How to get from Domodedovo to the subway.

Domodedovo International Airport - one of the major air ports of the Russian Federation.Daily passes through its gates more than a hundred thousand people, most of them - arriving and departing passengers.And the rest of the people - the staff is participating in the clock work the airport and its services.

ticket to Moscow

It is difficult to imagine the airport without the possibility to get away from the city center by public transport.It does not matter - it is a regional or international.However, rarely flying passengers on arrival at the capital's airport there is a question: "How to get from Domodedovo to the subway?"

Anyone who has ever flown an airplane, faced with the fact that at the exit of passengers surround a huge number of taxi drivers offering their services for the delivery to any area of ​​the capital city, including the suburbs.Knowledgeable person immediately waved his head in denial and trying as soon as possible to get out of their networks.


For several of the main air gate of the capital ply special trains of bright red color.They are followed by non-stop to your destination, and connect the airport with the city center of Moscow.

Railways staff will tell you where to buy tickets on the train, on which platform to go to land, help create your flight departure, explaining why they need to do and how.To get to the subway from Domodedovo "Paveletskaya" and vice versa is possible only for 800 rubles per person for the most economical fare "Return."The seat in business class is worth more than 1000 rubles in the same direction.At the same time after you secured your own place in the train.However, these prices are valid for buying a ticket online or through a special mobile application for smartphones.In the checkout station, tickets are sold a little more expensive, such as 450 rubles.per person per one-way fare for the simplest of "Standard".


comfortable bus from Domodedovo to the metro station "Domodedovo" during the day runs along a marked route.The first flight leaves the bus at the metro station at six o'clock in the morning, and the last bus leaves from the airport terminal at 00:00, that is, almost the next day.Foreign leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Scania, run every fifteen minutes, while the average journey time will be half an hour or forty minutes in the absence of difficulties in traffic.Route number 308, the ticket is purchased directly from the driver and costs about 60 rubles per person.

More recently, all a little surprised Ryazan company engaged in passenger transportation.It has launched a regular bus route "Ryazan - Domodedovo airport - Ryazan."Travel time for "Soul Plane route", namely a commercial name it was given, is 3.5 hours.In the line of work of the German modern buses from MAN with its own system of autonomous air conditioning, toilet cabin and free Wi-Fi in the lounge.On the way stop also provided in Lukhovitsy and Kolomna.Route number 999, tickets are sold strictly on the seats and are from 400 to 600 rubles, depending on the boarding station.

Suburban electric

How to get to the subway from Domodedovo to the maximum benefit for the passenger?This question is often asked budget travelers, and the answer is quite simple.The lowest cost and the least comfortable way to get to the airport - is to use the commuter train.As Railway Express, they start from Paveletskaya station and drive up their passengers directly to the main terminal of the airport Domodedovo.Nearest metro station along the route of the train - the station is "Warsaw".Departure from this interchange hub combines the lowest fares and the proximity of the Moscow subway.However, there is a chance to get confused and go the wrong way: Domodedovo airport train to go away and followed in a different direction.And the interval between the adjacent electric trains is about one and a half to two hours.

Capital Taxi

Most nights passenger taxis, or as they are called, a minibus from Domodedovo to the metro station "Red Guard" and "Domodedovo" ply the established path.Small and maneuverable vans quite quickly making their way in the dense urban traffic.If you have a short period of time, or you are late for a flight and spend almost five hundred rubles to "Aeroexpress" no ability or desire - taxi to the airport will be the perfect solution for you.Unlike buses, taxis are not tied to a schedule of movement, and to the number of flights and are interested in the speedy arrival at the final destination.

you "have cheap" or go?

How to get to the subway from Domodedovo fast and right now?Take advantage of the service the official airport taxi or private taxi driver.The main thing you remember - it is necessary to haggle.1000 rubles - this is the real cost of transfer to the nearest Metro.Private traders are taking less, but it will have to enter the automotive road and pull to the side arm.