How to get out of Domodedovo Airport.

Moscow air corridor - a major transport interchange node and for air passengers.It is formed by the joint work of the three airports of the capital - Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo.Each of them receives and sends hundreds of international and regional flights every day, passing through tens of thousands of people.For some of them, Moscow - it is the end point of the route, but for most - a transfer to another flight in the direction of their movement.Sometimes it turns out that connecting flight departs from the nearby airport and get to his terminal is not always easy, especially tourists visiting the capital for the first time.

I Sheremetyevo

as soon as possible!After all, between flights a couple of hours!In this case, you direct road to the front of the official airport taxi.Metropolitan taxi will take you from one air port to another for an hour and a half, but it is provided that no traffic jams on the roads.Distance from Domodedovo to the Airport is small, especially if you go directly

through the city.Otherwise, the trip can last for 3-4 hours, sometimes more.So before you rush headlong into the tenacious paws of taxi drivers, check the traffic situation in the city on the portal "Yandex".If total score of 7 or higher from Domodedovo to Sheremetyevo fastest will reach public transport.


Seeing highlighted on the map in red artery of the city, the magical figure of 10 points and the inscription "The city stands" at the exit of the baggage claim conveyor immediately turn left and go until the end of the terminal.You can also focus on the thick arrows pointers and direction signs "By planting Aeroexpress".

Unfortunately, there is no direct connection by public transport on the route Domodedovo - Sheremetyevo.How to get from one airport to another, everyone decides for himself.However, the real competition for road transport in Moscow today successfully creates a well-established and well-developed rail links.For 400 rubles a comfortable train takes you to the Paveletskaya station of the capital in 45 minutes.Another 20 minutes and 50 rubles will have to spend on travel on Ring metro line from the station "Paveletskaya" to the station "Belorusskaya".Other pay 400 rubles for a half-hour at the ticket office travel by Aeroexpress to the end point of our voyage.

And you are there!For 850 rubles and nearly 2:00 time we got out of Domodedovo Airport.

My finances sing romances

Sometimes it happens: the last penny spent on the coveted ticket to the tender sea.In this case, do not despair.The budget also provides for the transfer options.We go in the same direction, towards the railway station, but instead Aeroexpress sit in a normal commuter train and 57 rubles, we reach the platform Kolomenskoye where transplanted into the subway and go to the transfer station Savelovskaya.Exit the train station.Take a ticket at the box office for 76 rubles, we reach the station, the frontal and 15 rubles catch taxi to the airport.

Total 198 rubles, and from four to eight hours of lost time to travel from Domodedovo Airport.Cheap and cheerful.

And even less possible?

Well you give?Where else cheaper, then?Remember the Soviet cartoon: "Large caps from seven sheep did no"?Although, if you think about it.It remains an option with buses.Let's try.

At the exit of the terminal go to the station stop suburban buses and choose the route number 308. For 80 rubles to the nose, he will take us to the metro station Domodedovskaya.Again, we go down into the subway.Alas, in a big city, without this in any way, and we reach, or to the station "Glider", or to the station "Riverport."And in the first and in the second case it is necessary to make a connection between the lines, but nothing complicated about it.Then sit on the city bus number 851 (from the metro station "River Station"), or on the bus, on route 817 (from the metro station "Glider").Note: fares - only 30 rubles!

And on this way of travel from Domodedovo to Sheremetyevo took us 160 rubles.Instead of bus 308, you can use an electric train for 57 rubles, then get even cheaper, or take a taxi.In the latter case, the money will come out a little bit more expensive, but you will win over time.

Bus ghost

little bird.Some time ago in the network went on the information that the group "East Line" has launched a direct bus route Domodedovo - Sheremetyevo."How? Drive from one airport to another is still possible to direct?"- You ask.On the Internet you can find the schedule of the Flying Dutchman, but only the bus was never seen again.On the official websites of each of the airfields information about the mysterious flight and no.