Temperatures in Egypt in October.

October is considered the beginning of the transition period in Egypt.The heat here has long been asleep, the air is not as sultry as summer and the humidity is normal due to the cooler continental air masses.Temperatures in Egypt in October is very favorable for the European tourists who prefer a comfortable warm conditions scorching znoyu.In addition, the mid-autumn in the country comes to a close velvet season, because the number of tourists is sharply reduced.It's just a great time to spend your holiday in complete relaxation and detachment from the outside flying around the world.

Climatic conditions

temperature in Egypt in October at all resorts are practically identical.During this period, on the Red Sea coast the weather stabilizes, the number of wind and rain and therefore decreases, whereby the daily temperature is within specified limits.On average, then the air is heated to 28 degrees above zero, and the humidity is about 300 mm.Cloudy days are rare, almost no rain falls at all.The only

drawback - it is solar dynamic.Since it is nearing winter, reduced the duration of the day here, tourists have not spend much time on the golden beaches.

the coolest regions of the country

The lowest temperature in Egypt in October, recorded in cities such as Alexandria, Marsa Alam, Safaga, El Gouna and Hurghada.There is not a thermometer rises above $ 29, and most often below it.The air cools significantly especially at night - sometimes up to 17.For sure, if you go to the middle of autumn to one of these resorts, bring warm clothes.Alexandria also stands out as a resort, which is located in the Mediterranean.Here is particularly cool, and it concerns not only the air but also water.Open windswept beaches, sunbathing and swimming because the best in coils, which are outside the city limits.

still sultry recreation area

Now consider what the temperature in Egypt in October maximum, where you can catch the moment an Indian summer in the midst of autumn.Very hot in cities like Dahab, Makadi Bay, Nuweiba, Soma Bay, Taba, Sharm el-Sheikh and El Quseir.Here every day the thermometer will show 30 Celsius, while the sky is always clear and sunny.Winds are rare, the sea is almost always in a state of complete calm.At night, however, the resort covers coolness.The temperature can drop to 20 degrees.Because worth taking with him sweaters and jackets, not to catch a cold.

waves What greets us Egypt

water temperature in October in all resorts of Egypt is practically the same.Sea cools down a bit after a hot summer, but still warm and suitable for swimming.Average water temperature in the Red Sea is 27 degrees, and at the resort where there are plenty of shallow bays, this figure could increase to 30.Only strongly cools the Mediterranean Sea, which washes Alexandria.Here the water is heated only up to 23 degrees, while the cozy coves are located outside the city.

What to do in the middle of autumn here

not hot and cool temperature in Egypt in October allows all travelers to go on numerous excursions inland.This is the best time to proborozdit Sahara dunes on quad bikes, to go to the gig to the famous Pyramids and the Sphinx, to travel the whole of Cairo and see how incredible wealth here borders on poverty.And as the rest, you can use one of the local beaches, which is close to your hotel.And believe me, this holiday will not disappoint anyone.