"Volga", Zelenodolsk (resort): description and reviews

If you want good and cheap to rest in a beautiful edge treatments to pass, then look at the dispensary "Volga" (Zelenodolsk).The resort is located in Tatarstan and offers a variety of recreational and therapeutic programs.

Location holiday home inland

Sanatorium "Volga" is located in one of the most picturesque towns with beautiful nature - Zelenodolsk.If you like the sanatorium of Tatarstan, "Volga" (Zelenodolsk) is also sure to love it.Entered the territory of a holiday home, struck work of gardeners, who pitched luxury rosaries.Spring is blooming tulips and other fascinating plants.

Landscape designers are also trying their best.They designed the beautiful bridges that fit perfectly into the natural landscape.Openwork gazebo, benches bring a touch of comfort and have to rest.

When you go to a sanatorium, do not forget that in itself must have an adult sanatorium card, passport, and children - the inquiry about absence of infection.

How to get to the place

can get here in several ways.If

you drive on / train, get off at Kazan, transfer to the train, get on it to stop Green dollars.From here by taxi or bus number 1 you reach Victory Square.

Next you need to go a little forward along the bus, and to the right you will see the sign "Volga" (Zelenodolsk).The resort is situated on Gagarin Street, 1. From the index to go up to it for 5-10 minutes.

same small foot path you will need to do if you decide to travel from Kazan not an electric train, and bus № 401. From the starting point of departure, you need to get to the city of Zelenodolsk stop (the market), and then - to the squareVictory.More information can be found by calling the following numbers: 552-88;533-33;577-39.Moreover, if the call is made from Russia, first dial the code 8-84371, as if from Kazan, the code is - 8-271.

you tell us how it's best to get to the dispensary "Volga" (Zelenodolsk).The resort is situated in a picturesque park area in the range of fields, forests, lakes.


Of course, it is better to book rooms in advance.After all, especially in the summer availability may not be.You can order any remote vending room.They are in the 6-storey building.It is designed for 200 people.

You can book a room:

  • 1 double-room luxury high comfort;
  • 2-room suite, accommodation for two people;
  • 2-bed 1-bedroom with all the amenities;
  • 2-bed 2-room;
  • for wheelchair users - specially equipped.

The rooms have 1 or 2 beds, TV, sofa, table, shower, toilet.Depending on the room it has additional equipment.

Sanatorium "Volga" (Zelenodolsk), and a separate wooden guest house.It was built of logs, so it hovers aroma of fresh, just wood.It has everything for comfortable living - a separate room with 2 double bed, a living room with a sofa, a table, a cupboard and a large TV.The house has a kitchen with an electric kettle, fridge, microwave.There is a toilet with sink and shower.

If there are 2 persons, the voucher with the treatment, the power of each will cost 2400 rubles per day.If one person rents a house, then it costs the same amount to 3,500 rubles points (the price at the beginning of 2015).


addition to staying in the lap of nature, cozy accommodation, leisure supposed treatment.If you are not sure of the diagnosis, or want to check your body thoroughly, use diagnostics.

Experts investigating broncho-pulmonary, nervous, endocrine, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, hearing and visual aids, gastro-intestinal tract.Medical workers hold CBC.On the basis of these and other studies, they diagnose and appoint treatment.

«Volga" (Zelenodolsk) - resort, where there are baths.As she used the pool with a waterfall, underwater massage, countercurrent, a geyser.You will be able to make turpentine, bishofitovye, bromine, coniferous, pearl, sea baths;Hawaiian visit, medical, Thai, honey, anti-cellulite massages.Mini-sauna "Cedar Health Resort", tourmaline mat are also available for travelers.


this health site are not bored either adults or children.Lots of interesting entertainment and sports offers Sanatorium "Volga" (Zelenodolsk).Photos in the article show some interesting moments.So, anyone can play billiards, checkers, chess and tennis.

's service video room and a library.Lovers of active sports can go here in the winter skiing, summer to find other interesting activities for everyone.Sports equipment do not need to bring with them, it is given.

evening, enough to sing karaoke, eat barbecue.BBQ outdoors under a canopy to a romantic evening relaxation.

Anyone can take advantage of excursions, to see the sights of Kazan, Zelenodolsk and their surroundings.

Sanatorium "Volga" (Zelenodolsk): reviews

Most of those who have already visited the sanatorium, flatteringly about service personnel, doctors.Many people like entertainment, they celebrate the work kultmassovogo sector.

Those who want to save money, but give the proper treatment, can come here in the winter off-season, then they are given a discount of 15 to 30%.

Travelers rave about landscaped grounds, a rose garden, garden furniture.Eating too many like it, especially those who are accustomed to a wholesome food.Few negative comments.For example, one of them concerns the fact that the tables do not have ketchup and mayonnaise and spicy food is not enough.But we should not forget that this is a health resort, and above sauces, spicy, fried food is harmful to the body.

In general, the rest thanks to the doctors for treatment, maids - for cleanliness, staff - for the attention and care.So many people write that they would like to come here again.