Summer hiking: Features, Specifications.

There are many outdoor activities.One of them is the summer hiking.They recently gaining in popularity.Of course, you can do this, as do many tourists - fly somewhere by the sea.But is there good vacation?Arriving at the beach, you can hardly find a place for your towel, round drinkers and smokers, eventually it starts to irritate you.When you go camping, you are one with nature, you feel the freedom.Go hiking can be anywhere.However, the most popular place for this kind of sports is Karelia.

General characteristics

To start to define what is a summer hiking.The event is composed of one or more persons, aimed at overcoming the specific route in sporting and educational purposes.Routes are different: from a small run cross country to rise over the mountains.If you want to hike took place under the supervision of professionals and people who know at least something in this area, it is best to contact the company that organizes the event.

Now about the campaign plan.First, the organizer will bring

together a group of people (mostly happening at the station or in a public place) and will distribute the necessary equipment.He will do it in such a way that the load is uniform, men will carry 25 kilograms, women - 18 kg.Trekking lasts differently: mainly from 3 to 7 days.After a 30-40 minute walk is a 10-minute halt.At first it will be difficult to climb to the height, because the body needs to acclimatize.Any questions feel free to ask the organizer, not to do wrong things in the future.

Conducting summer hiking

During summer hiking appointed two attendants, who are responsible for preparing meals.Daily changes in the new duty.A group of tourists eating quickly and goes hiking;how quickly it will be built depends on its continued journey.During the day, he made a halt for lunch and dinner, each of which lasts for a few hours, since this is an excellent opportunity to socialize and make some great shots.The journey ends in the settlements.Going to a campaign, you must know what kind of equipment you need to bring with you.First - it is the food.It is desirable that it takes up little space and had little weight.Second - equipment, which included a backpack, protection, necessary drugs and clothing in case of rain or other weather conditions.

best places for summer hiking

As mentioned above, the most popular destination for summer hiking is Karelia.Now there are many companies that will organize your trip.The most interesting and extreme option would be water hike in Karelia.You can ride on a catamaran, kayaking on the rivers and cascades.The cost of such travel will be from 5000 to 10 000 rubles.

Not less popular destination for summer hiking is Crimea.Here you will find routes that will suit both professionals and amateurs or beginners.You can organize a campaign yourself or use the services of travel agencies.Time route can be selected individually, mostly of 3 to 7 days.The most interesting and suitable place in Crimea for the organization of the trip will "Valley of ghosts."

Useful tips

If you are confused and do not know how to get back to his territory, there are many ways out of these situations.For those who are engaged in this sport professionally, we can offer a route that lasts about 12 days, begins with Bakhchisarai and ends at a place called "Marble Cave."If you can not organize a summer trip to the Crimea or in Karelia, you can simply leave the city.It is not necessary to climb the highest mountains, you can make a cross-country run or play some sports, such as badminton or volleyball.The main thing that reigned in your holiday pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

active leisure Benefits

water trips (Karelia or another place will be the subject of the meeting) is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.This is one of the best and most useful kinds of outdoor activities in the summer.But you must understand that summer trips are suitable not for everyone because of the heavy load and a long journey.Therefore, before you do this, consider, first, whether you get pleasure, because it is the most important thing.It is not recommended to take in the event of children.First, it's dangerous, and secondly, they have not strengthened the body and such a big load is bad for their health.It is not necessary to go to distant lands to arrange summer hiking.You can go out of town, or even to arrange a hike in the woods, for example, to make a run over rough terrain.Sport and fresh air is very important for everyone's health.