How long manufacturing passport?

document that confirms the identity of the citizen and gives the right to enter and leave the state, called the passport.It has its own peculiarities registration.Production time of the passport depends on the type of document, its purpose and action.

Variety passport

At the moment, Russia is really two categories of passports that allow to cross the border:

  • Old foreign format document, the validity of which has no more than five years.
  • Biometric or new generation passport with validity of up to ten years.

distinctive features of biometric passports

Making passport takes time.The main difference in timing is related to the type of document.The biometric passport is an electronic chip, which carries all the information about the owner of the document.From 2015, this chip will be the fingerprint data.

Production time of the passport of the new sample depends on several circumstances.If this document is only for the ordinary traveling abroad on business or leisure character, its production

will be within one month.If there are circumstances such as the death of a relative or loved one overseas, serious illness requiring treatment outside the country, a passport can be made in three days.But its cost would be higher than under normal circumstances.

feature of the old type of passport

If we talk about the foreign document the old format, it is possible to identify some important nuances.Firstly, it has no long-term action such as a biometric;secondly, its lower level of protection, but the value is less than the new document.

Production time of the passport of the old sample can be from one to four months.It all depends on how and where the required documents have been submitted.If the documents were served in the community, while its creation can not be more than one month.

When the documents have been issued at the place of stay, the State has the right to produce them for about four months.But if the application process is carried out through diplomatic or consular representation, the period shall be no more than three months.

portal of public services: what are the advantages?

When making a passport, many who want to receive it, are sufficiently long and uncomfortable process.High load rating and constant service queue deliver a lot of difficulties and inconveniences.Now, thanks to the portal of public services has an official of the Russian Federation, the formulation of foreign documents has become much more accessible and easier.

Terms of manufacturing of the passport through government services have become shorter.With this the official website, you can order online and execute the necessary information and documents, including a passport.

passport What is preferable?

After registering in the official website, you can make your choice.Between the new biometric passports and simple old paper format there are some differences.Firstly, with the biometric passport easily and quickly crossed any borders in Europe.Secondly, the timing of these documents are very different from each other.

Despite the fact that the cost of the old passport is more accessible, it is less protected from the craft.Production time of the passport of the old sample, by law, is not very different from the biometric.Therefore, the matter is only the choice of the citizen.

What do I need to get a passport?

In order to reduce the waiting time of issue of passport, you need to collect a certain list of documents.Some of them can immediately be issued in electronic form on the official website of public services:

  1. electronic photograph (on a white background measuring thirty-five to forty-five, electronically up to three hundred kilobytes).
  2. statement.To be completed online.It indicates information about relatives and the applicant.After filling in the application file is downloaded to the photo.
  3. When the data are processed, the system will check, and a few days will be in the mail an electronic box result.If the application is not accepted, the reason will be communicated.A few days after receiving the application to e-mail an invitation to come on a certain date and the county where you want to go for further processing passports.
  4. Production time of the passport will be no more than one month, after which comes another invitation to pick up a ready-made document.

How quickly will be issued a passport?

Terms of manufacturing of the passport of a new generation of loyal enough.If the application was filed through the portal of public services in their permanent place of residence, then after a month or two passport will be on hand.If the application has been issued on the location, the expectation will last up to four months.In the summer, this period may be slightly delayed, because the system handles a large volume of applications.For the old format provides the same standards.

Features at registration of passport for a child

If we talk about the design of the foreign documents for the child, it is usually quite a special entry in the passport of one parent.But most experts recommend a child to draw a separate document, as the custom decals are various nuances.For a child, you can order any kind of passport.

Making passport for the child will be the same period as for the adult, since the principle of design and creation of absolutely identical.But if you make a choice between the biometric passports and the old model, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Parent documents for registration of foreign child have to go to a specially authorized management.There also will give up the documents, and subsequently carried out to obtain the passport.A child has the ability to grow and change in appearance, so it is necessary to renew the passport more often than it requires an expiration date.

State duty for children's passport is slightly higher than in adults.It issued such a document only in Moscow.An application form can be submitted through the official portal, but would have to ride after that the proposed representation.

Biometric Card for baby is also equipped with a chip containing all the information about its owner, his blood group and occasionally prints.Documents for registration of a new or old model has a standard set:

  • completed application form.
  • Past passport.
  • proof of payment of registration fee.
  • passport of a parent or guardian.
  • proof of guardianship, if he is appointed.
  • email or photo on the passport.

State established certain terms and procedures for issuance of passports, but they can be changed depending on the prevailing circumstances and conditions.At times when there is a large influx of tourists and ordinary citizens wishing to travel abroad for a short time, production time passport may fluctuate and be a little higher than normal.