the United Arab Emirates.Over time, the company increased the number of destinations, and holding open his own hotel.Since 2012, the organization changed its name to this day sells tours branded Brisco.Tour Operator rating still has one of the highest.

With Brisco

Currently holding TH & amp; C owns 10 Airbus that make flights from Moscow, Samara, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Saratov, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.Since May 2014 the business-class service on flights departing from Moscow, and now provides Brisco.The tour operator is working in three popular areas: Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.In the spring of 2015 BRISCO going to open for themselves new countries - Spain and Greece.

tourists who are going to rest i

n Turkey with the company, can choose their own accommodation in the most popular resorts in the country.These include: Euphoria Excelsior 4 *, Euphoria Tekirova Hotel 5 *, Porto Azzurro Delta 5 * and others.

«Best in Russia", "Best in Moscow", "Best in Moscow" - the award was won by Brisco.Tour operator, reviews which left millions of travelers, taking an active part in specialized exhibitions.

Turkey with a "Briscoe»

hosted by "Briscoe" in Turkey is the Prince Group.Unfortunately, as in any profession, there are bona fide employees and not.Therefore, the opinion of travelers should watch himself Brisco (tour operator).Reviews Turkey receives very different.

«Briscoe" draws travelers "delicious" prices.Most tourists, despite the entreaties of the manager, choose the permit at their value, without paying attention to the flight uncomfortable or bad reviews about the hotel.Arriving at the selected hotel vacationer is unhappy with what is happening.Often it is understandable grudges have such poor service and poor quality food.For the solution, he, of course, asked the representative of the company.The receiving party is subject to availability offer travelers for a fee to move to another hotel.Tourist is not prepared to pay more for their holidays.In this regard, there are conflicts, and impressions of the holiday will have an unpleasant aftertaste.

other side of the coin is a solicitation or disgusting attitude of the staff.You can often find negative reviews about how after the failure of the tourist Tours hotel guide began to be rude or avoid resting.This is a direct violation of the rules of Brisco.Tour Operator reviews in this case offers leave hotline in Turkey.

Excursions in Turkey

Host Party in Turkey offers a range of excursions.These include:

  • World - Kekova - St. Nicholas (sunken city);
  • Pamukkale;
  • yacht tour;
  • jeep safari;
  • Dolphinarium;
  • water park;
  • Moto Safari and others.

Tour Pamukkale occupies a special place.Many tourists on a daily basis tend to get in the "Cotton Castle" (translated from Turkish).The waters of the warm thermal springs, rich in mineral salts, for thousands of years of its existence, formed the white terraces of lime, which are similar to a fantastic castle.During this tour, you will be offered a swim in the Antique Pool Cleopatra.It is believed that the Queen of Egypt came to this hot springs to rejuvenate and healthier.Despite the fact that the pool is shallow, swim in it very interesting, because at the bottom lie the ruins of the columns.Bathing paid, what should alert while shopping excursion.It is worth noting that on the excursion program Brisco reviews in 2014 is much better than in the previous year.

trip to Pamukkale, a very long and exhausting.Tourists are taken early in the morning, so if you have purchased a day trip, return to the hotel late at night.The road in both directions takes about 12 hours.If the tour is well organized and the guide - an expert in their field, you will certainly get an incredible experience.

Egypt "Briscoe»

Egypt Meeting Point is hosted by the company Brisco.Reviews of the operation of the company in that country varied.Despite the fact that Egypt has a tense political situation, he always attracts tourists with its history, ancient monuments and warm sea.

There is a perception that we create the mood, so do not spoil the holiday, looking to find fault with anything.Often one can observe clashes between tourists and representatives of over inflated prices.Vacationers trying to prove to employees that it is better to buy trips on the street.The employee proves the opposite in every way, especially as the pricing, he can not influence.The more attacks by the tourist guide so fiercely defends his work.Everyone has the right to decide for itself where it safer to buy a tour, and it is not necessary to convince others of the correctness.Thus the tourists themselves cause the anger.We must remember that you are flying to rest, so do not waste time on bickering.

wedding ceremony in Egypt

Egypt - incredible country that come for the sea, sun, history and pleasure.In addition, the unique climate and special color push our fellow citizens in the romantic gesture.Young people come to Egypt to carry out in this ancient country a symbolic wedding organized Brisco.Tour Operator reviews of ceremonies is very positive.

Many are interested in holding such a celebration.Especially wedding photos are spectacular views abound and fill the hearts of fond memories of the ceremony and of the country.You can not organize a holiday on the beach, all we used to, and in the fairy tent in the desert.All the nuances of the organization itself takes Brisco - tour operator feedback 2014 which inspire young people to such a ceremony.

considerable number of future newlyweds prefer to conduct a wedding ceremony in the temple Karnahskom, which is perfectly suited for such an event because of its beauty and luxury.In addition, it is a holy place, where twice a year the marriage conducted in accordance with the ancient ritual.The bride and groom dressed in national costumes, as in ancient times.Every year, such a ceremony attended by about 50 pairs.

UAE "Briscoe»

Arab Emirates has become one of the most popular destinations from Brisco.Tour Operator reviews in this direction is very good.Over the last quarter century, the country greatly changed.The city has changed - the ancient eastern species were replaced by a modern metropolis.This country has mixed the styles of East and West, which is incredibly amazing.

state consists of seven emirates: Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah.The capital is the city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.In the Emirates, you will find some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, for example, the "Burj Al Arab" in the form of a sail, which is located in Dubai.In the UAE, you can visit the finest restaurants and the best spas, exciting water parks and modern shopping centers.

This country provides a unique opportunity for sports: figure skating, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, golf.

company offers its tourists vacation in budget hotels, and the most luxurious.Vacationers in the UAE often choose city hotels proposed Brisco.Tour operators offer them for an affordable price, the proximity of the beach and attractions.It is worth knowing that the city "treshki" on the reviews in no way inferior to the service and hospitality of the more expensive hotels.

visa in the UAE

to rest in the Emirates, Russian citizens need to apply for a visa.On 13 January 2015 the price increased.The cost of ordinary visa is 85 $, urgent - $ 250.

for paperwork in the office are required: a passport, a color photo on the white background (size 4.3 x 5.5 cm), a birth certificate for the minor children.Company Brisco Review and the passage of the procedure.Tourists note that visa to the Emirates does not take much time.

«Briscoe" out visas to the following conditions:

  • documents taken after full payment and confirmation of the application;
  • RFP must be valid for at least 6 months at the start of the tour;
  • parent's passport if the child is registered, the visa and it fits to the parent;
  • visa is issued for a single entry, valid for 60 days from the date of opening, the maximum stay in the UAE - 30 days;
  • upon cancellation of the hotel after the discovery of a tourist visa a visa is canceled automatically.

According to the rules for issuing visas, the Immigration Service has the right to refuse to issue it without explaining the reasons.

VIP-service at airports

Vacationers can take advantage of the VIP-service at airports, which provides Brisco.The tour operator has a set price for the service.

In Moscow airports
Airport Service Price (ye)


Terminals B, C, D, F

VIP-hall 605
Domodedovo Business Hall 515
VIP-hall 470
Vnukovo VIP-hall 345
Fast-Track 155
Business Hall 85
airports in other cities of Russia
Airport Service cost (y.e.)







Business terminal 315


(Pulkovo 1)

VIP-hall 475


Business Hall 225

Feedback from staff on their work

Tour operator Brisco reviewsEmployees appreciate no less tourists remarks.Management is trying to create the most comfortable environment to work.Managers work with clients are experience and high qualifications that allows you to quickly solve problems.

Reviews variously as employees about their work and the work of "Briscoe" in general.First, each region has its own problems, complicating operations manager.Secondly, Russia is now in an economic crisis, which will certainly affect the tourism business and the decrease in the number of customers Brisco.Tour operator charges a payroll manager envy of its sales, which at the moment can not hold much of the employee.Overall, however, subordinate satisfied with their work and the organization of tours of the company, and when problems arise trying to find a solution that suits both parties.

situation in the tourist market

Due to the strong fall of the ruble, many travel companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.Even the major tour operators are not able to withstand the situation.

Pro "Briscoe" the whole year there were rumors of bankruptcy, because the company offered the most popular destinations at low prices.However, the company managed to survive.Currently Brisco - tour operator, whose rating is one of the highest in the Russian market.This opinion is shared by workers of tourism and recreation.

So do not be afraid to go for a vacation through a travel company "Briscoe" safely pack your bags and fly toward the dream!