Fraternal Sea.

Fraternal Sea is located in the Irkutsk region.In this second volume of the reservoir in the world.It got its name from the fact that on its shores is the city of Bratsk.

Sea is not only used to produce electricity, but also for water supply, navigation, fishing.

main characteristics of the reservoir

Filling the reservoir was completed in 1967.It happened 6 years after construction of the dam.The surface area of ​​water - about 5500 square average depth of the sea - 31 meters, and the maximum - 101 meters.For comparison, note that the greatest depth of the Azov Sea is only 14 meters, which is less than a five-story building.

climate is sharply continental reservoir.Thanks to the powerful winter anticyclone established frosty weather, so the sea is frozen Fraternal long term.In the summer, on the contrary, develop cyclones, so in the warmer months are a large amount of precipitation falls.The average January temperature - about 25 degrees below zero, July - about 18 degrees.In win

ter, observed extremely low temperatures - 60 degrees below zero.The frost-free period - only three months, and can even be frozen in July.

Natural complexes and sea territory around it

on the territory adjacent to the reservoir, dominated by natural systems taiga.The main part of the square - Angarsk logs.Where the terrain elevation exceeds 600 meters, dominates the landscape of mountain areas.There is growing fir, cedar, and on the slopes - pine and larch.Large areas are occupied, and small-leaved forests.

Population leverages Fraternal Sea.Its resources go to the needs of water supply.It is also used as a recreation center.Reservoir and river feeding it have excellent recreational potential.

Features Vacation Bratsk Reservoir Reservoir

summer turns into a great place to relax.There may be cozy and nice for families with children.Holidays in this sea is also informative.So, here are the places associated with the sites of ancient people.For more information, says architectural and ethnographic complex "Angara village".

Fraternal Sea is famous not only beautiful landscapes and clean water.It also affects the tourist uncontaminated air, magnificent forests.For harsh taiga places is truly paradise.

Despite the fact that the duration of the frost-free period is small, summer is still possible to sunbathe.The beach area is very clean.Tourists who prefer hiking, also will benefit, as they developed special routes.


On the shore of the reservoir built many luxury lodges.Staying here will turn into an unforgettable, adventurous pastime.So, rest on the Bratsk Sea can be scheduled in such tourist centers:

  • «Fishermen house".The base is specially designed for a quiet family holiday.It connects to the regional center of excellent highways.Fraternal Sea, Irkutsk removed from each other by 630 km.The territory of the recreation center is quite large, and all are located thirteen comfortable houses.You can relax and tourists with tents.
  • «Ust-Wasp."Located on the shore of the reservoir.Here you can rent a house or, or settle in the camp.On the basis also have the opportunity to organize active forms of recreation.
  • «Fraternal coast."This resort is located on the shore of the reservoir among the taiga forest.You can restore your health in any season.There is also a source of mineral water with healing properties.
  • «Golden Sands."This is an excellent place on the shore of Bratsk sea.Prices of houses are quite acceptable.Here, clean sand, water.It is possible to relax with a tent tourists.

lot of attractive options for holidays offers Fraternal Sea.Holiday villages in the surrounding area are available in sufficient quantities.


On Bratsk reservoir can be a great time for fishing.This rest does not depend on the season.After all, you can catch fish in summer and winter.

conditions for this very favorable.It is home to species such as pike, perch, carp, crucian carp and others.They can be caught on the beach.Since Fraternal Sea is large, the catch will be greater if it is done by boat.Coastal fishing is more productive where there are sandy beaches with a slow transition in depth.

Bratsk reservoir is famous for its huge bass.This fish has good food and is growing rapidly.So bass weighing more than a kilogram is not uncommon.Such as large catches and carp.

Reservoir rich and roach.It can be caught anywhere.Lots and cisco, but to catch it, you must know some tricks, because this fish is quite capricious.

On Bratsk Sea also hold competitions.It will be very interesting to seasoned fishermen.

In general, the Bratsk reservoir - an excellent option of rest in any season and for everyone.