Praskoveevka, "Garden of Eden": Best recreation on reviews of tourists

With the onset of warm days many are increasingly thinking about where to spend their vacation.Someone decides to go abroad, others are looking for picturesque corners of the sea in their home country or in neighboring countries.If you want a cheap break with children, family or friends, sunbathe, nakupatsya enough, then you will surely enjoy relaxing in Praskoveevka."Garden of Eden" - the title of one of the bases of the place where you can relax in a calm atmosphere, in a very beautiful place.

Getting here

«Garden of Eden" is a 20-minute drive by road from Gelendzhik.This resort town is located in the Krasnodar region on the Black Sea.In and around the city there are many sanatoriums, recreation centers.One of them is located in the village Praskoveevka."Garden of Eden" - the so-called founders of the resort base.

places here, really, wonderful!That only is the clear sea, blue lake, the famous Sail Rock, look at who travel from all over the country.The base itself is located in the valley of

the mountains, which are covered with pine trees.As is known, the air around the trees healing.It is filled with the scents of the mountain flowers and herbs, spring water lakes, the sea.

Getting here is easy.First, on a plane or train you arrive in Gelendzhik.Then, from the bus, which is not far from the train / railway station, at st.Lenina, 31, to the base you will be taken taxis or buses.They go from 5 am to 17:30 pm.If you were here at another time, you can get to the place by taxi or your own car.Then soon you will be presented Praskoveevka, "Garden of Eden".

There is another way - water.On the boat in the season, you also get to the right place.

Seasoned travelers are advised to take the train ticket to Novorossiysk, from here to Praskoveevka - 70 km.On the bus you will overcome this way about an hour.


services and facilities 1-2-storey wooden houses, which can accommodate from 2 to 4 people.In total there are 86 rooms that are designed for people of different incomes.This 6 suites, 72 - standard and 8 - class "economy."

If you want to stay in one of the budget rooms in front of you will appear one-room, which has a bathroom.The room is equipped with 1 or 2 bedrooms and 2 bunk beds.Room total area of ​​12 square meters.m has a refrigerator and air conditioning.

Offers recreation center, located at Praskoveevka, "Garden of Eden", and standard rooms.The total area of ​​18 square meters each.m. This is also a one-room apartment with 1 or 2 beds.In addition it is equipped with a refrigerator split system.

The rooms are more spacious deluxe rooms in which can stay 1, 2 or 3 people.In the spacious lobby you will be able to watch television that is connected to a satellite TV with 60 channels.The room has a kitchen, air conditioning.

another possible accommodation option - in three-room new hotel complex.


The price in the period from May to October inclusive meals.It is designed both for adults and children.Vacationers like home cooking and dishes prepared according to recipes of the Kuban.

hearty breakfast.After tasting it, you can go to the beach and stay there until lunch without feeling hungry.The breakfast consists of milk porridge, scrambled eggs (on request), curd pancakes, sour cream.You can start the day with cereal, filled milk, cheese.Men will not go hungry in the strength of cold meats and sausages, pasta.Choose - stewed vegetables or crisp cereal you prefer to garnish?

Lunch is also a useful and satisfying.In addition to the first course offers the latter, consisting of meat and vegetables.For dessert are served jelly, juice or juice.You can order a salad, and you cook it.

Dinner also put this dish.For breakfast you can taste the crab salad, vinaigrette, olivier or "mimosa", as well as herring with onions.The main dish of the evening consists of fish or meat with a side dish and vegetables.Meals can finish the cake, pastries, pies or fruit.

Sea, treatment

village Praskoveevka ("Garden of Eden"), located on the coast.From the base you will reach it in 10-15 minutes, breaking the path of 350 meters.If you want to get to the beach, it features a small bus "tuk-tuk", which whisk to the sea in just 2 minutes.Beach strewn with small and medium pebbles.

organizers recreation offer you a ride on the "tablet", "banana", Jet ski (fee).It shows what it looks like from the sea Praskoveevka ("Garden of Eden"), photo.

Log in shallow sea.Therefore, little children splash around in it with pleasure (under adult supervision).In clear weather, the water is clear, so it is possible to see the sea horse.And periodically shore crabs crawl.

«Garden of Eden" (recreation, Praskoveevka) is famous for its unique health pyramid, which rushed up to 11 meters.In addition to it, the territory has a spa, where travelers make wraps and massages.


It offers guests a variety of excursions.You will be able to go to Taman, in the deep-sea fishing in Abrau-Durso, visit the mud volcano or just go by foot to the lake with blue clay, a walk in the juniper forest.

Quite often, in the holiday season at the Concert Hall "Olympus" pop stars give concerts, and tickets are cheap.If you do not have enough local entertainment, you can go ride the rides in Djankov, visit parks, night clubs and discos in Gelendzhik.Waterpark is located near Praskoveevka.

«Garden of Eden", Praskoveevka, reviews

Almost all tourists enthusiastically talk about local nature.Landscapes are very beautiful, the sea is clean and warm in the summer.

negative reviews for the most part relate to some rooms.It is noted that in the homes of economy class maids cleaned often enough.Those who have rested on the base, advise placed in a more expensive house, where there is clean and tidy.

Tourists celebrate the beauty and well-groomed territory.There are several pavilions built in the shade of which you can sit and relax.

There certainly appeal to those who can not do without the five-star service, appreciates the quiet, calm, an inexpensive vacation by the sea, in the midst of beautiful nature!