The best ski resort in the Caucasus.

Since ancient times, the attention and the eyes of man chained unassailable and majestic mountains.There is in them something frightening and incomprehensible.Charming, grand and noble beauty of the Caucasian peaks affects human mind.Nobody will be able to find two identical mountains, they are never repeated.The harmonious color palette conveys the tranquility and grandeur of the mountain peaks, and especially the energy that comes from them.Ski Resorts of the North Caucasus - this natural splendor, the magical mystery tale reality.Relax here everyone seeks.And perhaps there is no one on earth who would remain indifferent to this area.

Arkhyz ski resort Arkhyz Caucasus - the youngest mountain guesthouse Russia.His first objects were discovered only in 2012.But the health resort promises great prospects for the future.It is located in Karachayevo-Cherkessia.This area abounds with all sorts of mountain scenery, mild climate prevails here.The sun and a lot of snow - is its main advantage.Untouched by

human hands wilderness and attracts tourists and investors.

Arkhyz is popular with fans of white water rafting, skiing and mountaineering.At the beginning of our era this area was inhabited by the Alans.Today, about their stays here resemble ancient temples and ruins of the ancient settlement.All this is of great interest for both historians and travelers.

ski resort Arkhyz Caucasus offers visitors two hotels: four-and three-star.Together they can accommodate almost 170 persons.The rooms are equipped with everything you need for a complete and comfortable stay.

Caucasian soul

If Russia is called the Pearl of the Caucasus itself, its soul is called Dombay.Unparalleled natural beauty and ski slopes captivate its iridescent splendor.There can be plenty enough of the unforgettable sensation of freedom and a happy festive atmosphere.

Ski resorts in the Caucasus, Dombay in particular - is a clean area which is carefully protected by law.Here reigns snowy, relatively warm winter, which is ideal for snowboard and skiing.The resort has a huge number of hotels, which are considered the best in services and reception.


Dombay Dombay ski resort Caucasus photos which you can see in this article, is famous for its natural attractions.The territory is surrounded by fir forests cover and eternal snow mountain, mountain lakes and rivers with waterfalls.And there is a Biosphere Reserve and Alibedinsky glacier.

Teberda Biosphere Reserve - one of the most beautiful places in Dombai.The reserve is represented by rivers Gonachkhir and Federal District, cars and moraine lakes, as well as representatives of the rarest fauna and flora.In the city you can relax both in winter and in the summer.It is ideal for families.

Mountain or resort

Often called Mount Elbrus resort.But this is an erroneous statement.Ski resort Caucasus Elbrus - it's not a resort.It is the highest mountain peak in Europe, period.But the mountain itself is really two resorts - the aforementioned Dombay and Azau.

descend from the slopes of Mount Elbrus are very different from the European alpine skiing and other well-known resorts.There is no usual for every skier of marked trails, any restrictions or barriers on the rocks.Here there are only lifts and snow that just fell, and there is no end to it, no edge.It seems that civilization has forgotten a little way into this area.Instead, here you can truly enjoy skating.This is a real freedom for those who admires the steep slopes and just loves skiing.

Relax Elbrus

to holiday in the Elbrus area suitable any time of year.There is always the season and there is always something to do.Ski resorts in Russia (the Caucasus) - this is primarily skiing and snowboarding.Highlands in the Elbrus region is diverse enough to ensure that newcomers are able to work out and succumb to unrealistic extreme sensations experienced athletes.A very real connoisseurs of high levels of adrenaline ski resort offers heli-skiing.This is one of the sports, which is a helicopter flight to the heights of the mountains, followed by a long descent on unequipped track.The length of the journey of 4.5 kilometers, so it will only be able to overcome the experienced athletes.

If winter sports you are not interested and do you consider Elbrus solely as a health resort, it offers mud hospital, healing "Narzan" impregnated pine scented air and salt rooms.

Outstanding places

Elbrus Ski resort Caucasus Elbrus - it's just a storehouse of natural attractions.Naturally, the most important of these is Mount Elbrus.To conquer this mountain dream of every climber, but not everyone is able to carry out his wish.Elbrus, like a king, stands among his subordinates - ridges.Climbing to high altitudes is authorized exclusively for professionals along with other professionals, and those who had never tried to climb the mountain, you can only admire from below snow-capped peaks.

Narzanov - a place that can not fail to visit during your stay in the Elbrus region.Here beat 17 sources of clean water.All of them have useful properties and are rich in minerals.And noteworthy mountain lake, located in the territory.Some of the waters are so clean that the visibility on their depth reaches about 30 meters.

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort Krasnaya Polyana Caucasus - a unique sanatorium Russian.The resort enjoys spending time president of the state.And that says a lot.This is where the Olympics took place in 2014. Enjoy skiing come here not only to fans of active pastime in Russia, but also from abroad.

Russian Switzerland, namely the so-called resort is a magical combination of lakes and rivers, glaciers and mountains.When the weather is clear weather, the mountain slopes, you can take a sun bath.In Krasnaya Polyana great infrastructure: bars, luxury hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and discos are always gladly take their guests and offer a great vacation.

Another resort

Bukovo - ski resort of the North Caucasus, which is also required to be mentioned.This is the real paradise on earth.In addition, in this area are equipped with first-class slopes for skiers, here also have some extremely interesting sights.For example, the Astrophysical Observatory.It operates the largest radio telescope on the planet, which is called "RATAN-600."Through a travel agency to buy a tour to the observatory.Akademgorodok astronomers, which is not far from the resort, also has the right not to be passed to its attention by tourists.

Each of travelers will remember Bukovo as pacified edge with unprecedentedly beautiful scenery, the starry firmament, who appeared as if from fantastic stories, and the most interesting in the world of hiking and trekking.

Opinions of people

Ski resorts in the Caucasus, which reviews only the best, like everyone who has ever been in one of them.Visiting such as Elbrus, you will want to come down from the snow-covered slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, or Dombai.After all, all these places are different and charming in its own way.That is how they respond to those who are lucky enough to visit here.

Nobody ever says, and still did not say anything bad about the ski resorts of the Caucasus.After all, these places even the bad words will not pick up.Amazing nature is harmoniously combined with modern hotels and infrastructure.This is the case when one does not interfere.And if the benefits of civilization are absent, as it can be observed in the immediate vicinity of Mount Elbrus, the mesmerizing nature compensates for this shortcoming in full measure.